Friday, August 03, 2018

Aug. 3, 2018
Hi everyone,  Been a long time since  I have posted here. Things are going pretty good for me. I thank God every day for sparing my son`s life after his bad fall from a high ladder  on his construction job while removing a second story outside  window.  So much damage to his body--3 broken ribs, face fractures, lacerations to kidney and liver, bleeding and swelling  in brain,bleeding in another place in head, fractured hip socket, both shoulders clavocals fractured,broken left wrist and arm which was repaired with a plate in wrist and screws and a bar extended from wrist to elbow,  one jugular vein in neck completely destroyed, 4 staples required to close cut in left side of head, has  a cracked skull in 2 places,2 black eyes with right eye dark black colored-completely closed and bloodshot with eye bulging partway out of it`s socket, scraped both knees, left foot black and blue with big toe painful and swollen. This accident happened on April 27, 2018. Just today at another Dr apt, they discovered the blood flowing around the heart where they say is not normal, so am now waiting to see what the cardiologist says when he sees him next month. Wish they were seeing him sooner as it worries me. He is in therapy still, but slowly getting better. Three of his Dr`s say he is a miracle  because the first 5 days they gave us little  hope, and it was over a week before he again  gained consciousness.. God was good, will forever be eternally grateful. He still has a long hard road ahead of him, but he hasn`t given up.  His boss told us that after the fall, Ronnie got up and was going to re-climb the ladder and he had to hold him down till the ambulance arrived and they rushed him straight to Albany Medical  Hosp about 50 miles away because he was in such bad shape for our local Hospital to handle. Wish didn`t have to wait till next month to know the degree of damage to the heart blood vessel.  Praying something that can be repaired easily.

 Still working in my wood shop, have my walk around garden again this year. Call it a walk around because  years ago I built standards to hold earth boxes so I can still have a garden. Too hard getting up from the floor or ground  for the normal ground gardens. Also still turning over my compost bins.  Doing my best to stay active to live longer. Has the aneurysm in the back of my head checked again this year and still only 5 mm in size, so good so far. 4 years and no change which is good.

One son -Walt and his daughter Jen took me with them to Virginia and then to Myrtle Beach in S. Carolina where we joined another granddaughter Millie and grandson Walter and their families for a wonderful weeks vacation. Many hours of riding, but everyone had a great time.
Was gone for 9 days, 1st vacation in years. Was great seeing everyone, had been a long time.

 Wishing all my blog friends the very best.

Hi Dot! I was checking up on you; had forgotten your blog 'name' and saw it on Walker's. I'm praying for your son, and you. Such a terrible, yet yes a miracle. Sending you love.

And, I'm so sorry for the loss of your granddaughter, Dot. You know I lost my grandson, so I can understand the pain. And, losing cousins is hard also. I was just thinking a while back; my maternal grandmother had 18 grandchildren when she passed away. There are only 5 of us left. My (now) oldest cousin is 91, and he still works around the farm.
HI DOT, Sorry to hear about your son. I wish him a speedy recovery.
It's good you got to take some time off and rest the body and soul.
I have tried for days to get to your blog but I keep getting redirected to some advertising page. I am using my phone for this.
Take care of yourself

Thank you very much for thinking of me Sally and Walker. Sorry it tool me soo long to answer. Seems like there is always soo much waiting to be done. Myut admit I do spend time in facebook trying to keep in touch with family and friends. My twins have both now retired and one of them said this to me " Thought I would have lots of extra time to just enjoy, but seems like I am busier now than I was when I was working." I told him, I agree. When people tell me they wish they could retire like me, I tell them- once I get the woman`s work done, then instead of having free time, I have to get busy and do what work my husband used to do. With winter starting and the garden about over, things should get less busy. Great hearing from both of you.Love and best always to you and your families.
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