Friday, April 28, 2006

Useful Utility Knife and more!!

Wondering what today will bring????
Got up, fed my dog, tossed out some dry bread to the birds and squirrels, filled the bird feeders and suet holder, then decided to fix some breakfast. Wasn`t really hungry then, but it`s lunch time now and I am thinking more seriously about what to fix for dinner.
When this morning , I sat at the comp to download the e-mails, I saw that partially done baby sweater laying beside me and knew it had to be handled first. Sunday is the baby shower, so if I want it done in time, then I had to get back working on it.
Well, I finished the second sleeve and sewed up both sleeves. Now the sweater is ready for the back zipper to be sewn on. I wish I could still sew the zipper on by hand, but that is next to imposible as my arthritic fingers just can`t hold those small sewing needles anymore. So, I will have to give in and sew it on with the sewing machine. Fingers need a rest from holding those knitting needles for so long. So, guess I will add the zipper later today.

Feeding the birds got me thinking of all the things I grab a sheetrock cutter for. I use it in place of a knife or scissors for many things. This morning I needed to replace the suet in the suet cage. So, out came the sheetrock cutter to cut open three of the four sides of the plastic over the suet. That made it easy to press out the suet and drop it into the suet holder without ever touching the suet.
While doing the bathroom trim corners, I Drew the corner angles onto cardboard and then used the sheetrock cutter to cut the cardboard with, including the center for the correct angle for each board. Gee, no two corners were exactly alike.
I also used this cutter to cut the heavy plastic to cover the outside seed starter pots so the night freezing air won`t stop them from sprouting. At lest I hope it helps. I keep wondering when warmer weather will finally get here. Here it is almost the end of April and we are still dropping down into the 20`s F at nights.
I have used the cutter to cut string and rope. I used it last winter to cut some window gasket to fit. I have a clear glass cake plate with a Horse on it that didn`t show up when I hung it on my wall. So, I used the cutter to cut a white cardboard to fit the back of the plate. Now the horse and saddle , pole , etc. all show up great. I have even used it to trim off specks from the end of thin wood wallboard. I converted some of those plastic cases into file holders. To do this, I used the cutter to open one end and then to cut down on side a ways to make it easier to put the printer papers into the homemade paper holder. If I get a box in the mail, I use the cutter to cut the sealing tape and sometimes to open the cartons.
Just a few of the ways I use the sheetrock cutters. Been years since i used one to cut sheetrock. Maybe that`s why they named it a utility knife. It got so I was heading for the laundry room so often for a sheetrock cutter that I started leaving them other places to save some steps. I now still have a couple in the laundry room, plus one down cellar on the bench, plus one upstairs , and another one out in my shop. Now, if I had a safe place outside to put one, I might even have added one there to save even more steps. I do have a small shed I made a few years ago to hold the trash can and cardboard, where I could keep one. Who knows, since I store some cardboard there it might be a help to have a cutter to cut down the larger ones. But, then I might need to change the hook closure for a locked one to keep the great grandkids from finding the cutter and getting hurt with it.
Well, guess I should go find something for lunch before my stomach tell me off worse than it is already doing.

I went out yesterday morning to check on my new Rhodendron which was loaded with buds and a few starting to open. I was worried about planting it so early, knowing we could get frost up to the end of May. But I could see the plant was already getting too large for the container it had grown in. So, knowing it might be getting rootbound, i knew I needed to plant iot. Felt either way I was in danger of loosing it-- either from overcrowding so it got stunted trying to grow, or from the cold at night if planted it. Then I figured the nursery had it sitting outdoors so it should be strong enough to stand the cold. All went well the first few days, but then we had one night that dropped down into the 20`s and we had a freezing which killed all those buds that had completely covered the bush. OH, how I hated seeing that. I was so happy waiting to see the bush in flowers. Now, I am wondering if it will again bud this year, or will it have to wait till next spring to form new buds? I used plastic to cover the bush to protect it from more freezes. Another worry, will the platic stop the bush from more growth while it is covered.
It`s like the old saying= I`m darned if I do, and darned if I don`t. All I can do now is hope for the best.
Well, I`m off to find a bite to eat. Then to see what the rest of the day brings forth???

