Thursday, August 28, 2014


August 28, 2014-still in therapy for right shoulder op.

August 28, 2914-still in therapy for right shoulder op.

Here it is another year gone by. So much has happened this past year.  Finally got someone to believe me when I keep saying I did more damage in the last fall than just pulled muscles. Took almost two years to get someone to take the MRI as all those wasted ex-rays don`t show  torn rotor cuffs and other damage.  Had the right shoulder operated on May 14, 2014.  Once shoulder was healed, therapy was started on June 4th. After almost three months  of therapy and a 5 pound lift limit, on August 19th the Dr finally allowed me to start strengthening  therapy sessions- so another 6-8 weeks therapy was ordered. So far all is going well. Have all the movements of the shoulder and arm back. Now to get back the strength so can start doing more. Long rime waiting, getting very anxious to be allowed to do more. Once this shoulder is back working ok, then the other shoulder will be operated on for the same damages.  Hope even better luck with the next op.. The Dr wasn`t able to connect a small part of the right shoulder because it was too far gone from damage. I often wonder if it might not have been that damaged if the Dr`s  had listened to me and  the op  had been  done over a year before. Dr  told me the right shoulder looked the most damaged, hoping he is correct and the left one isn`t as bad.  Time will tell.

 Tomatoes just starting to ripen in my garden earth boxes.  Was real late starting my garden this year. Did manage to start a few tomato and green pepper plants inside, just not as early as other years. One of my daughters and her wonderful hubby helped me getting the boxes filled and planted .
 Thankful to them, plus thankful to my oldest daughter for all her transportation taking me to therapy three times every week. Yesterday I went out and started cutting down some flowers that were overtaking my flower beds. My S-I-L came over and dug out the heavy roots for me. Still having trouble standing by watching others helping with the work I had always done myself over the years.

 Also hoping it won`t  be long before I can get back square dancing again.  I had completed the learning sessions and graduated up to being a full member of the " Merry Mohican`s Square Dance group". Was in my second year of belonging when  the bad fall put everything to a stop. Wonderful group and lots of fun, plus was also enjoying our short trips to join other groups  square dancing in their areas. Was also invited to some groups further away, maybe one day I will end up going since have met many of them who have driven the long rides to our dances.

After the falls, was also in therapy for about 2 months for the sciatic nerve pain which was making it almost impossible to walk. Therapy handled that pain and walking became better again.

Was wanting to get back working in my woodshop. Well, last week I did manage to finish making the double gates to enclose my back porch. Neighbors cats were after the birds that came to my feeders there.  I decided I could stay within the 5 pound limit by carrying one or two small boards at a time, laying them down on the back porch and connecting them there. Must say, I am satisfied with how they turned out. Now, if I could only get another neighbor to keep his dogs home instead of doing their business in my yard for me to clean up. We do have a Law that all dogs must be tied up, I just don`t want neighbor problems that turning them in would cause. Yesterday I heard another neighbor is complaining about the same problem.

  Can`t believe I have another birthday coming up in just one more week. Don`t know how one is supposed to feel at 83, only know I don`t feel any different than I did years ago.  Feeling tired more now since the op. , but am sure it is from all this therapy workout and my body getting more used to doing less with the op  5 pound limit for so long. I do feel I will get my strength back and again be doing more again. Hoping the next op doesn`t  weaken my system and change that. Not sure when it will be done, only know my next Dr  apt is in November. Operating in winter would make getting to therapy very hard since I won`t be able to drive and hate asking anyone to drive me in bad winter weather.  When things get hard, I remind me that my mother had three ops in her 80`s, one for an eye replacement, one to repair a broken hip with  bad results and the third was a hip replacement. She lacked three days of being 91,  which gives me courage to keep fighting to accomplish the things I want to do. Only thing I wish is I had my older sister`s courage to just get in the car and travel alone, so much  and places I would love to go. Would be wonderful to be traveling meeting those wonderful friends I have met on the net.

 Well, I will sign off with wishes for  good health and much happiness to all my internet friends. Hoping I find it easier getting here into my Blog next time. Love and Hugs being sent.

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