Tuesday, March 08, 2011


winter Feb.26, 2011 snow picture

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This is what it looks like in my front yard. Part of the height came from shoveling shoveling some snow from the roof. We had 4 more inches of snow fall the day after I took this picture and another foot of snow fell yesterday. Expecting more snow Thursday. Getting hard to find places to shovel more snow to. Been colder this year and lots of snow.
Don't know how I missed this, Dot! Wow!!! Now, that's some snow!

I hope by now things are getting better for you guys, and Spring on the way! (((hugs)))
Thanks Sally, The couple days with rain has lowered the snow banks quite a bit. We received a few more inches of snow again this morning and they say more might arrive later in the week. So, guess spring weather isn`t here yet even though spring started yesterday. Should warm up soon.
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