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Raining still. I got up real early so I could get things done before the rain started. Figured if the weatherman is right, it would be my last chance to work outside for a few days --if the rain continues. Who knows, maybe they will be wrong-- after all it sure wouldn`t be the first time. Maybe I will get up tomorrow and the sun will be shining and the rain stopped. I can Dream, can`t I?.
I had quite a time trying to decide where to plant my Azalia Bush that a son and his wife gave me. It is filled with buds and a few are already opening. Wanted it beside the porch, but, one side was near a bedroom window and the flowers do draw bees, then thought of the other side of the porch, but the fuel guy draws his heavy fuel line up that side to the fuel tank pipes. So, What about near the driveway in the front yard, No, then they would be shoveling the snow from the driveway onto it all winter. What about further out in that side of the yard? Then remembered the town put the water line on a slant from that corner of the yard towards the end of the main cellar, so if they ever had to dig up for the water lines, they would destroy the Bush. Well, that only left over on the other side out a ways from the house. Not my true choice, but where it ended up for now. Just wanted to get it done early brfore all the rainy days started so the rain could help it to set in the groung stronger. I got out my trusty wheelbarrow, went to the compost bins for some compost to mix with the soil ( I have sandy soil) to make it healthier. Then I placed more compost around the base of the planted bush to help hold in more moisture and slow down the sun drying it out. I had intended on adding the acid fertalizer, but the rain was getting too close and i had more to plant. Once that was done, I had a few other plants that I planted in the flower bed.
I finally removed the cover from my long flower box I built years ago for the side porch railing. I made a wood cover that sits over the top of the empty flowerbox for the winter to protect it. I have it covered with black paper. This cover comes in real handy in the winter. It takes less time carrying the groceries from the car to the house as I carry a few at a time onto the porch and sit them upon the cover where the dog can`t reach them. Then when they are all upon the porch, I carry them into the house. Makes less open and shutting the door that way, plus being faster. Well, that cover is removed and stored in the garage till next winter. I then carried most of the house flowering plants outside into the planter. I still haven`t removed the heavy plastic going down that side of the porch, so they will be protected incase we get another frost.
Then I remembered I needed to have the yard raked before the Town does it`s spring cleanup and if it rained the next few days, I better start some of it today before the rain starts. It had just a few sprinkles so far. So, at least half of my back yard is now raked and I have a pile of tree branches and twigs waiting for me to get them out near the road. I have no trees in my back yard, they all fell from the neighbors trees.
Then I intended on turning on the outside faucet to have it ready when i needed it. Down stairs I went to turn on the water to the outside faucet. I could hear the water flowing and it puzzled me as i knew I shut it off before going down stairs. Hurried up the stairs ( well it was hurrying for me, even thought not so fast), went outside to turn off the faucet and yes I had turned it off, but the faucet was running full speed straight from my pump to the outside ground. So, back I went, hurrying back down cellar to shut off the water line that goes out side. Then I got out the locking pliers and unscrewed the top of the faucet. After all, isn`t it usually just needing a new washer that causes it not to shut off? Well, you can imagine my dissappointment when after hunting up the box of washers and the locking pliers, and unscrewing the handle and removing the inside- this is what I found. The washer had fallen off and it took a few minutes to remove it from down inside the faucet using a long handled screwdriver and a few tries. Finally it was out. I had noticed that there was no head on the screw that was needed to hold on the washer, so that explained why the water never shut off. I also noticed that it was a different faucet that the boys had put on when redoing it after running the new lines to the pump. I went back down cellar and hunted up all the old faucets hoping to find one with the same size top that I could replace the bad center with. After finding and checking about 7 of them, i had to give up as they all had larger centers than the one they put in. Called my other son who is good with plumming and electrical work. He stopped on his way from work before going home . He said he would be back on Monday after work and remove that old faucet and replace it with a new one. So, that problem will soon be solved. My wonderful helping kids. Where would I be without them. While he was here he nailed the trim in the corner where a ladder didn`t fit for me to reach it. Tomorrow I am hoping to finish nailing up the reat of the boards
Then if the faucet wasn`t bad enough while I was out raking earlier I found a dead mouse. Have no idea where it came from or what had killed it. Worse was the fact that we hadn`t seen even a tiny mouse in many many years and didn`t know there were any to worry about. Well, I burried that mouse and then I figured I better go to the store and buy some mouse/rat poison in case there was another one around. I made it back home in a light rain. It didn`t take me long to put the poison boxes down cellar under the kitchen crawl space just to feel safe. I have a neighbor who last fall just moved in out back of me on the next road. I think they might be raising dogs as they put up two high metal fences on the other side of my wood fence and I also noticed an awful odor while raking next to my fence. So, maybe they are where the mouse came from. I just hope the poison keeps any away from my home. I only have a crawl space and not a full cellar under the kitchen addition to the house.
Had a lot of company today. First a daughter and her intended showed up, after she left my oldest daughter stopped with one of my great grandsons. She gave me a couple things she had bought for me. A few minutes after she left, one of the sons stopped. Thru most of this my brother was trying to chat on yahoo messenger. I finally told him I`d have to get off as I had company.
I feel I did enough for one day so here I sit resting. Better start thinking of what to eat for supper as it is already 7 O`clock and I usually eat hours ago. Guess I will go hunting to see what looks good. Still raining, but I don`t mind the rain as long as we don`t have a thunder storm as if the power should go off my C-PAP machine won`t be working tonight while I sleep. Oh, Well, we can`t always have everything working right can we?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Angles, Angles, Angles!!

