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Mother`s Day 2009

Some flowers in bloom in time for Mother`s Day. First picture shows the flower bed along my driveway from the front end, the second picture shows the same flower bed from the other end. The other smaller flower bed is out front and the flowering tree is near the back porch.

Mother`s Day -May 10th, 2009

Today is Mother`s Day and also the date that my mother passed away-May 10th.
Her Birthday was May 14th. It has been 14 long years since she died- on May 10, 1995
I sure was thinking of her and remembering how we used to go to visit her every year,
both on her Birthday and on Mother`s Day. We never missed one year without visiting
with her. She was a wonderful mother and will always be missed.

The day started getting brighter when company started arriving. I have seen all my 6 children and their mates-plus a phone call from my step son. A granddaughtetr stopped with my newest great granddaughter who is now 8 months old. While I was playing with her she let out a burb and gave us both a bath. Even I had to change my clothes. But she is a sweetie. Later a grandson stopped with his wife and three of my great grandsons. Then a received a second phone call from another grandson who lives in Virginia- about 7 or 8 hours drive from me. Two other gandchildren came with their parents. So, I have had my 6 children and their mates, 4 grandchildren and one`s wife, and 4 great grandchildren stop here to visit with me and wish me Happy Mother`s Day, plus two phone calls- one from my step-son and one from another grandson who lives too far away to visit.

I know Later tonight my daughter-in-law in North Carolina will also phone me. She phones me every week and on every important Holiday plus on my Birthday.

I received a lot of nice gifts, but the best gift is always having them phone me or drop by for a visit. Isn`t it wonderful when grandchildren not only think of their own mother, but also of their Grandmother on Mother`s Day. I have such a wonderful family. My table looks like a flower place with so many flowers and flowering plants sitting on it, plus one large one is already hanging on my side porch.

Well, I better make this a short post as I just remembered I promised a sister-in-law that I would phone her back. She phoned me earlier and when my company started arriving, I asked to call her back after everyone left and I do believe it is important to keep my promises. Plus I also need to phone the Hospital to see how my brother is doing. He was having trouble standing on his only leg. I think they plan on putting him back in therapy.

Happy Mother`s day to all the ladies everwhere.

The driveway showing in the two pictures is the neighbors next door to me ( a daughter and her husband live there) and both pictures were taken while standing in my driveway looking down the same side of my driveway flowerbed first from the left end and the second from the right in-order to show all the flowers. All the smaller flowers in the right end didn`t show in the first picture.
Flowers are a lovely way to commemorate Mother's Day, and also to remember your own mother, with love and deep affection. Thanks for sharing your memories about her.
Your flowers are beautiful, Dot, and I'm so glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

I will say a prayer for your brother that the surgery will go well.

Dot, I'm sorry I wasn't able to answer the request you made on your last post. Have been really busy with family stuff. Hope you forgive me. ((Hugs to you))
Sucharita Sarkar, Welcome to my blog. Normally I would have written more about my wonderful Mother, but it was a harder day falling on the day she passed away. So my mind was more on her final days than on the wonderful mother she was to all of us. Thanks for stopping by and come back anytime.
Sally, my wonderful friend, do not worry about doing the Tag. I know what it can be like being kept so busy with family matters. No apology is needed. Just be sure to take some time out to rest so you do not get worn out. I think we often forget our own health when we are worrying about others. Take good care of yourself.
As for my brother, he had his leg removed over three years ago and was doing pretty good, but now has bone cancer and also having trouble standing on his one good leg. We are hoping therapy will strengthen his leg so he will not keep falling so much. Thanks for caring. Hugs, Dot
Sounds like you had a very nice Mother's day.
Your flowers look beautiful and they should because of ll the work you put into them.
The city dug up our yards a few years ago and sent our to the dump but we are slowly working on recreating it.
Walker, that is a shame after all the work you put into your flowers. But, I know in time you will again have your beautiful flowers back.
These pictures do not do justice as the flower bed is so much more colorful and fuller than the pictures show. My Lilac bush is beautiful this year. Just hoping we do not get the acid rains that usually kill the blooms and turn them rust colored.
Rather late in the day Dot, but Happy Mother's Day. Sounds like you had a great day.
Oh, Dot, you are just one of the SWEETEST people I know!! I hope the therapy works for your brother, and give him strength.

((((hugs to you my friend)))
Thanks hillgrandmom, hope your mother`s day was also a wonderful day for you. It is never too late to receive wonderful thoughts from wonderful friends.
Hi Sally and thank you. But, now the Dr`s feel he would be better living in a Nursing home as he has taken about 4 falls in the past few weeks and they feel the therapy would not do much good. How I wish I had a second bedroom downstairs as then I would have tried to care for him myself- but would need help to lift him, so might still have been impossible. But if things go as we are planning, he might be moved to the Nursing Home located under a mile from my home where I can more easily keep checking on him. He will be 83 in November and no kids and never married. He felt it unfair to marry when he knew he could have lost that leg anytime throughout his life and never wanted to become a burden to anyone. Today he is wheelchair bound. So sad as he was used to driving to visit everyone. He was never one who spent days inside away from people. He loves to talk and often gets some family member tired of hearing him, but him and I have a lot of the same interests so can find more topics to chat about. Thanks Sally for you kind thoughts. You truly are a sweet caring person and i am happy to have you as one of my friends.
((HUGS !!) sending straight back to you my friend.
Late or early a mother's day wish is always special.Happy mother's Day Dotm and may many more come your way.
Thank you Hip Grandmas. Once we become mothers, every day becomes mother`s day in a way.
Hope your Mothers day was also very special.
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