Monday, September 15, 2008


Brilliant weblog Premio 2008 AWARD

I am having problems posting the picture of the Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008 award.
Tried adding it to my photos with no luck and copy/paste doesn`t work. I have decided to do the awaed post just the same. maybe later i can find a way to show the award image. Sorry everyone. You can see the award by going to the following blog.

written by Hillgrandmom on her blog when she awarded me this award.
Dot at Dot's Thoughts. She is one energetic senior! She maintains her blog as well as gardens, does carpentry, cooks and copes with life's difficulties cheerfully.

I received this award from a wonderful friend that many of you know:

if you have never read her blog, go, check it out, I am sure you will find it interesting. Thank you Hillgrandmom for the brilliant blog award and the nice words you said about me. I don`t feel very brilliant, but it was nice reading it.
Now for the award and rules for the award giving and the names of some I am sending it to. There are many others whose blogs i enjoy reading- some have already received the award from others, some haven`t been writing in their blogs recently, and some special ones are no longer with us, So, here are a few others who I don`t think have received this award before:
-- Award and rules:

(Award can be seen at the above blog and hopefully you will have better luck copying it to your blog if you pas on the award)

The purpose of the prize is to promote as many blogs as possible in the blogosphere. The rules are:
1. Put the logo on your blog;

2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you;

3. Nominate 7 (minimum 5) other blogs;

4. Add links to them on your blog;

5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blogs.
Here are some blogs that I hope you will enjoy reading:

1. Sally - shows such great love for her family, I love the cute sayings from her little granddaughter Hunter. Sally is going through a lot of sad times right now. Maybe more visiters will help bring smiles.

2. Under the Ocean

Cecilia has such interesting subjects with good definitions of her topics. Very educated sounding for someone her age. Also a young lady with a loving family life.

3. it's a 'burg thing

Itisi knows how to find humor even when things get rough. Good reading.
4. Nan's Small Piece Of The World

Nan- A proud Mom who has shared her thoughts, and her love for her baby and that great baby`s Dad with us . Together they make each other so happy and know how to work for what they want out of live. Nan handles hardships with hope and courage. A great Mom.
5. Kat - who is now back posting on her blog, in case you used to read her blog in the past. To know which way her blog thoughts will be, just pop over to her blog and start reading.


Gaz- (Gary Ledwidge- liverpool, England)

Gary used to tell some great stories about his Taxi work. Now, he has started a new blog, so not sure yet what his topics will be.

If your blog isn`t mentioned it is either because I have yet to see your blog, or someone already beat me to awarding you, or that I Might have lost the way back to your blog. Many have just stopped posting in their blogs, so I felt they wouldn`t see the award if I sent it to them. If you would like receiving this award, consider you received it and let me know when you post it on your blog. Thanks all for being such wonderful friends. Dot

Congratulations on gettiong the award you deserve it.
As a bonus almost everyone yopu gave it to is on my blog roll and are all worthy of the award.

Ok now on the saving and uploading of pictures.

First right click and save it to your My Pictures.
Its will save it there with no problem.

Then you can upload images to you post and if you go on the edite side of your post instead of the compose you can cut the HTML associated with the picture and move it to anywhere in you post.

Say you want to put your award in your sidebar.
What you do is start a new post and upload the picture.
When its done go to the edit and cut all the HTML then delete the post.
The picture is still on blogger.

Then go to where you want to display it in ths sidebar and paste it there.
Piece of cake.

If you have upgraded to the new vblogger its even easier just follow their instrucctions

If you need help with stuff like this just give me a nudge.
Congratulations Dot; yes, you certainly do deserve this award. And thank YOU SO much. You're one of my favorite people in blogland. I admire you so very much in all that you accomplish in a days time, and always enjoy reading what's going on in your life. I know I wouldn't be able to keep up with you!! Thank you again!! ((HUGS))
thanks Walker. Before every time I tried to save the award image "my pictures" wasn`t coming into the save place list and I tried using documents, but it couldn`t be added there. Tonight I decided to try one more time, and lo and behold, this time "my pictures" came up in the list. It should have came up every time- still not sure why it wasn`t before and did now.
I have copied and saved your directions as I never knew how to add images or pictures to the sidebar. One of these days i just might try my luck at it.
Always nice knowing where to ask for help with things like this.
Thanks, you are such a great helpful friend.
Sally, you are most welcome and you also deserve the award.I enjoy reading your blog. I know there are days when i get so busy that I do not get to all my friends blogs, but when i do find the time I try to go back and read every post that I have missed.
Thanks for stopping by. Hugs, :)
Oh Dot...I'm crying with joy and don't know what else..Had just been to the doc to clarify some reports and having a trying time this was not only a pleasant surprise was GOD made me smile and I THANK YOU SOOO MUCH...your the best best best ever blogger in this entire blogosphere..coz you're the most loving blogger and friend I have now..
You deserved that award...10 times over..:)
Love and hugs,
'Beaming' Cis.
Hi Cis,
I have enjoyed reading your blog and felt others might enjoy it also. Having you for a friend is also very nice. Good Luck with the Dr`s.
Hugs to you.
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