The hardest cutting is now done. When a home has passed the 50 year age,
you can usually expect some settling. This can cause the room corners to be
out of the hopeful 45 degree angles. So, when replacing ceiling/ wall trim
or floor mopboards you might need to figure out every single corner separately
as no two may still be alike. So instead of just 4 easy right angles, there has to be 8 from the 4 different sized angles to measure for.

Now, that is what I encountered in my bathroom. I had to make a different
corner pattern for each ot the 4 corners. Not much off, but just enough to be a neusance. So, I used a separate piece of cardboard to mark every corner. I had
just enough room between the wallboard and the ceiling to slide in a thin piece of cardboard. Then I used a pencil to draw down both wall sides of that corner onto the cardboard. next came using the trusty compass and the geometery to find the exact center of the two side lines and that center becomes the place where the corner
trim must be cut so the two connecting side trim boards will hit together like they should. Once you have made all four corners onto separate pieces of cardboard and bisected them to find the exact centers, it is time to start cutting the corners of all 4 pieces of trim. That means all 8 corners. Now, that wouldn`t be such a hard job if you remembered to write on each cardboard what both sides fits. Some ideas I used were-

board 1 --needed one half of the cardboard corner for the tub/ window corner, and the window/ dinning room wall side.
Board 2 needed the other half of the window/dining room wall corner and half of the dining room/door wall corner.
Board 3 needed the other half of the Dining room/door corner and the other end of the same board needed the Door wall/ sink corner .
Board 4 needed the other half of the door/sink corner and the other end of this board will use the other half of the tub/window corner. Now this 4th board gets me back to the first boards corner.
After I cut each of the 2 corners of the first board, I immediately marked on the back which corner went where in the room. I cut the 2nd corner where the proper length was needed for that board. This meant I didn`t need to cut a third time--cutting length along with the 2nd corner on each board so when the second corner was cut it was left the right length to fit the room.
Next was to mark the back of the other 3 boards as they were cut so would know which board went where in the room... get one confused and none of the boards corners or length would connect together and all that hard work would be for nothing.

I finished all that and put on the 1st coat of primer paint. I am using that primer that covers all marks and discolored spots to be sure all boards end up the exact same tone when painted. Now the boards will sit overnight and If I`m not too tired, I will paint more tomorrow.

Taking me a long time to get the bathroom finished since I have been spending so much time going here and there away from home. But, it is getting there, even if just a little a day. Takes more time cutting corners as I ran in and out from the house to the shop tsting each board to be sure it fit. Now, If I have them all cut ok, the rest should go smoothly. Could have done it faster, but I am one of those who adds about a half inch longer than I need for the first cut and then trims the corners down to fit.

