Monday, January 21, 2013


Monday, Jan. 21st, 2013

Here it is, Monday, January 21st, 2013 and small snow fluries outside. Do not expect this one to leave much snow, which is fine with me.
 Seems like every time my daughter who lives next door notices I have shoveled the driveway, I hear about it. I do it while her and her husband are working.  Last week she told me that her husband told her to tell me to leave it and he would shovel it when he gets home. I told both of them that I needed the exercise and also some fresh air. Caught the flu two days after Christmas and it lasted about  two weeks. Started feeling human again Friday before last. So the last snow, still feeling a bit weak from the Flu, I just push shoveled it across and left it piled up and down both sides of the driveway and let my son-in-law shovel it up over the still small banks.  Feelin g ok again, was even able to get back to the Merry Mohican`s square dance sessions last Tuesday. Sure lots of new steps to learn every week.  Glad they stopped for two weeks around the Hollidays, so only had to miss one session. Who ever thought I would be joining a square dance group and learning all their fancy steps at 80 years old. Not me for sure. Was able to attend their Christmas Party since it was held the Friday before Christmas. Had to wear their fancy full skirt outfits, in winter I usually  wear genes or lined slacks to stay warmer- not used to dressing up that much anymore unless something important is happening. People kept telling me " you look cute". Isn`t that what you say to the little ones?

  Once spring gets here I can get back to finishing the benches I built last fall to use with the table I added a base under- then built a tall, wide framework adding 5   2x4`s across the top to give a peaked roof  in a slanting fashion, then added a waterproof canvas like top covering over the top of the  framework. Then winter started and never got to sit out there but a couple times. Made the table in a way to be able to unhook the game style top off the base and roll it into the shop for the winter. Am thinking of possibly making backs on the benches, not sure yet.
Seems like my mind doesn`t know how to turn off, always thinking of what I would like to accomplish next. Just finished another hooded knitted baby sweater that zips down the back for the newest great grandson. Am crocheting a stuffed dog and a dog  carrier to carry it around in, plus the dog bowl to add with the sweater. All dog parts are done, just waiting to be  stuffed and sewed together. Dog carrier is about half done. Hands and eyes needed a rest, so here I sit  wearing them out at the computer.

  Had two more great grandchildren last year and already know their will be another one this year.  Already have great grandsons taller than I am. Ok, grandchildren, but great grandchildren taller already. One turned 16 last week, boy how time flies.  Seems the older you get the faster the years go by.

 Trying to save some money by running two electric Eden Pure heaters during the day and running the fuel oil furnace only at night or when I am away from home during the day. Gee, got a tiny raise in Social security this year. Now which is it supposed to help with, the higher fuel for the furnace, the car gas, the higher medical Insurance,  or what else?  Don`t have to worry about needing it to pay for meds as whatever the Dr puts me on, my body reacts so have to stop taking them. Had one Dr ask me what my family Dr intends to do for the high cholesterol.Told him, probably pray like I am, cause there is nothing else I can try that doesn`t have the ingredient in it that affected  my legs. Glad I have no problem using the c-pap machine for the sleep apnea. So, guess shouldn`t complain, things could be  much worse. Bothers me when I see others  much younger than I am whose health is very bad.

 Having fun trying to print off some crochet patterns a friend e-mailed to me. Have two printers, the more expensive one works a while, then quits and tells me it can`t connect to the inks. Now, that sounds strange to me. The other printer is one I bought for my brother years ago and is still connected to his older computer which I now own. It works great, but too old to work good on the newer computers. This old comp cannot be connected to the  faster cable service, only enough memory to work with  the slow Dial-up service.To make matters worse, they no longer sell the " call wave" which would tell you when a phone call was coming in while using the Dial-up. Takes forever downloading the patterns and printing them off on Dial- up service.  One son said he called me Thursday  and thought I wasn`t home, told him no more Call Wave, so next time try my cell phone if I don`t answer the house phone as I never know when someone is tying to reach me if using the phone for the net.

 Well, guess I should go find something to eat before it gets any later. A little after 7pm now, so late eating. Had company today, a granddaughter, her son, her brother   (different mother- so not my  grandson) and his fiancee.  They seem to be a very happy couple, hadn`t seen him since he was a few years old and moved to Florida. His Dad , my ex-son-in-law died a few years ago, so when the granddaughter and great grandson moved back locally, he also moved back. Hoping this awful cold spell warms up soon.

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