Sunday, August 06, 2017


August 6, 2017- Fell off back porch steps and hurt right foot

Sunday, August 6, 2017
 Been almost a year since I have updated my blogger.  Another summer almost over.  Lost a beautiful granddaughter and 2 more wonderful cousins which will be terribly missed. But on the happy side I became a great great grandmother on July 11, 2017.

   Had so much planned to accomplish this summer, but took another fall June 3rd, which upset all those plans. Here it is over 9 weeks later and still can`t wear the right shoe, so still can`t drive or do much. Never broke anything, just messed up all the ligaments, muscles, etc. in the right foot. Dr. told me would take 12 to 14 weeks to heal.  Guess I thought  I would heal quicker, but so far doesn`t  look that way. Still keeping up most of the day, still ice packing- swelling gone down a whole lot, not mammoth any more, but still more to go. Tried to get my shoe on Thursday, didn`t  want to look like an invalid at the Funeral Home, but had to keep wearing the boot. See Dr again on Friday.

 Before the fall, had everything set to make the 3 car tires wishing well for my back yard, still waiting to be able to get back working in my woodshop to cut and build the top that goes over the tires. 

  Thanks to a S-I-law, was able to still have my walk-around garden again this year. Still use the earth boxes -sitting up on the standards I made years ago. Finally started caring for it myself a week ago. Since there is no weeding with it up higher, just have to keep the water section of the boxes filled with the hose and pick vegetables as they ripen, so little real work there.  Still enjoying the summer squash , zucchini, and cucumbers  -lettuce and spinach  have ended, - plus more tomatoes still ripening ( plum, cherry, big boy and sandwich types),  all  from the earth boxes. Plus have been enjoying the string beans growing in a small area  by the shop. Have some large containers with carrots and beets growing larger in them- hoping to can them later when finished growing. Have string beans frozen in freezer, also hoping to be able to can and freeze tomatoes for winter.  Love my fresh garden veggies.

  My sweet Pug "Roo"  is now 6 years old and as sweet as ever. This last winter was his first winter ever going outside due to his front legs  disability and the fact we had less snow.  Had to keep shoveling with his body being soo close to the ground. He loves going out in the summer, but can`t stay out  very long as he doesn`t  handle hot days  very well.  He gave me a bad scare a few months ago-  he had a seizure and I thought I was losing him. I thank God that he made it and so far no new problems. With his little legs problems he was born with, he already has enough to handle.

  Have soo much to thank my family for since my  fall.  Made it to a great granddaughter Graduation from High School , plus the party at their home and also  to a daughters party because one of my sons provided my transportation and a lounge chair that kept my foot elevated all the time I was there, Also made it to a niece`s  Wedding shower thanks to a sister taking me with her. Plus to the baby shower before my great great grandson was born- thanks to a daughter taking me. Also  to see the baby at their home thanks to the same daughter who is his grandmother .  Another daughter has been driving me to all the Dr apts.  Then the youngest daughter brought her riding lawnmower and did both my properties for me.  I am soo very lucky to have such helpful family. A son provided transportation to my cousin`s  Funeral  a few days ago. Then all that help from a son-in-law with the garden. He also bring the newspaper every morning and leaves it on my porch so I haven`t had to walk out to get it.  I thank God for all of them.

 It is now 10 AM. Guess I will go cook some breakfast, finally feeling hungry. Still  have cooked  pancakes left, so just  cooking an egg and making some tea to add to it. Wishing everyone a wonderful week-end. Love to all my family and friends.
 Good-by till next time.

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