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August 31st- My sister`s Birthday

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Subject: Sister Carol`s Birthday- August 31st, 08

First an update on the fire detector. No more beeping, so think I have corrected that. Then today the carbon monoxide detector (in the kitchen near my gas stove) started beeping and I replaced the battery in it, and finally had to plug it into another plug in and no more beeping so far. While I was at it yesterday I also replaced the batteries in the smoke detector in the dining room and the one in the cellar. Hope that cures all the beeping for a while, but there is also one more smoke detector upstairs ( near where the fireplace pipeing goes thru the attic and on through the roof) and another carbon monoxide one in the bathroom over the cellar furnace register- this is the closest register over the heating furnace. We could have died back in 1994 when we had carbon monoxide poisioning and Walt was so bad he went into a coma for days before we knew what was making us so terribly sick. We had thought we had the Flu. Thanks to God, he lived and we both got better, but I never took chances after that. We might have been wiser at the time , but I had just lost my younger brother and we were attending his Funeral and still trying not to get close to anyone. But, there is no odor to carbon monoxide and that is why they add an odor to the gas used for cooking kitchen stove gas. We never even smelled any smoke from the furnace becomming clogged up. We had no smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors at that time, but you can be sure i bought some as soon as i was well enough to drive to the stores. Have since replaced them with newer ones.

Now back to todays topic- What Happened on my younger sister`s birthday:

Yesterday started out like any nice day. I drove up to see my youngest sister as it was her birthday. We were expecting our oldest sister to be arriving about an hour after I got their. She lives about 6 hours drive from us and was coming out for our birthdays. When time kept going by and she hadn`t arrived we were beginning to wonder what was holding her up. She had called my sister about 2 hours before saying she would be their in about an hour. Finally she did call us back to tell us she was in a car accident, but wasn`t hurt and to meet her at our other sisters place. So, my youngest sister and I both headed off to our other sisters which was about a half hours drive from where we were then. My sister later told us she decided to have the people drop her off there as it was closer. The people wouldn`t even allow her to give them any money for the gas used in driving the 50-60 miles. No One was hurt, but her car was destroyed, neither door on the drivers side will open and the drivers side front wheel was bent, or maybe the axle or frame was bent causing the wheel to turn in wrong. Thanks goodness she wasn`t hurt and neither were the people in the other vehicle. I better explain who the helpful strangers were.
There was another car with 2 people and 2 of their grandkids in it who witnessed the accident. After they checked to be sure no one was hurt in either car, they offered to let my sister leave her vehicle on their property and they offered to bring my sister the about 60 miles further to our other sisters home. What a wonderful thing for someone to do for a stranger they had never seen before. Just goes to show there are still wonderful people who will go out of their way to help even a stranger. I got to meet them when they dropped my sister off and they were very nice people. I heard they own and run a Religious Book Store- looks like they are one who doesn`t just believe, they practice what they believe.
I felt sorry for my sister- there I was with my brand new car and here she was with no car. She was the one who was always driving the 6 hours to come out and see the rest of the family, so she did need her car to be able to see all of us. The rest of us all live within a half hours drive apart.
So, my sister`s Birthday was celebrated at my other younger sister and her husbands place with a chicken BBQ -outside cook out- with all the family present. Even our brother pushed his wheel chair over from across the road to join us for supper. Was nice having the family all together again, just sad why it happened. My older sister told us that she had intended on taking the youngest sister and I out for lunch to celebrate our birthdays. It was on my sister`s birthday and a few days before mine. The other younger sister told me she was sorry she didn`t have my Birthday card yet, but she hadn`t expected on seeing me early. She provided the chicken cook out meal which meant even more to me than a card.
They even made a cake and wrote both my sisters name and mine on it and sang Happy Birthday to us. Except for feeling sorry for our sister losing her car, the rest of the day was nice with one other exception. One of my nieces daughters called her mom to say her little dog had been hit by a car, but lucky to end up with just scraped up legs. At least we hope that is all. They might know more today as the dog owners live in another state. My sister said her Birthday was a jinx since our older sister was making the trip that day for her birthday. Of course I told her I don`t believe in jinxes.

I am still listening to the updates on the Hurricane Gustav. Always scarry and thankful we live up nearer the eastern coast -both inland and a lot further up north- where we might have lots of snow and lose power from bad storms, but still safer here than in the Gulf States, or even Florida and other coastal states and the awful powerful storms they often get. As a friend said to me earlier this afternoon, as much as she hates our cold winters with all the snow, she prefers living here to living in the fear in the gulf states with the damaging scarry storms they get. I wholeheartedly agree with her.
May God Bless and protect all who live in the Hurricane`s path. These storms cause so much destruction and lives are often lost. Such a sad time for everyone, especially those who live in it`s path and all their loved ones.

Hi Dot - I'm SO glad your sister wasn't hurt in that accident! That was a huge blessing.

Yes, there really are some nice people in this world, as you found that to be true by the ones who brought your sister to the family. I remember one time when I was about 18-19, on my way home from my grandmother's (who lived 240 miles away), my car broke down and I glide off to the side of the road. I was nervous as all get out, and had no idea what to do.

Not too long later, a very nice couple stopped (I felt very blessed) and PUSHED my car to the next town to a dealership. They even waited for my car to be checked, and then offered to wait and to follow me on in to Jacksonville. I told them to just please go ahead with the promise I would call them when I got home. We never do forget the kindness of others!

Yes, these storms are really something down this way. However, hopefully the one that hit Louisiana won't be nearly as bad as the one three years ago. You take care, Dot; I may be going out of town for a couple of days but will post on my blog tomorrow if I am. I lost one of my dearest cousin's yesterday, and if I can I'll be heading to W. Fla. for the funeral.

((HUGS TO YOU)) and if I'm not back, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THE 4th!!
Thanks Sally and thanks for sharing your nice story about more wonderful people. We all know the world is filled with nice people, but it is always nice hearing about some of their good deeds. Glad they were there when you needed the help.

Sorry about the loss of a special cousin of yours. My heart goes out to you and the family. Always hard when we lose a loved one.
Hope the hurricane leaves without doing a lot of damage.
Happy Birthday Dot! Your sister certainly seemed to have met kind, generous people. Anyway, in spite of the accident, you all seem to have had a good time.
Hi are you doing? I am glad your sister is safe.HAPPY BIRTHDAY .
Hi Dot! You have an award, the details of which are over on my blog :)
Thanks Hillgrandmom and Starry nights. In spite of everything it was nice that we were all together at the same time as we seldom meet this way except for the family re-union.
My sister told me last night that her son would be driving out to take her home, so that is good. I am so thankful she wasn`t hurt.
Thanks a lot for the Birthday wishes.
Hillgrandmom, Thanks for the award. I will be over to your blog to read the details.
Hillgrandmom, I forgot to tell you that I have tried many times to enter your blog and I am refused entry. I hope you get to read this so you will understand why i cannot come to read about the award.

If anyone reads this that can enter Hillgrandmom`s blog, please let her know that i am refused entry to her blog for some reason. Thanks a lot.
I'm glad your sister wasn't hurt.
To bad about the car but better loose the car than getting hurt.
It's good to see that there are still people willing to help and not take advantage of people in need.
We need more of them.
Thanks Walker. I`m slow getting back to my comments, but they are still very much appreciated.
Even though we know there are lots of nice people out there, it sure feels good when we hear about them.
As long as noone was hurt that is a blessing.
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