Saturday, June 26, 2010


Hi, I am back!!

WOW! I never thought I would again find my way back to the blogs after my computer compleyely crashed and i lost so much.
I have our wonderful friend that writes "Eveslungs" to Thank. She found me on Facebook and also had her blog listed. After going to her blog and reading some of the posts, I was able to see where I could sign up into my own blog again. I am so grateful to her. Sure was wonderful hearing from one of my wonderful blog friends. A lot has happened since I last wrote back in Jamnuary. I will try writing more soon.
Hope all my friends here in blog land are doing good and having lots of good luck. Hugs and love to you all. Your old friend Dot
You can also find me on Facebook.

Hey Dot!! I am doing a HAPPY DANCE seeing you here today. Have been so worried about you. Welcome back!!

How do we find u on facebook?

Take care!! (((((hugs)))))
I am so HAPPY to see you back.I was so worried about you.Good to know you are well.
Glad to see you back Dot. I did post a couple of messages to you on Facebook. Soo glad to see you back.
Nice to see you back.
I was wondering why the long absence.
Wirh all the sadness we have been through, hearing from so many of my wonderful friends sure brought pleasure into my life. I remember how much you were all there for me when I lost my wonderful husband in 2002 and how much it helped me get through those hard times and I appreciated it very much. Now, just being back here again with everyone brings back the same wonderful feelings. Great having such wonderful blog friends, and also being friends with some of you in Facebook.
Hoping to get my own comp working again soon. Using my late brothers comp with lots of errors on it now.
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