Monday, August 17, 2015

Here it is- August 17, 2015. Had the second shoulder op on Feb.11, 2015 in the Albany  "Capital Region Ambulatory Center". Much more repairs required this time. Now have 2 ArthroCare Spartan sutures anchors with a scorpion suture passer used to pass all four limbs of suture through the posterior anchor and two limbs of suture through the anterior anchor. A knot pusher used to tie three horizontal mattresses, reducing the rotor cuff to it`s anatomic insertion  on the greatest tuberosity. Motorized bar used to resect  distal 8 to 10 millimeters of digital clavicle, completing the distal clavicle resection. repaired rotor cuff tear, glenohumeral joint and AC joint, impingement syndrome, and proximal biceps partial tearing of the intraarticular portion of t5he tendon. It has been 6 months now since this left shoulder repairs and  Dr Zanoras has just okayed me for strengthening therapy exercises. I do have all the movements back in both shoulders, the right shoulder op was done 6 months before this left shoulder op. At my age, it did weaken my resistance more than I expected, but am slowly getting back to feeling normal again. Will be celebrating my 84th Birthday next month on September 4th. Can`t wait to get back the strength so can accomplish more again.

Have finally been back working in my wood shop. Turned an old bed frame into a beautiful bench which sits out back under the canvas shelter with the large round table and two benches I made years ago. Usually also have my nice  two seater swing  out there, but with operations, didn`t  bring it out this summer.  Also last week I replaced a broken shelf on the bottom under the bathroom wall cupboard and am now waiting for paint to dry so can add the board to finish the shelf on the back of the old couch I converted last year. Last year I also made two long narrow tables that sit behind the couch to hold plants in front of the large picture window and two smaller windows in my front room.
 I love working in my wood shop.

This summer I attended a   party for a Granddaughter Christina (Morehouse) Crowd who Graduated from College  and earned her Nursing Degree for Registered Nurse. She is not only now working as a Nurse in our local Hospital, mother of two lovely children, married, but also going back to college to become a Nurse Praction-er in a Dr`s  office.

I also attended a great granddaughter`s High School Graduation party (Kyrah Brown) a couple weeks ago.   All of my grandchildren are now out of school except for one- Latasha, the youngest, but have many great grandchildren in school, some lots older than Latasha. So proud of all my family.

With help from my son-in-law Gino, I was able to have my garden again this year using the earth boxes along with other containers which I have sitting up off the ground on standards I made in the past. I call it my "stand-up garden" as I walk around caring for them. Already have  green string beans in the freezer. Have eaten and given away many zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, and cherry tomatoes. Other tomatoes just beginning to ripen. Ate a few squash with more still growing on the vines.Everything seems to be doing good this year. Even the grapes from vines my son Walter bought for me are doing good. One is overloaded with purple grapes which are slowly ripening. Last year I threw away some grapes because the package said green grapes , so when saw what looked like black grapes, I thought they were rotting. Later discovered that green grape vine had been marked wrong and was actually a purple grape vine.  Those purple grapes are delicious.

Two more of my family are expecting babies soon. One granddaughter is expecting twins- a boy and a girl. Another grandson`s wife is expecting a boy. First children for both of them. My family just keeps enlarging.

My little Pug is now 4 years old. Still has his front leg disabilities, but to watch him run, it never has slowed him down. I remember that little puppy who slid across the floor with callouses constantly on his middle joints of both front legs because his legs couldn`t  open. With lots of therapy I eventually got his legs open far enough for him to walk on all 4 paws, but his legs will never open  more than about  half way, but no  more callouses and his chin is not almost touching the floor anymore  as he walks. He is such a happy dog and loves everyone. Children and adults alike love playing with "Roo". My friend, the Breeder of small dogs names him "Roo"  because he constantly sits up on his hind end like a kangaroo. He is the best companion anyone could have. After loosing my beloved Border Collie after over 14 years I wasn`t  sure I ever wanted to get another dog, but when this little baby Pug kept following me all over my friends home,  I couldn`t  say no when she asked me if I wanted to take him home with me. I am so glad I said yes.

Guess that is most of the news to write about this time. Y love my family very much.

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