Sunday, April 16, 2006


Easter Sunday

This has been a busy day. Got up, fed the dog and started working.
Finally found a way to remove the hard plstic from the top of all the 4 corners, plus the other 6 places where the trim was used to cover where the wall sections joined. On some I was able to hold the drill sideways against the wall and drill a hole into the top section of the plastic. Then was able to put a corner of the chisel into the hole to hold it in place while I pounded thru the rest of the top section, first from one side then from the other side, being careful not to knick the wallboards on either side. Once this was done, I was able to use the chisel and hammer to slide up between the plastic trim and the warshable wallboard and cut off just the top section that stuck out on top of the wallboard. Took some doing, but finally it is done. The trim enfolds around one sheet of wallboard with a one inch going behind that section and buts up against the next section. Corners were much harder to do as it was harder to work there. .
Easier doing around the top as it was much easier to reach. Bottom was in tighter cormers where you didn`t fit to work. Such as the 11 inch corner cubbyhole between the seat and the wall, or the 4 inch corner behind the heating pipe that goes from the cellat upstairs for heat up there. The only hard place at the top was the corner up over the wall cabinet that is up over the sink. Could have used a bit longer arms there, but i managed.
Then I cut some thin wood pieces to raise up the wall over the tub so it matched the same height as the other end of that wall after I replaced that section of wallboard. Before there was a small recessed area going the length of the 5 foot tub. Now, with the recessed area extended out even with the rest of that wall, it will be possible to use one long piece of ceiling/wall trim that will extend from one corner to the other. It`s now all ready for the trim to be nailed on.
Just one problem, I still haven`t found enough time for painting the trim. So, that will be my next project-- painting the trim which has design on it. Need to decide exactly what color I wish to do some of the designs with. Just know I plan on using white as the main background color.
Worked till 3:30 pm and decided I better stop and eat something since I hadn`t stopped for breakfast or dinner. Just ate a tossed salad at 3:30, and back to work till a son, his wife and their 2 kids stopped by around 5pm. After they left, I decided to fix something to eat and rest for the evening.
I had also washed the whole bathroom ceiling this afternoon. Figured would be easier before nailing up the trim and that way I wouldn`t have to worry about getting the new trim wet or dirty.
Well, tomorrows another day. Have a test to go for after lunch, but then the rest of the day should be free for me to start painting.

A daughter and her intended gave me a big Easter basket-- even included a $50 gift certificate for Lows to put towards mt floor tiles for the dining room once the bathroom gets finished. Her Daughter also called me to wish me Happy Easter.
Then the son and his Family gave me a PurpleGem Rhodendron for my front yard. Years ago I had one on each side of my porch and loved their large blossoms till a neighbors dog destroyed them. I had even placed a section of chicken wire around them, but he just turned up on the wire and finished killing them. That dog no longer lives near here, so hopefully this nice plant will live longer. It is already filled with buds. I hope it doesn`t disturb the buds when I am able to put it in the ground. We usually have to wait till after Memorial Day ( May 29th- this year) to plant outside for it to be safe from frost. I love the Rhodendron flowers and the bush usually grows to be huge.

Well, getting tired, so guess I will get off here and check the rest of my e-mails before it gets any later. it is almost 10 pm now.

You are amazing! I feel tired just reading about your day.
hillgrandmom, thanks for coming to my blog. Thanks for the compliment, but today I didn`t do much- went for my mamagram and stopped to do grocery shopping on the way home. Then mostly rested the rest of the day. So, the trim boards are still sitting in the shop waiting to be cut and painted. Tomorrow might ride with my bro when he goes about 40 miles from home to a store. I don`t like him driving that far alone. So might be a couple days before i can get back to doing the trim, but I will eventually finish the bathroom trim.
Hope you had a nice week-end.
You were getting tired?? After doing all that, I would've been comatose by 8pm.

You continue to amaze and impress me Dot...good luck with your new Rhodie :)
I used to have a beautiful rhododendrun bush years ago.

Down here the azaleas are all in bloom and hubby really wants some.

There is a lot I want to do in my yard, but I am still doing the little things. Next week when Hubby is off, we are going to put the wallpaper border up in my bedroom, which the people we bought the house off of never got around to, but they left all the stuff here.
Lisa, Thanks for dropping by. Right now my Rhodendron is sitting in a large plant hilder by my front porch, waiting to be planted.
I think they have such beautiful flowers.I will get to it soon.
have a nice day.
Deni, I
bought amn azalia tree type plant years ago. It died the first winter and came back with more than one tree stem. I gave up and just keep trimming it shorter like a large bush. I get the flowers before any leaves appear. Pretty flowers on it. Wish I had good growing soil instead of sand. I already have some acid fertalizer for the Rhododendron as it likes acidy soil. Had the first Rhodendrons for about three years before the dog killed them, so know they will grow here if I have good luck.
Good luck with the bedroom border. The borders do improve the looks. Nice that they left it there for you.
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