Monday, September 08, 2008


For Hillgrandmom from Dot

Just a short note for Hillgrandmom- I am unable to enter your blog to see the award you gave me. Thank you for thinking of me. Do I need a special invite to open and read your blog?
Just wanted to let you know why I haven`t been to your blog. I have tried many times, but it will not allow me in.
Hugs, Dot

If anyone reading this is able to read and post on her blog, please let her know why I haven`t been there to receive the award she told me about. Thanks loads, Dot

Hi Dot. I got to her page without any problem.
I think I know what you;re doing wrong.
You are clicking on her profil link which she has turned off. If you click on her link in the sidebar you wont have a problem getting there. :)
Oh and I left her a comment telling her the problem but remember don't try to go into her site from her comment, just her link in the sidebar
Sorry Dot! But now I think you were able to come to my blog! Did you see your award--the 'brilliant blog' award?
Walker, thanks for your help.

Hillgrandmom. Thanks loads for the award and I have read your blog and all the award rules. Now I still need some help. I have tried using copy/paste to get a picture of the award from your site, but it doesn`t work.

Can either of you tell me another way for me to be able to copy the award and put it in my blog?
Dot you can right click on the picture then save image on your computer and then you can download it to your post.hope this are you doing?
Thanks starry nights, I should have thought of that since I save pictures that way. My wonderful friend, thanks for reminding me.
Hugs, Dot
Congrats on your award!
Thanks pbs and welcome to my blog.
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