Friday, April 28, 2006

Useful Utility Knife and more!!

Wondering what today will bring????
Got up, fed my dog, tossed out some dry bread to the birds and squirrels, filled the bird feeders and suet holder, then decided to fix some breakfast. Wasn`t really hungry then, but it`s lunch time now and I am thinking more seriously about what to fix for dinner.
When this morning , I sat at the comp to download the e-mails, I saw that partially done baby sweater laying beside me and knew it had to be handled first. Sunday is the baby shower, so if I want it done in time, then I had to get back working on it.
Well, I finished the second sleeve and sewed up both sleeves. Now the sweater is ready for the back zipper to be sewn on. I wish I could still sew the zipper on by hand, but that is next to imposible as my arthritic fingers just can`t hold those small sewing needles anymore. So, I will have to give in and sew it on with the sewing machine. Fingers need a rest from holding those knitting needles for so long. So, guess I will add the zipper later today.

Feeding the birds got me thinking of all the things I grab a sheetrock cutter for. I use it in place of a knife or scissors for many things. This morning I needed to replace the suet in the suet cage. So, out came the sheetrock cutter to cut open three of the four sides of the plastic over the suet. That made it easy to press out the suet and drop it into the suet holder without ever touching the suet.
While doing the bathroom trim corners, I Drew the corner angles onto cardboard and then used the sheetrock cutter to cut the cardboard with, including the center for the correct angle for each board. Gee, no two corners were exactly alike.
I also used this cutter to cut the heavy plastic to cover the outside seed starter pots so the night freezing air won`t stop them from sprouting. At lest I hope it helps. I keep wondering when warmer weather will finally get here. Here it is almost the end of April and we are still dropping down into the 20`s F at nights.
I have used the cutter to cut string and rope. I used it last winter to cut some window gasket to fit. I have a clear glass cake plate with a Horse on it that didn`t show up when I hung it on my wall. So, I used the cutter to cut a white cardboard to fit the back of the plate. Now the horse and saddle , pole , etc. all show up great. I have even used it to trim off specks from the end of thin wood wallboard. I converted some of those plastic cases into file holders. To do this, I used the cutter to open one end and then to cut down on side a ways to make it easier to put the printer papers into the homemade paper holder. If I get a box in the mail, I use the cutter to cut the sealing tape and sometimes to open the cartons.
Just a few of the ways I use the sheetrock cutters. Been years since i used one to cut sheetrock. Maybe that`s why they named it a utility knife. It got so I was heading for the laundry room so often for a sheetrock cutter that I started leaving them other places to save some steps. I now still have a couple in the laundry room, plus one down cellar on the bench, plus one upstairs , and another one out in my shop. Now, if I had a safe place outside to put one, I might even have added one there to save even more steps. I do have a small shed I made a few years ago to hold the trash can and cardboard, where I could keep one. Who knows, since I store some cardboard there it might be a help to have a cutter to cut down the larger ones. But, then I might need to change the hook closure for a locked one to keep the great grandkids from finding the cutter and getting hurt with it.
Well, guess I should go find something for lunch before my stomach tell me off worse than it is already doing.

I went out yesterday morning to check on my new Rhodendron which was loaded with buds and a few starting to open. I was worried about planting it so early, knowing we could get frost up to the end of May. But I could see the plant was already getting too large for the container it had grown in. So, knowing it might be getting rootbound, i knew I needed to plant iot. Felt either way I was in danger of loosing it-- either from overcrowding so it got stunted trying to grow, or from the cold at night if planted it. Then I figured the nursery had it sitting outdoors so it should be strong enough to stand the cold. All went well the first few days, but then we had one night that dropped down into the 20`s and we had a freezing which killed all those buds that had completely covered the bush. OH, how I hated seeing that. I was so happy waiting to see the bush in flowers. Now, I am wondering if it will again bud this year, or will it have to wait till next spring to form new buds? I used plastic to cover the bush to protect it from more freezes. Another worry, will the platic stop the bush from more growth while it is covered.
It`s like the old saying= I`m darned if I do, and darned if I don`t. All I can do now is hope for the best.
Well, I`m off to find a bite to eat. Then to see what the rest of the day brings forth???

That's a shame about your bush, is there any chance of it coming back?
Sorry I haven't been around, Dot. Hope to start making up for lost time :)

Is a sheet rock cutter one of those things with a razer blade? If so, I have bad memories from the time my nephew cut his hand real good with one and just missed severing an artery. I was a mess that day.

Sorry to hear about the Rhodendron. I remember you mentioning it a couple posts ago. I tried finding an answer for you online about the re-budding, but no luck so far. You might want to leave a message in THIS forum of Rhododendron-related questions. Good luck!

I keep meaning to tell you, I like that little butterfly you have floating all over the screen :)
Deni, I think both the Azalias and the Rhodendron plants are going to have some more blossoms. I posted the picture with the blossoms and with the dead brown blossoms after we had the freeze. Thanks for posting.
Skye, Thanks for trying to find some info for me. I think God is with me this time as they both are improving and I have high hopes for seeing more blossoms on them.
Yes the cutter does have a razorblade in it and the blade should be closed up inside the handle when not being used. I keep mine closed and up where the smaller children can`t get to them. I almost lost my small left finger due to using a steak knife to separate frozen pork chops. After two ops. trying to correct -severred both tendons, both arteries and the nerves, the Dr said I would lose all the use of that hand unless I had that finger removed. It was drawing all my fingers closed. I got a new Dr who used those finger braces with the screw contraption on them and opened all but the little finger, and that one is a little over halfway open. So, I still have that little finger- just at an angle and the first two joints on it don`t move. The nerves in it will always be damaged, but I still have the finger.

Skye, as for the butterfly, it is a counter and I was able to add it with the help of our friend blogger Jac. I have him to thank for the flying butterfly. Glad you like it.
Thanks again for your trying to help with the Rhodendron. I`m keeping my fingers crossed that it keeps improving. The leaves are all nice nd green again and today, I noticed a few new buds appearing. I am feeling hopeful again.
i am no good at planting any thing. i still haven't learned how to do that yet.
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