I figure I can always cut off a little more, but i can`t add those slivers back on, so I measure twice, then cut a speck bigger, then cut again. More work for myself, but much better chance of fitting.

Well, I will be resting the rest of the evening so I can do more tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Tues.- Flowering bushes or trees

Oh! How pretty are those flowering trees and bushes.
I used to have a Rhodendron bush flowering on each side of my front porch till a neighbors dog killed them both using them for a handy hydrant. Funny why he kept coming to my yard instead of it`s own or another neighbors yard. I had babied these plants for three years, even covering them every winter to save them. It was saddening to lose them. The next winter the family moved, I was thinking if they had only moved a year earlier I might still have those nice bushes.
Then I bought an azalia tree and planted it out back a ways from the back porch. It grew good for a couple years and then got to big for my large cones to cover them with in the winter. I should have bought some burlap or something else to protect it with. I figured it was well enough seated to get thru the winter. Winter killed it and it came back up like 3 trees. I gave up and today I have a bush instead of a tall tree. I have been keeping it trimmed like a bush and it still has some pretty flowers each year. The only thing is that the flowers bloom first before any leaves appear and the leaves show up after the blossoms are gone. I sure would love to see the blossoms surrounded with the green of leaves.
Well, my new Rhododendron is still waiting to be planted. For now, I have it ( container and all) sitting in a large plant holder beside my front porch. Now, I have to decide exactly where I`d like to see it growing as it will grow into a huge bush if I am lucky. It will someday require a lot of room, so I need to plan ahead for that. These bushes require partial sun.
First I was thinking of planting it on the left side of the front porch, but then I remembered the blossoms might draw bees. My bedroom has a window on the side and I don`t want to worry about bees when the window is opened with the screen there. Screen is good, so shouldn`t have any bee worries, but why take chances. So that would leave the other side of the front yard and I already have a 3-4 foot square flower bed on that side outside the kitchen window. So, it might make the front yard look heavier on one side. Sorry, that is just me still hearing my Design/ Mechanical Drawing teacher from about 55 yrs ago in High School. Every picture had to be ballanced on each side. If you had some tall objects on one side, then you must ballance it with either tall objects on the other side, or more smaller objects to give the same weight look on each side. It always makes me wonder why I remember some things that a Teacher taught more than other things from way back then. She was a good Teacher. I remember the day when she asked me if I would be willing to make a 5 foot tall x 3 foot wide poster for the Junior class ( 3rd. year of High School) to advertise their Prom. I was so very surprised as there was about 40 other kids in the two Drawing classes, I kept wondering why me as some were in their second year of learning and I was a new freshman ( 1st. year of High School) who entered this class just a few months before. I was a bit on the bashful side when I was young. So, you can imagine how I felt when one morning I arrived at High School to see my huge poster hanging there in the main hall for everyone to see. I felt like falling thru the floor having to pass the poster where lots of kids were there looking at it and reading all the information about the prom. On the poster was also a girl in a long Prom Dress, corsage and all. Must admit that I still had that huge poster rolled up in my bedroom until I got married. Don`t know what happened to it after that. You see, when the prom was over, the teacher graded me on it and gave it to me to take home and show my parents.
Didn`t find time to do the planting today. Didn`t sleep much last night and what little sleep I did get had me waking up dreaming. Haven`t done that in a long time. What a mixed up dream it was.
Then I got up and did three loads of washing/ drying before going with my bro to a store about 40 miles from home. I also managed to make plans for the 4 top corners in the bathroom. Using the geometry I learned in High School, I figured out the angles to cut both ends of each of the 4 trim boards. Oonce I get them measured and length cut and angles cut, then it will be painting time. I am hoping tomorrow is a slower day so I can find time to get back to working on the boards.
Well, there is still piles of clothes sitting on my bed waiting to be taken care of before I can go to bed tonight. So, guess I should stop writing and go take care of everything off my bed. Then I can come back and enjoy myself on the comp while listening to the soaps that I taped while I was away today. I do like watching some of the soaps.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Easter Sunday

