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August 12, 2009 New Pillow case, 2nd picture

This is the second picture showing the sunflower butter dish closed. Was open in the other picture.

Sorry I haven`t been writing in my Blog for a while. My brother took a turn for the worst and the Dr said it could be anytime. So, I was spending more time visiting him at the home-place where he was living. This is the sane home our father had built, where we were all born, and we all lived until the day we got married.

My very brave courageous brother was in lots of pain as he had bone cancer. He had refused the Morphine because he wanted to keep his mind clear to visit with us for as long as was possible. He had other pain pills, but they were not much help. He never complained even when we could see the pain was getting more than he could bear. He had been suffering from one thing or another since he was 13 years old. When he was 14, he was Hospitalized with osteo-mylitis and he got so ill that the Dr told my mother if they did not remove the bad leg my brother would not live through the night. My mother refused to sign for the leg removal. My brother spent a year in the Hospital, then another year at home in a wheel chair being tutored at home for his schooling. Then he finally started high School using crutches. He was still on crutches when I started high School the following year. Dr`s said he would never walk again after having the knee fluid removed twice from his knee, but he proved them all wrong. His next year of High School he rode his bike to school. We walked about a mile each way to High School twice a day as we went home for lunch. Many times he had me sitting on the crossbar as we coasted down the hill beside the school. Little harder pushing the bike and walking back up that steep short hill as we started back home. I used to help him pushing it uphill. I would have pushed it up myself, but he insisted he could do it, so I just held onto the other handlebar and helped.
Since that time he has suffered with kidney stones, had the neck gland removed due to cancer that had spread. Last year we were told that he had the bone cancer and there was nothing they could do for it. On the 4th, I knew it would not be more than three weeks, so I dropped everything to keep visiting with him.

He lost his hard fighting battle on Thursday, August 20th, 2009 .
Monday, Aug.24th we held his Funeral Service. He was liked by everyone who met him and made friends very easily. He was such a good person and will be missed terribly.
We had just lost our oldest brother in June of last year from Heart problems. Our youngest brother passed away back in 1994. Now we have lost all of our brothers and there is just me and my 3 sisters left.

Some day when I feel more in control of my feelings, I will tell some stories of my life with this older brother who not only shared my High School days, but we did a lot together- even to falling down a well together at an uncles farm when we were younger. God Bless and care for him until we meet again. I love you brother.

Oh, Dot, I'm so very, very sorry. Pleast take care of yourself, and know I'm thinking of you and your family. God bless. (((((hugs)))))
Sweetest Dearest Dot..why do my eyes well up? I feel your pain..and I know God is seeing you thru everything every moment of everyday... Just checked in the blogs and dropped by urs..
Ur loved alot xx
I am so sorry for you Dotm.But then your brother was such a brave person.Just reading about him makes me feel that I missed knowing him in person.I am sure talking about him thro' your blog would make you feel better.
Dot - be sure to come over to sign up for the skateboard giveaway at my blog - I know you must have a grand/great grand child who would be interested.

I know you're still in terrible pain, and I think of you a lot. ((HUGS))
Dot - I miss you. I hope your health is holding up. ((((hugs))))
I'm very concerned now about you, Dot. Does anyone know how to get in touch with our friend here?
Thanks everyone. You are all such wonderful friends. Hoping to find more free time soon so I can again enjoy reading all your Blogs. I do miss it a lot.

Sorry Sally if I worried you. I am doing ok. Just so much happening the past few months that I have been kept quite busy. I should find more free time after Christmas for writing in my blog..
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