Thursday, April 13, 2006


Both good and bad news day.-Thurs. 4/13/06

undecided whether to list the good or bad news first.
Well, if i start with the good news, I will be ending with the bad nesw, sure don`t want that.
So, first the bad news. Got a call yesterday morning that my cousin`s Husband passed away. He was one of those quiet types who stayed polite and got along with everyone in our family. they had been married for 28 years. Hard enough losing one husband in a life time, but this is her second husband , so here she has to go thru it all over again.
A few hours after receiving word about my cousin`s husband, I received another call saying that a Nieces children just lost their Uncle (Dad`s bro) on the same night. They lost their mom ( Hubby`s Niece) and their Dad a few years ago, and now their dad`s brother who meant a lot to them.
So, this afternoon i am off to the Funeral parlor for my cousins Husband, tomorrow morning is the Funeral.

Now, for some happier news. I just became a great grandmother again at *:09 AM. Counting my ggrand`s from my two step children that I raised, this makes great grandchild no. 17 if I haven`t missed anyone. Oh, my, I hope I counted them all. A great grandson who weighed in at 10 lb. 14.6ounces. Little Brenden Mykal. My oldest daughter called me early this morning to give me the great news. Mother and son are both doing good. Sure would have loved to just headed off for the hospital to see them. But, we can`t always do what we would like to do, can we?
I must go get ready soon as I will be heading for the Funeral Parlor in about an hour. Maybe I can stop at the Hospital on the way home. Will just have to wait and see. otherwise will see them tomorrow after i get home- hopefully.
Well, I better go finish getting ready.

Births and deaths--the essence of life here on this ole earth!
You said you saw your first crocus.Lovely. We don't really have spring or winter. All we have in this part of India is the rainy season & then HOT weather.
Sue, I have to admit that I know very little about India. It sounds like your weather somewhat resembles Nigeria`s weather. I have learned a little about Nigeria from another blog owner named Jac. I love learning about other countries and wish I had been able to travel to all these great places.
Very sorry to read the sad news. Can't imagine what it must be like to lose one husband, let alone two...that poor lady. My heart goes out to her, and the children who have just lost their uncle.

Congratulations on your new great grandchild. Good heavens, 17?? that's quite a milestone Dot. What fabulous news. But almost 11lbs?? holy moly, that's one big baby! Welcome to the world Brenden!
Sorry about the losses in your family, it is truly sad.

On the flip side, congratulations on the new baby, what wonderful news! And what a big boy he is!
Sorry about the bad news...parting a second time is more difficult.

Welcome to the new one and congrats to you for this achievement, dot. LOL
The cycle of life, how strange it is sometimes.

Is there ever a time when all the generations are together in one place?
do me a favor and go to my blog and read my post today, "urgent."
Thanks everyone. Mother and Baby are supposed to be discharged today. So they go Home on Easter. When my twins were born i had to stay in the hosp for 2 full weeks and spent Easter there. Only time I was away from home for Easter.

Thanks Mr Haney, I did read your post.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!
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