This has been a busy day. Got up, fed the dog and started working.
Finally found a way to remove the hard plstic from the top of all the 4 corners, plus the other 6 places where the trim was used to cover where the wall sections joined. On some I was able to hold the drill sideways against the wall and drill a hole into the top section of the plastic. Then was able to put a corner of the chisel into the hole to hold it in place while I pounded thru the rest of the top section, first from one side then from the other side, being careful not to knick the wallboards on either side. Once this was done, I was able to use the chisel and hammer to slide up between the plastic trim and the warshable wallboard and cut off just the top section that stuck out on top of the wallboard. Took some doing, but finally it is done. The trim enfolds around one sheet of wallboard with a one inch going behind that section and buts up against the next section. Corners were much harder to do as it was harder to work there. .
Easier doing around the top as it was much easier to reach. Bottom was in tighter cormers where you didn`t fit to work. Such as the 11 inch corner cubbyhole between the seat and the wall, or the 4 inch corner behind the heating pipe that goes from the cellat upstairs for heat up there. The only hard place at the top was the corner up over the wall cabinet that is up over the sink. Could have used a bit longer arms there, but i managed.
Then I cut some thin wood pieces to raise up the wall over the tub so it matched the same height as the other end of that wall after I replaced that section of wallboard. Before there was a small recessed area going the length of the 5 foot tub. Now, with the recessed area extended out even with the rest of that wall, it will be possible to use one long piece of ceiling/wall trim that will extend from one corner to the other. It`s now all ready for the trim to be nailed on.
Just one problem, I still haven`t found enough time for painting the trim. So, that will be my next project-- painting the trim which has design on it. Need to decide exactly what color I wish to do some of the designs with. Just know I plan on using white as the main background color.
Worked till 3:30 pm and decided I better stop and eat something since I hadn`t stopped for breakfast or dinner. Just ate a tossed salad at 3:30, and back to work till a son, his wife and their 2 kids stopped by around 5pm. After they left, I decided to fix something to eat and rest for the evening.
I had also washed the whole bathroom ceiling this afternoon. Figured would be easier before nailing up the trim and that way I wouldn`t have to worry about getting the new trim wet or dirty.
Well, tomorrows another day. Have a test to go for after lunch, but then the rest of the day should be free for me to start painting.

A daughter and her intended gave me a big Easter basket-- even included a $50 gift certificate for Lows to put towards mt floor tiles for the dining room once the bathroom gets finished. Her Daughter also called me to wish me Happy Easter.
Then the son and his Family gave me a PurpleGem Rhodendron for my front yard. Years ago I had one on each side of my porch and loved their large blossoms till a neighbors dog destroyed them. I had even placed a section of chicken wire around them, but he just turned up on the wire and finished killing them. That dog no longer lives near here, so hopefully this nice plant will live longer. It is already filled with buds. I hope it doesn`t disturb the buds when I am able to put it in the ground. We usually have to wait till after Memorial Day ( May 29th- this year) to plant outside for it to be safe from frost. I love the Rhodendron flowers and the bush usually grows to be huge.

Well, getting tired, so guess I will get off here and check the rest of my e-mails before it gets any later. it is almost 10 pm now.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Both good and bad news day.-Thurs. 4/13/06

undecided whether to list the good or bad news first.
Well, if i start with the good news, I will be ending with the bad nesw, sure don`t want that.
So, first the bad news. Got a call yesterday morning that my cousin`s Husband passed away. He was one of those quiet types who stayed polite and got along with everyone in our family. they had been married for 28 years. Hard enough losing one husband in a life time, but this is her second husband , so here she has to go thru it all over again.
A few hours after receiving word about my cousin`s husband, I received another call saying that a Nieces children just lost their Uncle (Dad`s bro) on the same night. They lost their mom ( Hubby`s Niece) and their Dad a few years ago, and now their dad`s brother who meant a lot to them.
So, this afternoon i am off to the Funeral parlor for my cousins Husband, tomorrow morning is the Funeral.

