Sunday, October 14, 2018

October 14, 2018
Here I sit waiting for the stew to finish cooking . Finally reached up to 52 F and even with the furnace running today, still feels damp and chilly in the house. Have turned on the small heater in the kitchen near me for a while.  If were more ambitious would use the oven and bake something. Good time for some nice warn stew.

 Roo still keeps me waiting on him. He has this one bark that says I emptied my water dish, this sharper bark that says you need to take me  outside, and then there is this sit up on his fanny with his front legs out like a kangaroo ( why the breeder friend named him Roo) and just staring at me expecting me to know what he wants. Some times when he is sitting upright he will start licking his mouth- yes,  that means  I want more food.  One smart Pug. He makes sure I get up and feed him every morning, gives me lots of exercise climbing up and down the porch steps 4 to 6 times a day. Last week I laid down another place for him to lay while I was cleaning his bedding in  his bed. Now he goes and lays on that place when he wants to go out and also lays there when he comes back in to remind me he is waiting for his treat for going outside. Getting way to smart and controlling. :)

My youngest son who fell is doing better, still seeing all the Dr`s and needing more therapy. So used to working he is having a rough time not being unable to do much. Has been laid up soo long- will be 6 months on the 27th.. Often hear he has tried doing more than Dr`s allow, like removing the air conditioner from the window in their apartment  while she was working. He told me he used his leg to set it on to move it, told him that was bad for a lot of reasons, bad for his hip, his hand and wrist and other places still healing. He said -mom, I am tired of sitting here  and hate asking others to do things I should be doing. -He is getting discouraged and wants his old life as a construction worker back. I fear he will never be able to do the work he was so proud of.  Dr`s are telling him it will be at least another year before his body will be recovered enough to do any kind of work. Now  they say they need to remove the bar screws and all from his left wrist and arm because  they are causing problems with the nerves. He was here for a short time  a couple days ago. Another son was patching a leak in my garage roof with advice from his  knowing how brother.  Ron, the one who fell , had re-done the roof on my shop and  the side of the higher garage roof where they are connected. before his fall. Hopefully there will be no more leaks on the other side of the rood this winter.

My walk around garden is done for this year, but still have both carrots and beets in separate large containers to pull up and a few pepper plants still in more pots. Covered them last night so the frost wouldn`t  kill them. Earth boxes are all cleaned and stored away in the shed till next spring. Finished trimming the grape vines yesterday  so they are now ready for winter. They were delicious this year. Last week did some touch up painting on the earth box standards and  they are stored next to the house for winter.  Also did another stain on the side porch floor  and steps and  re-painted the back porch  steps and railing. This summer one son and his daughter painted the entire outside of my home- his mother`s Day gift to me.  His twin brother  bought and put up new wooden fencing along the back section of the lots I own next to my home property. Had a neighbor out back tossing beer cans and other items there and when  a daughter  was mowing on that property, she  piled up his junk in a neat pile back on his property. The man came out saying he was calling the cops, I told him to please do, or would you like me to call then for you since no one on my property drinks. He shut up and walked away. Life never gets boring. This same son came down and put up the insulation last month that I had cut to fit in the shop /garage wall where last year the squirrels had chewed it all out and had babies in the shop ceiling. S-I-Law helped me close in the eaves on the shop to keep them out and last year Ron had closed in the other side of the garage roof eaves to keep them out of the  garage. Now should be able to heat the shop enough to work in it this winter. Last week had to take down the bird feeder. Other squirrels never bothered it because they don`t like safflower seeds, birds do. Now have this one gray one who likes them and tipped the wood frame pole and all over when he jumped off. Day after I left the bird feeder sown,  my s-i-law noticed a hole chewed into his trash container. Think the gray ones are even more destructive than the black ones. Time will tell. Miss watching all the birds at the feeder.

Glad to know your son is getting better. But I can imagine how difficult he finds just sitting quiet.
Thanks, just stopped into my blog and saw your comment. Been over a year now and my son Ron is still seeing some Dr`s and unable to do much and not allowed to work or use his damaged hand and wrist, along with hip, head and other problems. Been a rough year and he want`s to go back working, but his Dr`s still say no. I don`t think he will ever be well enough to work. Like me he is one who hates just sitting around doing nothing. Sorry I never answered you before. Thanks for caring. Hugs, Dot
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