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Yesterday, June 26, Bird Watching

Yesterday, June 26, 2011, I was wishing I had thought of getting my camera sooner. My back porch is off my laundry room and I keep bird feeders on that porch. I was in the laundry room working with the inside door open, when I noticed a small bird asleep at one of the small feeders. His head was tucked under one wing. Since I had never seen one asleep at any of the feeders before, I kept watching it for quite a while to be sure it was ok. Then I thought to take a picture, but by the time I got back to the door the bird awoke and flew away. If only I had gone after the camera sooner.

A couple weeks ago while sitting in my car in front of a daughters home we saw the cutest thing. It had rained hard the night before and there was a small rain puddle near the end of her driveway. While my daughter was standing outside my car talking with me, I happened to look up into my car mirror. There were two small birds playing in the rain puddle just a few feet from my car. They seemed to be splashing each other and playing together. After a while they stopped and took bathes, wiggling themselves in every direction in the water. Once their bathes were over, they both flew away. I had just came home from the cemetery and dropped my daughter off at her home. We both had our cell phones with us, but neither one of us thought to take pictures. We were having such a good time just watching them. It lasted for 5 minutes or more.

Such wonderful sights to see. Something you seldom see, but am thankful I was lucky enough to be at the right place both times. This year I have seen some new birds showing up that are not usually seen where I live, plus the regulars , many have stayed around my feeders all winter. My husband used to like watching the birds at my feeders. One bird especially pleased him with it`s warble that sounded like it was saying “Whipperwill, Whipperwill, over and over. Never was sure what the proper name was for this bird, but my husband always called them Whipperwills. Wish he was here to have watched the sleeping bird with me and the water playing birds with my daughter and I. He sure would have enjoyed them very much.

Lovely sights both. Glad you were able to enjoy them, even though you didn't get to take pictures.
Hey - guess what!! I'm back!

I never have my camera when I need it. I do have a cell phone, but can't upload the pics to the computer.

Hope you have a nice weekend, Dot. Is this the weekend of your family reunion?

I ( we) sure did enjoy these wonders we seldom see. Hillgrandmm, thanks for stopping by.
Welcome back Sally. Yes Sunday is our Family reunion. Last couple years we didn`t have that many attending, expecting more this year. My family alone ( my kids, grandkids, all their spouces etc., plus at least a dozen of the great grandkids) should be anywhere from 30 to 40, plus most of two of my sister`s families , part of oldest bro`s and maybe some of the older sister`s. Every year the families seem to be adding on, just wish at the same time we were not losing so many. Just learned that none of my youngest bro`s family will be there as they are planning their own family picnic the same day. First picnic since losing our third and last bro.. Should still be a happy day with so many attending. Lots of new little ones since last year.
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