Now, for some happier news. I just became a great grandmother again at *:09 AM. Counting my ggrand`s from my two step children that I raised, this makes great grandchild no. 17 if I haven`t missed anyone. Oh, my, I hope I counted them all. A great grandson who weighed in at 10 lb. 14.6ounces. Little Brenden Mykal. My oldest daughter called me early this morning to give me the great news. Mother and son are both doing good. Sure would have loved to just headed off for the hospital to see them. But, we can`t always do what we would like to do, can we?
I must go get ready soon as I will be heading for the Funeral Parlor in about an hour. Maybe I can stop at the Hospital on the way home. Will just have to wait and see. otherwise will see them tomorrow after i get home- hopefully.
Well, I better go finish getting ready.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Tuies.,4/11/06-=Youngest granddaughter`s B and more Bathroom work.

Went to Hannaford grocery store this morning for some items. I left about 7am so I would beat the small kids school buses and that way the bus has picked up the kids before I start back home. Faster that early as there are few customers. I Iwas shopping and saw some cute stuffed toys for the little ones.
Next month my youngest granddaughter will turn 2 years old. I found out at my son`s Birthday Party that this granddaughter loved stuffed toys. Hannaford had the cutest pink car about a foot long x about 8 inches wide made from all soft material. Then I found a larger rabbit about 1 1/2 feet tall and holding a socker ball and wearing those huge red and white sneakers. I tried sitting it in the car and it just fit. So, of course I had to buy them both. Thought I was done when a little further down the isle i saw this large soft dog. Over 2 feet long and spread out like it was lying down. Bright colored and softly filled like a large dog beanbag. I knew she would also love the dog, so i also ended up buying it. Next i plan on crocheting a little purse that when turned inside out becomes a doll cradle.
Guess I better see if I have enough thin finnishing nails to put the mopboard on the bathroom wall. Finished painting them yesterday and should be nailing them on now, but feeling a bit lazy.
What makes it hard nailing them on is that the washable wallboard has these matching trim sections that goes up between each wall section, plus the same rounded top trim fills in each corner from ceiling to floor. I have fiound no way to cut that trim off where the mopboard or top trim will go.
First I tried cutting that thick heavy plastic with a cutter, no go, so next I tried using a sharp chisel and hammer, also no go, then I used the drill and drilled a hole thru the plastic top and broke the small bit. Never saw anything so hard to penitrate. The only way I could see to cut off on the top and the bottom was to first remove the long narrow piece that goes from the ceiling to the floor. But, can`t do that without ruining the wallboard and I don`t want to do that. This long plastic piece also has a section that juts off the center of the back and extends between the wallboard sheets to the wall. This makes it impossible to cut the regular angles for the boards to fit nicely against each other in the corners. So, now I am trying to round the back of the corner to fit around the small rounded corner piece and have cut a small v shaped piece to refill in the top curves on the mopboard hoping to camoflague the cut off little piece and give back the top design of the board. Hope it works ok whan I have it done.
I also had to remove the wallboard where it goes along over the front of the recessed tub and covers from the ceiling down about 1 foot. It wasn`t put in level with the other wall end section. I have decided to remove the indented part and bring it all out even . This way the top trim will be done in just one long section and look neater.
Ever notice that when you start doing a repair update you always come across something that takes a lot of extra work to look the way you want it to look.
Well, this isn`t getting anything finished, so guess I better check on the finishing nails and mark out where the uprights are under the wallboard to nail the mopboard on. if i don`t have enought nails, i will have to go buy more. Hopeing I have enough.

Thursday, April 06, 2006



What is "A Friend"?

A Friend is someone
We hold very dear,
A Friend is someone
We always wish near.

It matters not how
Far away they may live,
Nor what material items
To you they may give.

A Friend is someone
Who`s loyalty is true,
They`re quick to be there
When you are feeling blue.

Friends are so special,
So loving and so kind.
There`s noone more caring
In your life, you might find.

So glad to be able to call you all my friends !!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


April 2nd, 1955, what a day!!

