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written last Friday-Sept 12, 08

Friday, September 12, 2008
What a busy day. Woke up at 12:30. still not back asleep at 4:30 AM , so I gave up and got up and started working in the laundry room. First I removed the large air conditioner from the window onto the table where it stays all winter. Getting a little chilly at nights now - had a freeze last night. Then I washed the windows, plus the 2 storms and screen- both inside and out. Saw a neighbor leaving for work at 5am while I was standing outside on my ladder washing the outside of the windows. Glad my daughter ot her husband couldn`t see me on the other end of the house, or they would be telling me how they feel about me being outside at that hour, and up on the ladder. It was light out, so i could see very well. Then I made a new casing for the window and hung the new curtain.
Then I had a bad draft from the back door and the screen last winter. So, I cut some small slats for the doors and added some weatherstripping onto the thin slats. Should be lots warmer in there this winter. Then when that was done I removed the screen and put in the storm glass in the storm door. Washed the screen and put it away. Then I mopped the laundry room floor and did a load of washing. The clothes are in the dryer now. As soon as the dryer is finished I will be done for today.
Only got 1 1/2 hours sleep last night. Hope all this work helps me get more sleep tonight.
Will need to bring in all the plants off the side and back porch soon so needed to get the laundry room ready as most of them either sit on the table in front of that window, or hang over the table in front of the window. That window faces the south where the sun shines in the best in the winter. Knew I couldn`t bring them in until I had the work finished in that room. I knew I couldn`t put it off any longer or I might lose all my flowering plants. Glad that much is finally done.
Glad I started early as it started raining this evening.

Next I should start getting the dogs house ready for winter. I need to sweep it out, close up the window opening and remove the dirty rug that hangs in the doorway and cut and hang a new rug piece. I find the heavy rug closes the opening and helps keep the cold out. Two summers ago I cut a small window section high in one side of her dog house to let fresh air circulate to make it cooler in the summer. I added a board to cover the opening in winter with one nail on one side that allows the board to swing open, and using a screw on the other side to hold it shut tight for winter. So, all I have to do is remove the screw to open the window board, and re-add the screw to hold it shut in winter. I also add straw in the winter to keep her warm. One winter she stayed out all winter, last year she stayed inside all winter. For the past couple weeks she has insisted on staying in her coop all night. She is her own boss when it comes to telling me if she wants to come inside or prefers staying outside. I just hope she will start staying in nights when it gets colder. IO worry to much about her when she stays out in the cold as she is about 12 1/2 years old now and starting to look older and slowing down some.

Well, guess I better get off the comp as the buzzer is going off on the dryer and I want to get things taken care of so I can just sit and rest till I go to bed.

Update- Did get everything taken care of before heading off to bed. But awoke at 4:AM and never got back to sleep, so got up and transplanted more flowering plants. So, most of the outdoor plants are already inside. Warmed up again so can`t close up the dog`s window area yet..

You shouldn't be working up on a ladder all by yoursellf at any time of the day.

I got all my plants finally in today and the final count was 46.
I managed to sister up 20 plants with other in community planters to save on space,
Its like I have small tropical islands throughout the house now.

Winters banging on the damn door alreay and I was still hoping summer might show its self but i guess not.
It's still hotter than blue blazes here, Dot. Goodness, I can hardly breathe out there these days. So, I'll be glad when things cool off.

Walker is right, you shouldn't be on the ladder for heaven's sake. I know you don't like hearing us say that, but we CARE about you! Please don't do that when no one is aware of you being there!! No matter a person's age or health, it's not safe when no one knows you're there. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox, but I do want you to be safe.

You have so much energy; but I was sorry to read that after all that work you were still not able to sleep well. That's not a good thing. What kind of dog do you have? I've forgotten if I knew before. I miss my little schnauzer Katie - she passed away last 9/11; a year ago.

Take care, Dot and I'll see you again soon! ((HUGS))
Walker, I brought in 17 plants today and still have at least 8 or 9 to transplant before bringing them in. Last week I transplanted 34 Amerilla plants and put them up stairs where it is cooler and a bit darker- to rest for the winter. Oh, I almost forgot I still have 4 more (Agapanthus) to dig up from the flower beds along the front of my house. It said they were grown in Canada, so you might know more about their care than i do. They made it through the last light frost, but might not stand another one.
The ladder I am climbing now is just a 5foot, 3 step-step ladder with the higher back to hang on Aall 4 legs firmly and safely planted on the ground outside or on the floor inside- not the tall single ladder I used to climb. My daughter told me her husband woke up and made a trip and noticed my lights on and told her he saw me working outside. So, I can`t get away with much, plus before leaving for work the neighbor would have told his wife he saw me and she also keeps a look out my way every since I lost Walt.

I know what you mean about a tropical island- my laundry room and the one that used to be the dining room ( now a sitting room filled with the horse collection) both look like a florist with so many plants crowded into them. They sit on a table and hang from the ceiling in the laundry room, then fill up a tall planter that holds many, plus two wicker standards, 2 sit on top of those empty large round popcorn cans you see in the stores at Christmas, plus some sit on the window sill till I make more room elsewhere for them. I also have a few not counted that stay in the house year around. Wow, this is getting as long as a blog post. LOL
Sally, I have a Border collie who now needs a bath and that is hard as I only have ice cold well water running in the outside faucet. So has to be in the tub. I need to get a spray connection to do an easier job than trying to use a container to pour water for rinsing off the soap. Plus even with lots of brushing, she still sheds bad. The hardest part is trying to reach across the tub to scour it well.

Sorry to hear about your little schnauzer Katie. They do become part of the family. One of my sons just lost his mother dog- about 12 yrs old or older and he still has one of her pups that must be at least 8 or 9 years old now.

As for the sleeping, I go for another sleep study on the 23rd- Dr hopes to find the cause of why I only sleep a few hours every night. I have been using the C-Flex machine with the full mask for over 5 years for sleep apnea.
If you read my reply to Walker, you will see I`m not climbing the other ladder anymore. I stopped climbing onto the porch roof to paint the end of the top of the house. Now, I let the kids do that for me. Thanks for caring . You and Walker are nice friends to care so much.
Warm Hugs are being sent back to you.
Dottt!! Awww, you are so cute! you know you have so much makes me feel like I'm over 100 years old comparitively..i went out once with mom to shop ..spent 5 hours outside..and that was it..was so tired after that..gosh you are very able and strong Dot..yet pls don't mind me saying this...Can u have one of ur kids be with you when your climbing up ladders and stuff - or actually have them do it? pls??? I am just..concerned..I trust your a toughie..yet just a lil hmm..concerned..hope you don't mind or think its out of the way for me telling you what to do? Your like my I ..I care about you..

I know what it is like to not sleep at night...for a year now i've had sleep issues..wake up in the middle..sometimes every 2 i just don't bother..i go eat something or walk around:) Yet do check with your doc about it..that would be a good idea:)

Where exactly do you stay? I want to come that side sometime..I really hope I can come visit you...sometime next hear maybe..haha..I know..its a dream..lets see..

You take care..hugs..
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