Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Must be Sassy`s Day!!

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Could call today "Dog Day". I decided to give Sassy a bath. First I brushed off as much loose hair as I could. She is a Border Collie and she sheds bad year around. You can fill a grocery bag and you will still need to clean up her hair if she just walks through the house.

Well, to get back to bathing her. I don`t have one of the long hose spray adapters to fit the faucet or the shower head. One son told me if i got the shower head extender spray, he would hook it up for me. I should do that. So I cut the top section off a gallon plastic bottle- leaving the handle intact on it. This becomes the water holder for wetting her hair before soaping her up and for rinsing off the soap after. She stays in the tub as long as I keep one hand under her head or i stay in front of her. Once her bath is over I use3 large old towels for trying to wipe her a little dry. Then comes the fun, as she starts shaking and everything in the bathroom soon needs cleaning. She hates the hair dryer. I think it is actually the noise from the dryer that she dislikes. Once I get her dry enough so she can`t continue shaking water everywhere, she will go into the laundry room to lay down. I scrubbed her collar and hung it out on the clothesline to dry in the sun.
Yes, the sun did shine, no rain, but a bit cooler. Only in the 60`s F today. That is why I made her stay inside till she was dry.
Now the real work begins. Scrubbing the tub mat and the tub, then scouring the shower walls, then the cupboards and everything else sitting near the floor. Once that is done, it is time to mop the whole floor. Boy, her shaking doesn`t leave much dry. The ceiling and top half of the walls are all that doesn`t need washing off after giving her a bath.
I also end up looking like I had stood under the shower, except for the back of my clothes stay dry. Sure could use some longer arms to make cleaning the other side of the tub and the wall behind the tub. LOL. Sure do not need to exercise today as she has already given me a work out.

Then, no sense cleaning her unless I also clean her dog house. After sweeping it out, I got the old sponge mop and tried to clean up the floor and once that was done, i also got my industrial air spray and sprayed out any left over odor. Next, I had to remove the old dirty piece of heavy rug that covers the doghouse doorway, cut a new rug piece and nailed it on so she stays warmer on the cooler nights, plus the rain and wind can`t blow into her doghouse.
I still left the board opened over the window opening as it isn`t quite cold enough to shut all fresh air out. Will need to shut it up soon to keep her warmer this winter.

Once all this was done, I had to give in and sit and rest for a while. This evening, I did manage to dig up the four Agapanthus flower plants from the flower beds along the front of the house. I planted 4, but dug up more as they had already started producing new plants. The directions said to separate them in the spring, so I decided to leave them intact with their mother plant till next spring. This way it needs less plant dishes. Didn`t know where I might find enough room for more large planters, so for now I just planted all of then into one larger container. Still a few more plants in the flower box on the side porch to re-pot and bring in, plus a lot of Aloe plants still on the back porch to take care of. There must now be at least 30 -40 plants in those three larger Aloe plant pots. No way I can separate and re-pot that many. So, most will stay in the three planters. Have already re-planted a few larger ones that are ready to bring in when I find a place for them. Might be another frost Friday night, so can`t wait much longer. I have a heavy plastic cover at nights over the 2 earth boxes holding the yellow string beans and the pepper plants with hopes the beans manage to get larger, and the small peppers might get larger before the plants die.

Sassy kept my side door working all day like it was on a swivel. In and out, in and out, but finally about 10:30 she decided she wanted to stay in tonight and is now asleep in the laundry room. This will be her first night in the house in over a week. Maybe she couldn`t stand her own dog odor and so she stayed out in the fresh air. LOL. I should post the newest picture of my new great granddaughter. Her expression would fit well here.
I fell so tired, think I will save this and post it tomorrow.

That is why i LOVED my shower doors after washing Sammy.
I'd slid them shut and let him shake his booty off until he was happy.
Sammy was a Keeshound and had heaps of fur so I understand what it means to comb the little bugger.
We're so lucky--we get to wash our dog outside! But mine is a Dobe and sheds more only now that she's old--11 1/2.
We had some shower doors, but when we never got them put up, I eventually gave them to a daughter. Couldn`t see letting them sit in the cellar to get ruined. Would rather see someone using them.
Hillgrandmom, your Dobe is almost as old as my Sassy. I got Sassy on July of `96 when she was about 3 months old. The black hair on her face has turned Gray colored from age. She still wants me to toss her chew for her to run after it. She used to do this for an hour or longer, but now only 2 or 3 times and she is ready to take her chew into her dog house to lay down and chew it. I worry about her all the time.
Wish i had a faucet with warm water to hook a garden hose to as outside faucet is only real cold well water.
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