Here it is, another rainy day. Rained yesterday and most of the night. Now we expect it to cool down more and the rain to change over to snow. Here it is already Springtime, and we are expecting more snow. I think someone forgot to tell the old weatherman that winter is over and Spring has arrived. But, we have had snow in April before, so it really isn`t anything new. I just keep thinking it is time to educate mr old Winter and tell him it is time for him to take a siesta and forego the snow.
Here it is another busy month with lots of birthdays, and an Anniversary- but then with a big family, every month is a busy one. March 31st would have been my Dad`s Birthday. April fools day was a bro-in-laws birthday. My Dad used to pick on him and tell him that his mother sure got fooled. Then the next day, April 2nd. was my Twins birthday- 51 already- WOW, no wonder I have days when I feel so old. HaaHaa. I sure remember the day they were born. I was living in the families old farmhouse at the time. Hubby was working 2nd shift at the General Electric Co. in Schenectady, NY at the time-- an hour or a bit longer ride one way. Luckily things didn`t start occuring any earlier as I sure needed him home real early that morning. Woke up, was going to head off to the bathroom, never got any further than standing in front of the bed when problems started. Water breaking wouldn`t have been a huge problem as any woman knows, but having the cord coming out with the fluid was a danger signal. To understand this problem you would need to know how huge I was with all that weight I or the babies had gained. Of course, Dr only found one heart beat and kept telling me -one baby. I kept telling him 4 feet. He said, 2 are feet, other 2 are fists. Then I asked him, what are the others if there is only 2 feet. I again tried to tell him there were 4 feet kicking. That was when he looked me in the eyes and said " Dotty ( his nickname for me) it is all in your head". To which I replied " No Dr Joe, it is all right here in my stomach". haaHaa.
I was so large that I couldn`t even bend a leg to climb any steps. Tried again to tell the Dr that the 4th foot was stopping my leg from bending. Poor Walt. He had to drive the car tight to the porch and help me from the porch into the car every time we went anywhere the last couple months. Trying to get from the car back onto the porch was a nightmare. So, after a couple hard months like this, it didn`t surprise me when problems arrived.
Told Walt to call my Dr, he said he was calling my mother ( who lived next door-- about 300 hundred feet away). So many time I said call Dr Joe, he stilled called my mother. Had to wait for her to get out of bed, get dressed, my Dad to get up and drive her over, plus waking up my youngest sister to come over to watch the 2 girls while I was taken to the Hosp.. Then my Mother called the Dr, who said ' get her to the hospital as fast as you can.Tell her I might not be there when she arrives as I am calling the Hosp to have an operating room ready and waiting and what ever Dr is there to do a cessarrian I will keep there ready for her arrival. So Glad my Dad also came as every time Walt started the car, he stalled it. Finally, my Dad told him to push over and he would drive us to the Hosp. There I was laying in the backseat with my head on my mothers lap, praying that cord would stop sliding out for fear of the babies life and there possible lack of getting air. i knew I was having a hard time breathing and that also scared me for my baby ( or babies as I tried to convince the Dr.) You see, they only found one heart beat the whole 8 + months. I had to hide all my fear and was worrying about my poor mother who cried all the way to the Hosp. I kept trying to tell her to stop crying- that I would be alright, but she was so scared for me and the baby`s life that I couldn`t convince her I would be ok. Actually, I wasn`t sure if I would even make it to the Hosp. , but just wanted to help remove the worry from my Mother`s face.

She stopped crying once just long enough to tell my father he was going to be stopped by a cop. His reply was " I wish I would, then they would get me there even faster". One fast ride. This should have been about a 35 minute ride, but my Dad held down the horn all the way with his big foot pushing the gas peddle down and sped as fast as he dared all the way.

