Monday, February 02, 2009


February 2,2009, What to do now?

Monday, February 2,2009

What to do now?

I finally was able to get back doing the full workouts again last Saturday. Sure felt good. Then yesterday I decided to check out the upstairs eaves to see if I could find the cause of the leaks I am suddenly getting- both dripping down between the screen and back door, and also dripping down over the bathroom window. I had the tin added to the edge of the back high roof hoping to stop the icicle build up, but this year the ice build up seems to be bad for lots of people. Well, I did locate a place where the insulation had unhooked and I could see sunlight through the tin. So, I got out the Great Stuff to fill up the crack in the eaves before I re-hook the insulation. I was too tired to got out to get some gloves from the shop. All went well till I was finished filling in the opening where I could see some light. Then I grabbed the nail that I had used before to close up the top of the can spout. Worked well before, so why not now? The pressure in the can was soo strong that it kept trying to push out the nail. So, I grabbed the can cover to put on the can to hold the nail. Was I ever surprised with what happened next. The nail suddenly cracked the center of the cover and flew right through the crack. If I hadn`t seen it, I do not think I would have believed. It was like watching a dart flying with no target waiting to stop it.
Anyone who has ever used the can of Great Stuff (sold by the Dow Chemical Co) knows that with that much pressure the filler will just keep flowing out so fast and get onto anything in it`s path. It never stops until the can is empty and this was a full can. Being upstairs there was no place I could think to cover the can with, so I hurried downstairs and carried it outside, grabbing a garbage bag on my way through the laundry room. I am sure you have already come to the conclusion that it had gotten all over my hands. That is always a no no, since there is no cleaner that will remove it from your skin. Still, I did try many many cleaners, even peanut butter, with no good result.
So, I went on line and looked up the Dow Chemical Co, hoping something might have been invented that I didn`t know about. Their report on Great Stuff said there was only two ways of removing it from the skin- one was mechanically ( ????) and the other way was to just let it wear off. I wonder what they mean by " mechanically"? All day yesterday and again today I have spent a lot of time trying to peel off the plastic like coating that covers my hands. Using a lot of hand moisturizing lotion hoping to soften it for pealing. It peels off in such very tiny specks at a time.

Now, I am hoping to get my hands cleaned before going back to workout again.
Now, if that was my only problem right now, it wouldn`t be as bad. But, I have a cell phone that I buy minutes for on line. Last week I bought more minutes and was approved. Problem came when I tried to add the new minutes to my phone account. I was told that the minutes I was trying to add was the same numbers that they had added to another customers cell phone back in November. I was told to contact the on-line where I bought the refill minutes. Well, here it is a week later and five e-mails written with not a single reply from them. I checked and -yes, they have already charged the amount for these fraud minutes onto my credit card. Hard to know what to do since it would coat me as much to have the payment stopped as it did for the minutes. My type cell phone only keeps the minutes still on my phone if I add on more minutes before the 3 month limit is up. That runs out in 2 more days, so if I do not add on more, I will also lose what I still have left from the last time. I keep this cell phone because it is lots cheaper as there is no monthly charges and I do not use it enough to warrant buying a more expensive one. Plus, for a year I also have the Star service in my new car which has a phone service with it. I wish they had a phone number I could call when no one answers their e-mails.

So, here I sit, trying to stay cheerful and not let things get to me. Of couse it will not hurt if I say a little prayer for an e-mail to arrive correcting the re-fill numbers so I can add them in time to save my present minutes and so the charge on my credit card is for proper minutes.

Keep smiling :):) . When my Dr asked me why I didn`t come in complaining a lot more, I told him that complaining only brings a person down further and makes it harder to handle problems- medical or otherwise. Guess he wishes I would complain more so he can tell more about my condition. My last back X-rays surprised him. but they didn`t tell me anything new that other Dr`s hadn`t already told me over the years. He will just have to depend on what he learns from tests and so forth. Besides, isn`t he supposed to be the one who tells me what is wrong. I got tired of telling my old Dr what to treat me for. This time I want it to be the Dr`s job.

Adding my prayer to yours--for the cell phone mutes and to get the stuff peeled off your hands! Hugs to you Dot.
Don;t get me going on cell phones.
I am ready to go down to telus and have a really nice talk with someone.

I guess they mean you have to use a grinder to get it off of you hands.
Must be some peowerful stuff for there not to be something to desolve it.
Kind of scary to if you ask me and what are you doing playing acrobat in this time of year any way.
Oh goodness, Dot; you're sure in a pickle!! It doesn't seem right that you can't remove that stuff from your hands. Poor thing!! I HATE cell phones; and the only reason I have one is in case of emergencies.

Yes, it would be NICE if the doctors told us what was wrong; instead they let us tell them!!

Take care, and I hope things start to look up for you. ((HUGS))
Cell phones can certainly be a trial, as well as being handy. Hope you can finish your "hand peel" and get that stuff off soon!
Thanks Hillgrandmom. I think your prayers are being answered as the phone problem was solved this morning and the hands are looking better every day. Thanks for the prayers. I have always believed in the power of prayer.
OH Walker I was working inside reaching the eaves through the upstairs ceiling. Now I need to give the stuff time to cure before stapling the insulation back up in that area. But, all my work didn`t stop the leak. I was noticing huge icicles hanging on most of the houses I passed on my way to the clinic this morning. So,many others must be having the same problem this year. I can`t wait for spring to arrive.
Maybe the grinder would be a lazer, who knows? :)
Thanks Sally.The only reason I have my cell phone is because a son-in-law didn`t think I should be out driving alone without a phone in case I needed help. He bought the phone for me soon after I lost Walt.
I hope things are going well for you. Hugs back to you my friend.
Thanks pbs. It is slowly peeling off. Left hand looks much better. Right hand still has more to do, but getting better all the time. Thanks for the wishes.
At least, after a week of e-mails for nothing, the phone problem was settled this morning.
Thanks for stopping by.
Sometimes I really wonder about doctor's... Considering how high education level they have, one could expect more from them. I've met doctors in my life that I'm sincerely wonder how they ever could be allowed to work as doctor's. Worn out or what, I wonder, because their brains are clearly not working.
Hi Lifecruiser, I had one Dr who did two ops on my left hand and then told me I needed to have the small finger removed to get back the full use of that hand. I decided- need a new Dr- he who used some finger braces with screw attachments and was able to force the fingers back open and get my hand working again without removing the finger. I will always have that little finger locked partly closed at about a 55 degree angle, but even with the damaged nerves I can still use it to play my organ. I would never have that other Dr again.
I have seen some Nurses who also shouldn`t be treating people as they have no bedside manner.
Hugs, Dot
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