Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Tues.- Flowering bushes or trees

Oh! How pretty are those flowering trees and bushes.
I used to have a Rhodendron bush flowering on each side of my front porch till a neighbors dog killed them both using them for a handy hydrant. Funny why he kept coming to my yard instead of it`s own or another neighbors yard. I had babied these plants for three years, even covering them every winter to save them. It was saddening to lose them. The next winter the family moved, I was thinking if they had only moved a year earlier I might still have those nice bushes.
Then I bought an azalia tree and planted it out back a ways from the back porch. It grew good for a couple years and then got to big for my large cones to cover them with in the winter. I should have bought some burlap or something else to protect it with. I figured it was well enough seated to get thru the winter. Winter killed it and it came back up like 3 trees. I gave up and today I have a bush instead of a tall tree. I have been keeping it trimmed like a bush and it still has some pretty flowers each year. The only thing is that the flowers bloom first before any leaves appear and the leaves show up after the blossoms are gone. I sure would love to see the blossoms surrounded with the green of leaves.
Well, my new Rhododendron is still waiting to be planted. For now, I have it ( container and all) sitting in a large plant holder beside my front porch. Now, I have to decide exactly where I`d like to see it growing as it will grow into a huge bush if I am lucky. It will someday require a lot of room, so I need to plan ahead for that. These bushes require partial sun.
First I was thinking of planting it on the left side of the front porch, but then I remembered the blossoms might draw bees. My bedroom has a window on the side and I don`t want to worry about bees when the window is opened with the screen there. Screen is good, so shouldn`t have any bee worries, but why take chances. So that would leave the other side of the front yard and I already have a 3-4 foot square flower bed on that side outside the kitchen window. So, it might make the front yard look heavier on one side. Sorry, that is just me still hearing my Design/ Mechanical Drawing teacher from about 55 yrs ago in High School. Every picture had to be ballanced on each side. If you had some tall objects on one side, then you must ballance it with either tall objects on the other side, or more smaller objects to give the same weight look on each side. It always makes me wonder why I remember some things that a Teacher taught more than other things from way back then. She was a good Teacher. I remember the day when she asked me if I would be willing to make a 5 foot tall x 3 foot wide poster for the Junior class ( 3rd. year of High School) to advertise their Prom. I was so very surprised as there was about 40 other kids in the two Drawing classes, I kept wondering why me as some were in their second year of learning and I was a new freshman ( 1st. year of High School) who entered this class just a few months before. I was a bit on the bashful side when I was young. So, you can imagine how I felt when one morning I arrived at High School to see my huge poster hanging there in the main hall for everyone to see. I felt like falling thru the floor having to pass the poster where lots of kids were there looking at it and reading all the information about the prom. On the poster was also a girl in a long Prom Dress, corsage and all. Must admit that I still had that huge poster rolled up in my bedroom until I got married. Don`t know what happened to it after that. You see, when the prom was over, the teacher graded me on it and gave it to me to take home and show my parents.
Didn`t find time to do the planting today. Didn`t sleep much last night and what little sleep I did get had me waking up dreaming. Haven`t done that in a long time. What a mixed up dream it was.
Then I got up and did three loads of washing/ drying before going with my bro to a store about 40 miles from home. I also managed to make plans for the 4 top corners in the bathroom. Using the geometry I learned in High School, I figured out the angles to cut both ends of each of the 4 trim boards. Oonce I get them measured and length cut and angles cut, then it will be painting time. I am hoping tomorrow is a slower day so I can find time to get back to working on the boards.
Well, there is still piles of clothes sitting on my bed waiting to be taken care of before I can go to bed tonight. So, guess I should stop writing and go take care of everything off my bed. Then I can come back and enjoy myself on the comp while listening to the soaps that I taped while I was away today. I do like watching some of the soaps.

Ahhhhh, so that is why they make you learn geometry in school?

I wish I could recall as much as you seem to from school. I might as well as not have gone for as much as I remember now :)
Skye, I only took Algebra, Geometry and advanced Algebra for easy credit. History and Social Studies were my hardest subjects. Math was always my best subject and I felt I would need some easier ones to give more time for the harder ones. Funny part is I never thought I would find any need for them once I was out of school, but I got fooled.
Thanks for dropping by.
I have to start planting soon too. Last year the city came in and redone the drainage system and they dug up our yard all the way to the house so everything is gone. 10 years of work poof.
That's the down side and the lost time and money. The upside is I get to start from scratch. Its a flower garden and my mother wants a row of roses.
I got to get this dome before my father sees another place to plant tomatoes lol
Walker I know what you mean. For us it wasn`t dug up for sewer as we don`t have city sewer so our sewer is out back.
Here it was when we added city water ( I still have my pump and well water) they dug up from the road at the corner of our front yard and on a slant down the yard to the cellar wall. So, after all the years it took to get grass growing in our front yard, they dug a wide trentch on a slant across a large front section. it took me years to get the lawn looking nice again.
Have a suggestion for you. When I used to dig up the other lot for a garden I used to dig under the top grass clumps and carry them- sand intact- and plant them into any bare spots in the yard and the grass would seat like it grew there- just needs watering. I sometimes had to remove a little dirt before setting in the grass clump so it would fit level.
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