When we arrived, I knew my Dr had truly made plans for my arrival as the minute we drove up near the emergency door, the door opened and a Nurse yelled " Is that Morehoue". my Dad said yes. Out they came with an oxygen tank and immediately hooked me up with oxygen while I was still laying on the back car seat. Then they got me on the stretcher and never stopped for paper work-- just got me on the elevator and up into a room near the operating room where this other Dr was. This Dr told me if I was his patient he never would have operated as that baby isn`t going to live and I was under too bad condition to live thru the operation. He left, and my own Dr showed up. I asked him " Am I going to lose my baby?" He did some checking and told me " I`m not going to lie to you, the babies heartbeat is very weak, but as long as it is still beating, we still have hope". Then, I will always remember his next words " Don`t give up on me now girl!"
A few minutes later I was rushed into the operating room. I was depending so much on that oxygen that when they removed the mask getting ready to put on the cone, I was gone. I still remember seeing the other Dr carrying the cone, but I went out before he even reached me. I found out later that I had stopped breathing and they had to work on me to bring me back before they could start the op. I also learned the reason there were 5 Drs in the operating room - was because there had never been another case like mine in the G.F. Hosp so they had to call in a specialist for help. So, my dangerous problem taught the drs something new. ( About 2 yrs later a cousin who was my age had the same problem happen, but she was already in the hosp so they just rushed her to the op room and knew what todo).
They never knew there was a second baby until after removing the first one. The one who`s heart they heard was only 5 lb. 1 1/4 ounces and went straight into an oxygen incubater, while the second baby weighed 6lb 11 1/4 ounces and was as healthy as could be. After this, my Dr told my Mother he was so worried when I kept insisting there were 2 babies , while he only found one heartbeat. He said he wanted to take exrays, but was afraid of what he would find and didn`t wish to worry me with all those months to go yet. When my Mother told him how worried I was, he said he wished he had known and he could have done the exrays and calmed both of our worries. Why did he think I kept arguing with him over the 4 fists and 4 feet? If i was only the type to carry on he might have realized, but I never was one who showed my worried emotions that much.
Now comes the only funny part. Walt and I were raising rabbits on the farm at the time. Walt kept picking on me telling me that if I didn`t have as many babies as that mother rabbit, he was not bringing me home. This was a constant joke. In the room after the op, I was talking to my Mother and being still in a big haze, I never knew my Mother had left and the Dr was there as I said that - guess Walt will have to take me home since the mother rabbit only had two babies left when I went to the hosp and here I was with 2 baby boys.
Oh, one more thing, there was this orderly who Walt and I both knew from when Walt was an orderly and I was a Nurses aid at the time. He came into the recovery room to see how I was doing and he told me that he went to the waiting place in the lobby and told Walt that he had the most beautiful little girl. I started to laugh, but the pain made me quit real fast. Seally, the orderly asked me wht was so funny. I then told him I had 2 boys. he said, then you were the one with those cute twins, wow, I better run back down and tell Walt he didn`t have another girl, he has two boys. I remember the sheepish grin on his face. I sure wish I had been there to see Walts face when he told him. We already had 2 girls at home, our 2 1/2 daughter plus his daughter from his first marriage. bet it also threw my mother.

Then a couple days later, the op Dr said to me- not everyone comes into the Hosp twice and goes home with three to care for. My own Dr said to him, oh she made 2 trips and now will have 4 kids to care for at home and out the door he went without explaining, leaving me to explain. I never got to see the littlest baby, or baby 1 and bottle 2 as the hosp had him listed. The third day i started to get out of bed , determined to see the other baby, so they rushed him in, unwrapped him, said- see he has all 10 fingers and all 10 toes and off they went telling me they had to get back to make the baby bottles. On the 5th day, I still hadn`t held him and only saw him the once, so I again started to get off the bed to head for the Nursery when they finally brought him in for me to feed. They kept using the reply that the larger baby- baby 2, bottle 2 would cry until he was fed, always hungry, while the little one never cried and would wait to be fed. Noone ever told me the truth that he was being kept in the oxygen incubator with many problems so they couldn`t bring him to the room. Still irritates when I think of it , as they should have told me the truth.
Well, my ordeal wasn`t over yet as while the larger baby was able to go home after 3 days, They made me stay for 2 full weeks, and the best miracle after all 3 of us making it, was that the little baby , who lost weight, had finally gained enough to weigh an even 5 lbs so he was able to leave the Hosp after 14 days along with me and his bro. . Then after we got home, I couldn`t bring the 2 1/2 yr old or the 7 yr old home because my sister-in-law was watching them and her boys came down with measels. Dr said I could either bring the girls home, or the babies home from the hosp. but not both.
But, that is another story and this is much to long already.
So, now you know why that birthday party was so special. Would have been even nicer if his twin brothercould have been there. I got a picture of all my kids except for him. Wonderful 51st Birthday for that baby that wasn`t supposed to live which became the two babies I kept trying to convince everyone of. First twins in both my fathers, or mother`s families. Years later there was a second set belonging to my younger bro.. Twins ran in Hubby Walts family.

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