Sunday, April 26, 2009


Still keeping busy

Just a short note to let everyone know I will be back posting as soon as I finish working in the dining room ( or should be now called my Horse collection room) as the table and chairs were moved to the kitchen edition years ago, just the name- dining room- stuck from habit.

The boys finished doing the last coat of paint on the back of the house, so it is finally finished. But I am still working in the room inside. Today I set some of the house plants out into the large planter box on the side porch railing. Now, hoping it doesn`t get too cold for them during the night. I also managed to clean off the back porch and gets everything back into a better order. I did have quite a time trying to push an outdoor lead chord through a drilled opening on the porch. I needed to replace the chord so I have a light and plug in on the back porch. You see, even the outside house boards were replaced on the back side of the porch . Every time I tried to push the small plug end in through the wall, it would go through the double outside boards and then fall down between the inside and outside walls. Very little extra room, but I did manage to tape a very thin wood stick to the chord line and it held the line stiff enough to go through the outside wall, insulation and the inside wall. so, another problem solved.

Then I managed to take down the plastic from one end of my side porch so I could remove the wood cover I made to protect my long large flower box on the railing. I placed some of the house plants in the large box to give me more room to work in while finishing the room. I am hoping it doesn`t get too cold for the plants to be outside over night

Then had to quit as company showed up- a granddaughter, her oldest daughter the new baby that was born on my Birthday last Sept. and the baby`s proud daddy. They have just moved back here from Virginia and it is great having them back.

While they were here my daughter ( the mother and grandmother) saw her daughters car in my drive when she got home from work and came over. When she walked in and shut the door, I noticed something black in her hair- at first wasn`t sure if it was a spider or a fly. Turned out to be a fly which took off flying in my house. I still haven`t found it again. Never remember having a fly catch a ride inside my house in someones hair before. LOL. Ended up playing the game "Connect Four" with the 9 year old granddaughter , which made her happy. Once they all left, I had stopped long enough to feel tired, so quit for the rest of the day. There is always tomorrow and the work won`t go anyplace. It will be sitting there waiting patiently for me when I get up in the morning.

Well, I will post better once I get more work caught up.

Hillgrandmom, I haven`t forgotten and will do the Tag soon. I just want to take my time doing the Tag so need more time to do it in when I am not so tired.

Hi Dot ~ I see you're still working hard, but glad the guys finished the outside~I know you're proud of that!

Take care of yourself. (hugs)
Thanks Sally. It has kept me busy inside washing the walls and replacing everything back in order in the rooms on the back of the house. I can finally rest more as the room is finally finished. Took me over 2 weeks to clean ever nick-knack, pictures and all the Horse collection and glass breakables and the overhead shelf filled with china etc. that is in that room except for the glass door cabinet filled with more smaller horse collection items. Still have that to dust or wash. You would have to see the room to realize how much is in it.
Always busy and why not.
My parents never stop and are always on the go.
Maybe you could put in a PVC pipe through the opening so the cord could slide through much easier and in the winter you could plug it up.
Thanks Walker for the very useful tip about using a piece of PVC pipe. I just happen to have some left over pieces in my cellar.
Good for your parents- keeping busy does help to keep the arthritis from stopping movement in the joints as fast. I also use the organ and the keyboard to help keep my fingers operating better.A couple weeks ago the Doc asked me how I manage to do things with my hands. Told him I had a friends ask me the same thing a few days before. Told him I keep long handled grabbers, a pair of scissors and a pair of pliers in my kitchen to do what my hands need help for. I use the pliers to pull up the tongue in my shoes after using a long handled shoe horn to slide my feet into my tied shoes. I remember when I used to tell the kids to untie their shoes, now here I am leaving them tied.
As my Dad used to say- Where there is a will, there is a way. Good luck to your parents, wish them many many years of happiness.
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