Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Cell phone/ great Stuff/ Marshmallows- what a day.

Cell phone/ great Stuff/ Marshmallows- what a day.

Things are looking up again and as cold as it was today, even the sun was trying to shine.The bad snow storm we were expecting ended up further south so we were spared this time. Mighty nippy outside all day. Reminded me of the old days when we had to walk a mile to school and since we had to walk home for lunch, we started walking 4 miles a day from the age of 5. I remember how sometimes we would try walking backwards to keep the cold wind from burning and freezing our uncovered faces. The cold also made our bare legs so red and raw looking since girls were not allowed to wear slacks to school in those days. It was dresses and short ankle socks. I sometimes wonder if they ache today from freezing my legs for so many years always walking back and forth four trips a day in the cold blistering winter weather. Four miles a day for the first 8 years of school, then when we entered High School we walked even further every school day.
This morning I had to zip my jacket all the way to the top so I could tuck my chin in out of the cold while walking from the workout clinic back to my car in the further parking lot. I was wishing i could hide my whole face out of the cold wind and that i had my scarf with me. All the closer parking spaces were filled and I had to park up by the Hospital and walk to the building out behind the hospital.

Now, Just an update on the cell phone minutes. I finally found a place in my account on-line where It listed the words -support ticket- never seeing those words before, I didn`t know what they stood for. Since all my e-mails were not being answered, I decided to click on it and see what happened. Up came a place where I could write about any problem that I had. This actually was answered with a reply saying they would look into the problem and someone in the support group would get back to me. Then I received an e-mail giving me a phone number and asking me to call them asap so they could help with this matter. In no time they understood my problem and told me something was funny and they would definitely check it out further. He also told me within two minutes I would be receiving an e-mail with a corrected re-fill number. Took me only a few minutes to have the new minutes added to my phone. So, this dilemma was finally taken care of.

Then I went to work out at the Wellness Clinic and when I got back there was another e-mail from the lad I had e-mailed yesterday when no one was answering the other e-mails. I found this lads e-mail address still in my address book from when he helped me over a year ago. His e-mail told me he would have the matter straightened out for me by early this afternoon. I had to reply to his e-mail to let him know that another fellow had already helped me this morning. But, I thanked him for answering my e-mail and for offering to help. I received back another e-mail from this lad telling me it was no problem and for me to have a nice day. Now, I should have sent the problem to the " support ticket" place instead of to the " support at prepaid wireless .com" that their papers always say to use if there is a problem.
You can be sure I will know where to go for faster service in the future. I never knew what the support ticket meant.

I bought a bag of small marshmallows a few days ago and when I went to add some to a cup of cocoa I discovered the whole bag was all stuck together. I was trying to think up a way to still use them. So, I used a tablespoon to dig some out of the bag, melted them and stirred in some puffed wheat and dropped some into small chunks onto waxed paper. The stickiness is drying up as they sit. next time I might trying adding some chopped raspberry chips, or some cinnamon flavored chips, or maybe butterscotch, or peanut butter chips. Even the chocolate chips would work with the marshmallow. Maybe even add some finely chopped nuts. Or might just melt some of the raspberry chips and swirl it through the melted marshmallow. Bought all the different flavored chips to make Christmas Cookies, but never go to use most of them. Knew if I put my thinking cap on I could figure out something to use this bag of partly melted stuck together small marshmallows so I wouldn`t have to just throw them away. And the cereal is better for me than the Brownies I love so much. I seldom make brownies because I have trouble looking and not eating too many. They are one of my downfalls where sweets are concerned. Not a big sweet eater, but Brownies are hard to resist.

Still peeling more Great Stuff off my hands, but had enough removed so I didn`t have to hide my hands to hit the Hosp gym center. But, my hands do look shiny where the plastic coating still remains on my hands. Guess the only thing it can`t be removed from is the skin. Who ever would have thought one of those cans had that much pressure in it. The last can I used was easy- all I did was push the nail into the opening to shut off the flow. This time when it kept trying to push the nail back out, I quickly grabbed the can cover and added it over the nail and was pushing hard to keep the cover on- hoping it would thicken and stop the flow. I have never before seen a nail crack through the cover and fly across the room while the contents kept flowing and pouring up through the cracked cover. I have used this Great Stuff before and never before had this strong pressure in the can to work against. The nail I was using was the same nail I had removed from the last can I used. I am just glad there was no one standing in front of me when that nail broke through the plastic cover and went flying. I have seen the nails in a power nail gun go flying with this kind of force, but never before saw a nail crack a cover and fly out through the crack. If anyone had told me this was possible i probably wouldn`t have believed it. My nails look the worst. I hope it doesn`t weaken the nails before it wears off them. If only the nail polish remover had worked. I once read that wearing fake nails for any length of time could weaken the nails, so I wonder what having this plastic like cover will do to them. But I can smile again knowing in time this problem will also be solved.

I was feeling a little down the past few days, but now things are starting to look up again. :) In case someday one of my great grandchildren might be reading this, maybe I should explain that the symbol " :) " stands for a smile. I wonder what new symbols will be used by the time they are grown with kids of their own?

