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July 3, 2011 , Family Re-union Picnic

This year our family re-union picnic was held at my sister Ginny`s ( Virginia).
We held our Family re-union this year on July 3rd. About 66 attended. I can remember when we would often half as many as 150 attending years ago. Each family re-union is another reminder of all those loved ones who are no longer with us. Seems as we lose more loved ones, we also have more new little ones attending. So many new ones for every one to meet, some for the very first time. Must admit that this year many of the new ones were from my family. But there was also a few new ones for me to finally see. Since every one brings something to eat, there were many different kinds of food and always some left over. There must have been at least 18 to 20 little ones, but not even one argument nor one ending up crying. They all played together and got along great – both with the ones they had known and also with those they had just met. Great watching them playing together and getting along so great together, all different ages laughing and enjoying spending the whole day together.
Rained , sometimes real hard, even a little thunder a couple times. Thought the day was going to be cut short when we first heard the thunder, but it stayed off in the distance and stopped almost as fast as it started, but the rain did continue. Glad it was a warm day so the rain wasn`t a chilly rain. A nephew brought a huge
tarp where he set up all the chairs and tables under. So, there was a place for everyone to get in out of the rain when we had the downpours, but the kids were loving running around chasing each other in the lighter rain.
Some had to drive about 4 hours to attend, glad they made it. Food was delicious. Nothing like having pot luck picnic style food filling three picnic tables. The grills were kept busy cooking meat. Of course hot dogs and hamburgers were the favorites. Everyone seemed to like what the others had brought. Some good cooks in our family. Some of the younger ones were making food to bring for the first time.
One granddaughter laughingly said “ gram, I forgot we are now adults and it is our turn to start bringing food”. LOL. For many years they had been our younger children and only the adults brought food- a dish large enough to feed your own family was expected for sharing.. Now they have grown and are also the adults with a family of their own, so it is now their place to add to the food quantity.
It was great seeing my grandson driving his own car with his mother ( my oldest daughter)as a passenger. He now has the special controls on his car so he can drive using just his hands. He has learned how to put his own wheel chair in and out of his car all by himself. Makes me happy to see him accomplishing so much more all the time. I am so happy he hasn`t given up and is still constantly trying to accomplish more and more. He now works a few hours three times a week which is giving him more confidence in himself and in what he wants for his future. I still haven`t given up hope that one day he will gain back the use of his legs. He sometimes gets feelings which is a good sign. Keeping the prayers going for him and I do believe in the power of prayers.

One great yearly family picnic . Everyone kept remarking on what a great picnic it was and how much fun it was. Already looking forward to next year.

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