Sunday, March 29, 2009


Cleaning the new car for the first time.

Saturday,March 28, 2009
Cleaning the new car for the first time.

Today started out good. Even though the sun wasn`t shining through the clouds, it still felt warmer out. At 9AM it was 41 degrees F. with no wind blowing. It was supposed to hit the high 50`s, so I decided it would be a good day to clean my car. I went down cellar and turned on the well water line that connects to my outdoors faucet. Then I started getting everything together and setting it out on my back porch- the small ladder, the large sponge ( never ended up using it), the long handled brush that connects to the hose, the water proof gloves, soft cloths, old soft white socks, etc. I like using old socks with the ribbed top folded inside for rubbing on the cleaner as I can slide my fingers up inside the sock- like a mitt. I have trouble hanging onto a regular small cloth, But do use the larger soft cloths for wiping off the cleaner. Then I went out to the shed for the long hose, and drove the car from the garage to the empty lot I own on the other side of the house where the faucet is. Now, figured I had everything ready, so went to get the cleaner/wax container.

Now, this is where the day started going wrong. Reaching for the cleaner on the high shelf in the laundry room, it slipped from my crocked fingers, hitting the floor. The plastic bottle broke-splitting down the whole seam side and dumped all over my laundry room floor. I used a large putty knife to scoop it up and most of it was ok to still use. Had to finish washing the floor and other items before heading back outside. Took what could be used and headed outside. Next, when I hooked the hose to the faucet, it leaked. Checking I noticed the gasket was missing, so I borrowed one from another hose- fit and worked great. So another problem solved. Now, to hook on the long handled brush. The brush came unhooked from the handle, found the head where it connected was cracked. So, back to the house for the old brush. This one leaked- so borrowed the second gasket from the other hose to stop that leak.

Finally was able to start hosing off the car and start cleaning it. Before I finished, I found out why they always say to keep the cleaners off any rubber decoration on the car. Long before I was finished the rubber gloves were being destroyed. Spent all morning cleaning and waxing the car. It was worth all the time and trouble I went through just to see it shining like new again. What should have been about a couple hours work ended up taking me all morning to accomplish. I sure will miss that larger, longer handled brush. It had a neck part that could be adjusted to any angle and the center of the large sized brush swiveled as the water flowed through it. It was great for washing higher outside windows on the house.
Wish the long handled additions would fit the old brush, but no way. I will need to check Sears to see if they still sell the better brush. Guess mine just wore out from years of use. I can`t complain as it gave me good service for years. As they say, nothing lasts forever.

My daughter Theresa offered to wash the car for me this afternoon after she got home from work. But, that first new car washing is when you notice if there is any defects in the paint, so better to do it myself and know. Plus, she works two jobs all week long and I felt she needed to rest and be with her husband when ever she had any spare time.


Hi Dot: It's good to see you here! Sorry you had such a hard time getting that job done, but the good news for me is to know you're okay. You have such ENERGY!!

I know what you mean about things not working anymore; I'm one of those things. hahahaha

Have a great day, and take care! That sure was nice of your daughter to offer to wash your car. ((hugs))
Dot, it sure sounds difficult to clean a car there. Here, it's normally just washed and wiped down. Once in a rare while, when one takes the car in for servicing, they polish the car too if necessary.
guess it's cos it's warm here.
Sally, Yesterday I managed to fix the long handled Sears window washer/ car washer brush, by removing the headless screw that came in it and drilling a hole through the other side of the connection so I could replace the original headless screw with a screw , washer and nut. I still need to cut off the extra length of the long screw and haven`t tried using it yet. But it should work ok. It has more extension to the handle and it connects to the water hose. The long extensions help when washing the outside house windows, so I would have missed not having it. I hope it works ok now. ((Hugs))
Hi Hillgrandmom, Here they use a lot of salt to melt the ice and snow off the roads and this salt can mess up the paint on the car if left there too long. Plus when driving down the roads the other vehicles passing on the other side of the road often throw the dirty water or snow slush which can make your car look filthy. There is also the sand that is often spread on the roads to help cars from sliding on the ice and that ends up in the melted snow puddles and gets sprayed as other vehicles wheels hit those puddles. This winter was worse than usual with more snow and road slush being sprayed onto the car, especially when larger vehicles hit puddles if they pass by going very fast. So, we do have a lot to clean off when we wash the car in winter. Not bad during the summer months, but winter weather can make a car real dirty.
We have car washing places, but I figured being new, my car would still have the protective coating on it until I washed it off. So, I wanted to wait till the worst weather was over before washing it. But I do use a cleaner that replaces the wax protective coating on my car. I feel better seeing it clean again. Here you need the protective waxed coating to protect the car from the bad weather to prevent it from rusting.
Thanks for stopping by.
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