Glad to know your cell phone problems got sorted out. The great sTuff will just have to take it's time I guess.
your marshmallow recipe sounds good!
Hi Dot - I'm glad that "stuff" is finally wearing off. I thinking you probably won't be using that again.

It's good to know you straightened out the cell phone problem, and now if that happens again, you'll know what to do.

Take care! (((HUGS)))
You're having really cold winter weather! And all that snow! Wow. I'm so glad that we don't... I'm always freezing and my back doesn't like it a bit.

I recognize the walks to school in the cold - my Mom did the same and she too ended up with aches, so I guess it really does have something to do with it.

She also were sent home that way once when she had been ill at the hospital - totally insane. I'm sure glad that some parts have changed for the better nowadays.

Ah, great that you did get the cellphone problem fixed. Things like that can be really annoying. I tend to postpone those kind of things a lot. Things should just be functional. I just hate to deal with it.

Maybe it's a work related issue, since I've worked many years in helpdesk's before and got fed up with problems :-)

Now, I'm only waiting for the wonderful spring, sunshine and flowerbuds bursting....ah.... *dreaming*

We might take a shorter trip somewhere later, in Europe, where the spring arrives earlier than in Sweden, just to get a pre-taste of it.

((Warming hugs in the cold))
Thanks Hillgrandmom. I ended up spreading the crushed puffed wheat in a pam sprayed pan, melted peanut butter chips with about 1/8tsp of water to make it more spreadable and added this to the melted marshmallows and poured this mixture over the puffed wheat and then topped that with uncooked oatmeal. Then I melted some chocolate chips and spread it over one section, melted some raspberry chips and poured that over another section and spread melted cinnamon chips over the rest and let it sit to harden a bit I think the rspberry topping tasted the best. Maybe that is because raspberry jam would go well with peanut butter and so does marshmallow. I figured not too many calories in it while it satisfied my sweet tooth. I just might try it again sometime.
Hands look clean finally.
Thanks Sally. I had used great Stuff before, but was smart enough to wear gloves that time and that can never had that much pressure in it.
I ended up using my nail file and lightly filing the junk off my fingernails. A little harder trying to remove the little bit that ended under the tips of the nails on a few fingers. But still looking much better.
Sending your hugs straight back to you. Thanks.
Lifecruiser, I do know how the cold makes the back and other bones ache. Broke the tailbone off years ago and that still causes trouble with discs slipping and sometimes putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. Last months X-rays showed bones becoming more brittle and worse arthritis and curvature of the spine starting from the bad condition of the bones. So,I feel for you with your bad back and yes, cold weather and backs do not go together very well, or cold weather and legs as you Mother knew. Good luck with your back in the future.

Your Mom was a sweetheart. She had so much courage to handle so much pain , my heart went out to her. Sure would have loved to have met her in person. Hope your hubby is still enjoying playing the piano. I cleaned an older cousins home to pay her for one year of piano lessons when I was a kid. Today I love my Lowly organ.
Thanks for the warm Hugs, I sure can use them tight now and Hugs back toyou.
Just noticed i spelled my Lowrey Genie 88 organ wrong- to tired to rewrite it. It has the double keyboard and the pedals and slews of instruments, tempos, etc.. Hubby wanted to trade it in for the newer style with the touch buttons as he felt it would be easier for me with the arthritis in my hands. But I love the sound of this older organ better. My older sister has a newer model and she wishes she had kept her older one, Her older one was a newer model than the one I have. I heard she stopped playing soon after she got the new one. One time I was playing wearing my headphones so I wouldn`t drown out the Western my husband was watching on TV. He came out, lifted one side of the headphones and said "What`s the natter, you don`t want me to hear you play anymore".:) I never wore the headphones after that when he was home.
I'm thinking of you, Dot, and sending lots of hugs and love your way. Hope you're doing okay these days. (((HUGS)))
Hey Dot! I was so surprised to find a comment from you! Add me to your friends on Facebook!
Thanks Sally. The great stuff is finally gone from my hands, my hip is doing better and I am now back working out again at the Hospital Wellness Clinic Gym.
Snowed all day today. Thanks for caring. ((Hugs)) on their way back to you.
Hi Mary Ann. It was great reading your blog and I did add you to my Facebook friends list. I have always valued our friendship and happy we are still friends after so many years. Thanks for stopping by.
At least you got your cell phone problems fixed. I want to blow up mine.
You're still peeling Great stuff off of your hands.
I have no intention of ever using that thats for sure.
Walker, I had used it before without any problems, but was wise enough then to use the gloves, plus I have never seen this kind of pressure in any spray can before. If i look hard i can still see a few specks on my fingernails, but hands are clean.
Great stuff can be used with the long nozzle to push into cracks and the stuff swells up filling the crack fully and any that overflows outside the crack can be cut off, plus it can be painted. So, it is useful- just be sure to wear gloves and hope the can stops flowing out the spout when you stop working the spring like handle. Still, I doubt I will ever use it again myself.
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