Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Tuies.,4/11/06-=Youngest granddaughter`s B and more Bathroom work.

Went to Hannaford grocery store this morning for some items. I left about 7am so I would beat the small kids school buses and that way the bus has picked up the kids before I start back home. Faster that early as there are few customers. I Iwas shopping and saw some cute stuffed toys for the little ones.
Next month my youngest granddaughter will turn 2 years old. I found out at my son`s Birthday Party that this granddaughter loved stuffed toys. Hannaford had the cutest pink car about a foot long x about 8 inches wide made from all soft material. Then I found a larger rabbit about 1 1/2 feet tall and holding a socker ball and wearing those huge red and white sneakers. I tried sitting it in the car and it just fit. So, of course I had to buy them both. Thought I was done when a little further down the isle i saw this large soft dog. Over 2 feet long and spread out like it was lying down. Bright colored and softly filled like a large dog beanbag. I knew she would also love the dog, so i also ended up buying it. Next i plan on crocheting a little purse that when turned inside out becomes a doll cradle.
Guess I better see if I have enough thin finnishing nails to put the mopboard on the bathroom wall. Finished painting them yesterday and should be nailing them on now, but feeling a bit lazy.
What makes it hard nailing them on is that the washable wallboard has these matching trim sections that goes up between each wall section, plus the same rounded top trim fills in each corner from ceiling to floor. I have fiound no way to cut that trim off where the mopboard or top trim will go.
First I tried cutting that thick heavy plastic with a cutter, no go, so next I tried using a sharp chisel and hammer, also no go, then I used the drill and drilled a hole thru the plastic top and broke the small bit. Never saw anything so hard to penitrate. The only way I could see to cut off on the top and the bottom was to first remove the long narrow piece that goes from the ceiling to the floor. But, can`t do that without ruining the wallboard and I don`t want to do that. This long plastic piece also has a section that juts off the center of the back and extends between the wallboard sheets to the wall. This makes it impossible to cut the regular angles for the boards to fit nicely against each other in the corners. So, now I am trying to round the back of the corner to fit around the small rounded corner piece and have cut a small v shaped piece to refill in the top curves on the mopboard hoping to camoflague the cut off little piece and give back the top design of the board. Hope it works ok whan I have it done.
I also had to remove the wallboard where it goes along over the front of the recessed tub and covers from the ceiling down about 1 foot. It wasn`t put in level with the other wall end section. I have decided to remove the indented part and bring it all out even . This way the top trim will be done in just one long section and look neater.
Ever notice that when you start doing a repair update you always come across something that takes a lot of extra work to look the way you want it to look.
Well, this isn`t getting anything finished, so guess I better check on the finishing nails and mark out where the uprights are under the wallboard to nail the mopboard on. if i don`t have enought nails, i will have to go buy more. Hopeing I have enough.

I hope your little granddaughter has a happy birthday, I am sure she will love the presents.
if those pieces are plastic dot they have special blades for plastic that are used in a jig saw.
Thanks Deni. This is one granddaughter I never expected as my youngest daughter had only the one daughter who graduated and later got married and then here was another daughter. The oldest daughter also has a little baby that is about 5 1/2 months old and her little sister will be two yrs old next month. So, I have a granddaughter who will be Aunt to one just a little younger than she is. So presious they both are.
Mr Haney, I own those blades, but it is impossible to use them with the upright trim boards being on the wall tigh between the other wall sections and also filling in the corners between both walls. No problem cutting them off the wall, but would cut the wallboard on the wall. I was hoping to be able to drill a hole so the chisel wouldn`t slip and cut it that way. Figured it could start a cut thru the curved shaped top , then i could just cut straight down taking just the curved top section off the jutted back. No such luck. If only there wasn`t the curved top so it rounded out a speck off the wall it wouldn`t be such a problem. I was able to just nail the board tight where it was in the middle of the wall, but it`s the corners that are giving me the headache.
If all else fails, then I just might try useing wood putty to remake the design on the top of the mopboard where they connect in the corner. it would only make it harder if i ever decided to remove the mopboards at a later date.
Still undecided.
Thanks for the suggestion. I am always open to learning more. I know those blades would cut it if they could get to them without ruining the wallboard. Gonna have the same problem in the top corners.
My father asked me to change a door on the shed once and it involved taking most of the shed apart a full days work.
Walker, Isn`t that always the way. my youngest who does roofing and remodeling for a living thought he could cut it for me. He said, "WOW, that is some very hard plastic". Needless to say, he couldn`t cut it on the wall either without cutting the wallboard.
Bathroom will have to wait as today I amd heading to a Funeral parlor for a cousins husband and tomorrow is the funeral. Hope I can get back to the room when things settle back down. Have a nice day.
I think it's incredible that you are doing all this work yourself. In India we are so used to having someone around, electricians, masons that we don't do any of this ourselves. I cannot imagine my grandmother doing all this stuff herself. So cool!
Thanks B. I am no pro, but I do enjoy working with tools. I do have 3 sons who would do the work for me, but as long as I am able to do it, I will keep trying. Time enought to let them take over the repairs when the time comes that I can no longer do it myself.
Thanks for stopping by.
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