Thursday, March 19, 2009


Snow banks before the rain and after the rain, March, 2009

Awesome pictures, Dot! I hope the snow is gone, or soon will be and you can enjoy being outside!

Take care of yourself! Sending lots and lots of hugs your way. :)
The big snow bank looks scary (especially to someone like me who's never seen snow up close).
Thanks Sally. More snow melted today, so the banks are even smaller. Looking better every day. Just hope we do not get any more snow. We have had it as late as in April in past years.
Thanks for the Hugs. I am sending some back to you.
Hi hillgrandmom, I can see how the high snow banks might look scary to someone who isn`t used to them. But the snow packs together so hard that there is no danger of it falling. If too much melts at the same time, it does make for a lot of water flowing out of the driveway and on down the side of the road out front. My neighbor often has some large puddles flooding in his driveway, but my driveway slopes down a bit more than his does.The ground will be thawing out soon and then the water will simply disappear into the soil. Good for my water well.
Thanks for stopping by.
I love it when the grass is taller than the snow banks :)
I have had my fill of shoveling and creating those snow banks to
Walker, I am with you. Have seen enough snow and looking forward to seeing the grass, flowers and even the apple tree starting to bud. Love the mell of the budded apple tree. Did some pruning to leave space between the branches for the sun to reach better. Need to start spraying as soon as we have a few days in row with no rain or snow storms to wash off the spray.
Thanks for stopping by. I read your blog often, but sometimes have difficulty posting. But, I do keep trying till I get a day when it posts ok. Just telling you so you will know I do read more often than it looks.
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