Friday, November 09, 2012

Nov. 9th, 2012

 Been a long time since I have written in my blog. It sure has gotten cold out, wish winter was already over and spring was here. But, guess that is useless wishing. Now that the outside work is caught up, at least what work I can do myself has been done. Plastic over the picture window in the dining side of the kitchen, added plastic to close up the side porch to help keep draft out whenever door is opened, sealed up doors better, covered outside flowering bushes that needed it, emptied and packed away all the garden items, added patio blocks to extend front walk and also in front of shop door - so no big puddles or ice ponds either place this year, leaves collected and shredded and ready for compost, and so much more. Now, maybe I will again find more time to write again.

    Still having fun making items in my wood shop. Garden is over till next spring and managed to add some of the veggies to the freezer for winter. I do prefer fresh home grown veggies. Family keeps getting larger. Am in the middle of making another knitted, hooded, baby sweater that zips down the back for another great grandson expected some time this month. Seems like there is always something to get done.

 My little Pug is growing bigger, seems funny having a small dog after years of owning large dogs, but at my age, thought a smaller one would be easier.  Know if a larger dog got loose, I can no longer run fast enough to catch it, much easier with a small dog. :).  Still miss my beautiful Border Collie that I had for over 14 years, but this little Pug "Roo" has already captured my heart and is great company.

 Little over a month ago I joined a group that teaches the pro square dancing. Lots of fun, but steps sure are different from the regular square dance steps  I was used to.  Hope weather doesn`t get too bad so don`t have to miss any days and can continue to learn all the new steps in the future.

  One son gave me a generator and has been working to get it running before we have any power outages. Yesterday he had it running ok and today he explained to me how to start and operate it. I feel for all those who lost their homes, those without power, and all from this last bad storm. I feel blessed to be living far from where the storm hit so only got some rain and some real strong winds, but no damages in my area and I live far enough from the river that no flooding problems close either.

  Took me a while to get logged in to my blog, should find it easier next time.

It's nice to see you posting.
Tells me you are doing good.
You never stop working do you.
It's good having a back up generator especially at your age.
You never know when help can reach you but with the right things you can prepare for it if it ever comes.

My daughter just got herself a mid size dog and he is a handful at best of times.
He is a hear old and full of pep and drags me around the house to play.
I like my cats they just want to sleep.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Hi Walker, great hearing from you. Hope you and all your family are doing well. Was speaking about you a couple days ago, telling a cousin about the box of chocolates and card you sent (knowing Walt would have) and how much it meant to me. Did brighten up what started as a lonely day without Walt to share it with me. Last month was the 10th Anniversary without him. My first time with a smaller dog- usually Border collie, before that a collie/ police dog, always large dog--figured getting older, needing a dog who couldn`t try to drag me. LOL If this one doesn`t move, just pick him up
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