Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 12, 2013
Another year older and still keeping busy. Caught skunk # 5 this morning. Praying this is the last one living under my wood shop.

  Had a nice Birthday. Have one great granddaughter who was born on my Birthday. I call her my Birthday baby. When my daughter ( her grandmother) asked her how old she was going to be, she answered 5. Then she asked her how old is great grandma  going to be and she answered 16.  So, some of the grandchildren wished me a Happy 16th Birthday. Later  a niece told me I was only 35, told her no I was turning the numbers backward and going to be 28.   Think I may be the oldest member of our Merry Mohican square dance group, but there are a couple in their 90`s in some other groups. At first wasn`t sure I would be able to learn all those fancy steps, surprised myself. Just started the second year this month and still having loads of fun. Nothing like the square dancing done over the years, so many fancy steps to learn. Now I am helping new dancers. The second year we are called Angels and we dance with the new members helping them learn. Hoping all the new members enjoy it as much as I do so they will continue coming all year.

  My little Pug "Roo" has already headed for the bedroom to sleep on his bed by the side of my bed.  All I have to do is open the bedroom door and say- You want to go to bed, and off he runs and doesn`t move again till I get up in the morning, unless he hears something outside. Still seems funny not owning a large dog after so many years of big dogs, but he sure has captured my heart. Yesterday he sneaked out when a son went into the house. One of my great grandson`s told me - Gram, Roo is loose. Lucky he came running out back where we were. Not too long ago he was still scared to run down the steps, now he goes down too fast.  He loves bei ng outside, but once the snow starts he will become just an inside dog again. His front legs disability doesn`t allow him to open them all the way, so he isn`t tall enough to walk even in low snow.

 Worried last week when we had two nights down in the low 30`s with some frost, but so far the garden is still doing ok.  Hoping no more frost until the tomatoes have time to all ripen and the rest of the green peppers grow larger.  Ate a lot of string beans, froze a lot also.  Have so far, green string beans, zucchini,  and peppers in the freezer for winter. Hoping to add tomatoes.  Lettuce and cucumbers finished for this year.

  Won`t be long before it will be time to rehang the plastic around my side  porch. Helps a lot , blocking the cold when ever the door gets opened. Last year found an easier way for hanging the plastic without leaving staples to pull back out. Now I just hand them using hooks and eyes. Easier to take back down, plus easier to put up. Wish I had thought of doing it this way years ago. Also means no shoveling snow from the porch with it closed in, only the step spot is left open.

   Facebook is still driving me crazy. Last winter when I started using a different computer it  messed everything up. When I signed into my same place I used on the old comp, it didn`t continue where I was on the old comp. It was a while before I  realized it had started a new account using the same information I signed up with on the old comp.   When I try to close out the second account, it closes out both accounts. So I tried leaving both accounts deactivated and start a new account  , I couldn`t . It kept telling me I already had an account and just reopened both accounts again.  Even the games I was playing on the old comp became new games on the newer comp. It says you can close out one account, but so far there info hasn`t worked for me.

 Well , enough rambling off for tonight. Almost 11:30 now, so guess should head for bed soon.

I had been off the computer and internet for more than 7 weeks because my grandchildren would take my laptop and i Pad away to play games. and their parents did not like it very much since it kept them away from other creative pursuits. I felt that the best thing would be to stay away from the internet myself. A very happy birthday to you and may your jest for life pass on to your children/grandchildren and great grand kids who are lucky to have a person like you in their lives.
WOW! I just wrote you a note and when I went to publish it is disappeared. I want to thank you for the Birthday wishes and the nice words. I understand parents wanting their children to learn more than just playing games like most kids seem to be doing today. Take care and enjoy your vacation with the family.
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