Thursday, March 19, 2009


Garden/ Sassy, my Border Collie

March 18, 2009, Thursday

Spring is almost here. A few days ago I started planting my veggie seeds and most are already sprouting. Bought one of those small plastic greenhouses with 72 peat pellets to plant seeds into. Never tried this way before. So far, so good. Most everything is already starting to sprout. Used to take 1 to 2 weeks in regular potting soil. Hope they continue to grow and strengthen so they stand well. I do love fresh garden veggies over bought ones. I had to stop planting the larger gardens when it became too hard to get up off the ground. For a few years I used my short handled pitchfork stuck into the ground as a crutch to get up with. Then I smartened up and figured out another way to keep having my garden without reaching the ground. I started buying what they call Earth Boxes and I built standards to sit them on. Then I named it my Stand-up garden. Now, each year I find it much easier to grow my vegetables without working so hard. I am able to care for the garden by just walking around the boxes. The boxes come with covers, so no weeds or grass to keep pulling. Using potting soil, i learned weeds do not grow in it like in regular soil. The bottom of the Earth boxes has a reservoir ares under the soil platform that can be filled with water. So, the sun doesn`t dry out the soil like it did the larger gardens. So, you do not even have to re-fill it every day unless it is real hot out. Less water wasted and the plants have a constant water supply to draw from. The person who invented these Boxes deserves a lot of credit.

I cannot figure out why my dog suddenly decided the tiny Koala bear shouldn`t be clipped onto the top corner of my monitor screen. My older sister brought it back when she visited friends in Australia last summer. It has hung on my monitor for a whole year now. I awoke a couple days ago to find it laying on the kitchen floor destroyed. My border Collie must have climb her front feet up onto my keyboard table to reach it. It had a good clamp on it so it`s paws held it real tight and it couldn`t fall on it`s own. I keep wondering if it was the starring eyes that drew my dogs attention or what. Over a week ago I had taken a fall when a knee gave out and I caught my other foot on her dog bed and went flying. Luckily I only got bruised up and strained an arm and broke nothing. So it wouldn`t happen again, I moved her bed from the dining room into the other side of my kitchen where my computer also sits. So she now sleeps out here at night. In fact she now spends most of the day and evening laying on her dog bed behind my chair. Maybe her eyesight isn`t as clear as it used to be. Maybe she thought the trinket was real. Who knows. She isn`t the type that normally chews up anything except the treats I give her. This is so unlike her. But she turned 13 years old this month, so maybe her eyesight isn`t as good as it used to be. I had the vet check both her hearing and eyesight a few months ago when she went for her yearly check-up and he felt she was doing good. Maybe she never noticed the tiny bear hanging there until she started sleeping out here. I know she has chased flies in the past, but this bear was not moving. Guess I will never fully understand what caused her to attack it that way. I picked it up , let her see me holding it and placed it into a small plastic bag and re-hung it using a clip to hold the bag there. I am hoping that her watching me taking care of it will make her realize that it was ok for it to be there. Hopefully it will show her that it is ok for things to be hanging there so she won`t attack something else in the future.

It rained again today and washed down more of the snowbanks. It sure feels good to be able to see to safely while backing out of my driveway. The banks sure were way too high this winter. Spring will be here in a couple days and there is still snow on the ground. Was in the 50`s for a couple days, now back in the 40`s again days and 20`s and teens still at nights. I will post pictures showing the high banks before the rain and their height after the rain.

Your plastic greenhouse sounds so good--even for lazy gardeners like me!
Your Sassy is 13! Hope she keeps healthy. My old Doberman is 12. She's still doing kind of ok, except she's kind of tired.
Hi hillgrandmom, I pray you will have your precious Doberman for many many more years. My Sassy`s once black and white beautiful face now has a lot of gray and she has started looking a lot older this past winter. I worry a lot about her lately. Read on the net Border Collies normally have about a 14 year life. The vet says she is doing great for her age, so I keep praying.
My father hs already set up his tomatoes in the window to start growing for when the weather warms up to go ourside.
Its a ritual he has been doing for the last 35 years since we moved to this house.

Maybe the dog saw it as a threat to his time with you.
My cat snaps at people when he wants my attention
Walker, I intended on starting the seeds earlier this year, but didn`t happen. Here we have to wait till after Memorial Day ( May 25th this year)to plant them outside. When can you set them out in Canada?

Sassy chases other animals from my yard, so think she also wanted the Koala Bear gone. You could be right. Could also be her saying it is her property, so get gone. LOL
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