Sunday, July 11, 2010


Saturday July 1o/ Sunday July 11,2010

Life never has time to get boring. Always something happening and sometimes things we wish didn`t happen.

I am reminded of the old saying-When it rains, it pours, meaning when one thing happens, other things are bound to happen. This morning (Saturday July 10th, 2010)was the burial for the 6 beautiful children who died in the fire, 2 of which I knew. While reading the morning newspaper there was another Funeral this morning for a 50 year old girl originally from our neighborhood whose family hung with my kids through their school days. I was unable to attend either Funeral because my feet are still so swollen they do not fit into my shoes. Then to make things worse, running around without shoes I bumped my little toe against the toolbox, hurting it so bad I feared I had broken it. Ice packed it for about 3 hours, then had to put on a sock to keep the toe held in place next to the next toe so I could get some sleep. That was two nights ago. Today it is still badly bruised and swollen about twice it`s normal size, but able to bend it a little- so thankful it wasn`t broken. I am still waiting for the meds to turn my feet and legs back to normal size and for the bruised color to leave that huge little toe so it will fit into my shoes when my feet do. I am sure things will improve once this heat wave is over. Rained a little last night and early this morning, but it did not cool things off like we thought it might. Reminds me of when my husband`s feet were badly swollen, but his were even worse.

Last week I had hoped to add a second coat of paint on the white carousel horses that once were probably from a swing set on a school playground. They have an antique look to them and you do not see them at schools anymore. Every day I hope to wake up and find my shoes again fit so I can go outside and paint. When I can , maybe I will go buy some gloss white for the second coat so the horses will shine better the way the red saddles and the black mane and tail do. All carousel horses did usually have the glossy look to them. I am not very good at sitting around accomplishing nothing. My daughter who had the back operation two weeks ago came over to make sure I was sitting with my feet up until the swelling goes down. She even pushed my old computer over, sit one of my kitchen chair thick soft cushions on the top of the computer and insisted I use it for a high foot stool. I think it also brought back memories to her of how bad her father`s feet got from the water build up, so it scared her.
Three days ago I called my Dr to have the prescription renewed. The Nurse called me back and told me she had faxed in the prescription, to wait a couple hours and they should be ready for me to pick up. A couple hours later I phoned our Hannaford Pharmacy to be sure they were ready, the girl who answered the phone told me they were out for lunch from 12 noon till one o`clock, so to call back after one. I called back and the next person who answered told me to call back later as they were out from 12:30 till 2:30. What a run-around I was getting. At 2:30 I went to pick up the prescription and was told they never received the prescription from my Dr`s office. I told them I knew it was faxed in to them because my Dr`s nurse phoned me after she faxed it in. I told the girl I hope I can handle wearing the tight shoes for a second trip. So, I had to come back home and re-call my Dr`s office and was told she had sent them the order and that they should have received it, and that she would re-fax it and for me to give them another 2 hours and this time it better be ready for me to pick it up. I told her I knew she had and that I was sure it was a mess up in the store. I waited another two hours, again used a shoehorn to help push my swollen feet into the too small shoes that I had loosened the shoe strings in as large as they would go so I could drive down again to pick them up. The ones working the first shift at the pharmacy had gone home and others were then working. Before making the second trip I tried reaching my oldest daughter to ask her to pick them up for me, but she wasn`t home. She stopped to check on me later and told me she got my message and tried calling me back, but I had already left. The daughter who had the back op thought they should not have renewed the pills without having me come into the office for a check-up. Told her to stop worrying, I have had this problem in the past and the pills had worked before, so they should work again. Now I am still waiting for the pills to do their job. If I cannot wear my shoes soon ( even my slippers are too tight) I will go stir crazy. I have spent the past few days working on the knitted baby sweater and catching up on my e-mail on the computer. OH well, using the keyboard and knitting are supposed to be good exercise for the arthritis in my hands. But I would rather be exercising them by playing the organ- but things would not sound as good without also working the foot pedals. I did manage to hobble out the back door a while ago and use the garden hose to fill the water sections in my garden earth boxes so my plants would not die. They had not been watered in a couple days. Rain does not water these plants as there are covers over the boxes and the plants grow up through the x cut places in the covers. Plants are all growing good so far and I do not want all my work to go to waste, so I just had to manage climbing up and down the four steps wearing some old slippers, cannot get the newer ones on . Less painful than wearing the shoes was.

Back writing again. Here it is, Sunday and I am still doing a lot of sitting. feet still swollen, but legs look almost normal again and feet also are improving, but it usually gets worse towards night- hoping not this time. Little toe still huge, bruised and sore. Should improve soon. Still too warm to shut off the air conditioners and the noise of the one in the window beside me is getting to me, so will shut it off for a while. The larger air conditioner is way off in the laundry room at the other end of the house. For it to help much, I turn on my furnace fan. The fan draws the cooler air down the larger register in the laundry room and then shoots it up all the hot air registers in all the rooms. Not as good as a full house air conditioner, but sure does help a lot. Wow, just shut off this one and it is already feeling too hot. As I told people who were complaining about the very cold weather last winter, wishing for warmer weather- when the warmer weather gets here you will then be wishing for cooler weather. This year we have already had more hot days than we had all last summer. They blame it on global warming. Heat wave has already lasted over a week, and nights are staying up in the 60`s or higher, so nights are not cool enough to help with cooling down the next day.

Well, enough about the weather. Got a little more done on the baby sweater. Wish my crazy hands would let me stay knitting or crocheting for much longer time. Have a new way of holding knitting needles. Hold one needle in my left hand, the other needle I push against the bottom of the chair I sit in, using my knees to keep it straight upright, so my right hand just has to hold the yarn and wind it around the empty needle. With the body of the sweater almost done, the left needle does get heavy. Weighs very little, but feels heavy for my hand holding it. Have two granddaughter`s expecting, one a girl, other a boy, plus my sister`s granddaughter is expecting twins, still unsure- boys, girls, or one of each. Even though the baby shower was too far away for me to attend, I still feel I should make a gift, or maybe two since they did send me an invite. One good thing is that noone will need a baby sweater for a couple more months here and maybe longer where the parents of the future twins live, so hoping time enough to get more sweaters made, but first I need to get this one done


I know when it rains it pours first hand as i am soaked most of the time.
We just have to learn to tread problems as we do water because who has time to drown.
I hope your feet get better.
My mothers knees are like that and most of the time she has them wrapped wit keep them warm and the swelling down.

What ever you have going wrong you still amaze me with the effort you put in to still get things down when you SHOULD be resting
You are truly amazing, Dot! I hope your feet are better now, and like Walker, if not, hope you're resting.

It's the same with the weather here; has been hotter in a few weeks than all last summer. We just have to grin and bear it, I guess. Please take care.

Yes Walker. as we get older we have to expect things and sometimes force ourself to keep going. Sorry to hear your Mother has knee problems. Not much you can do that doesn`t require bending the knees and not much helps releave the pain. Sometimes I use heat, other times ice, depending on where the arthritis is acting up.
As for keeping going, you are also one who tr ies ignoring pain and keeps trying to get things done. You do so much for your parents and others who ask.
Sally, the meds helped, the water retention has gone down in my feet and legs and I finally was able to wear shoes on Friday. Right foot still a little swollen and little toe still almost twice it`s normal size, think I broke the little toe and there is little they do for that, just takes time to heal. But with the shoes on, I was still able to climb the ladder and get the underside of the front porch roof painting started.Less humididy today so it didn`t feel as hot. Hope your weather is better. Cold weather will be here way to soon. Hugs on their way back to you.
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