Friday, July 11, 2008


Thursday, July 11,08- Shop/ busy week-end

Friday, July 11, 2008
Ever start a project and suddenly decide you should wait till another day to do more work on it? I need another cupboard in my kitchen just to hold things like tupperware containers, freezer containers, plus some of the electrical equipment that seems to be taking up too much room on the counter tops. I hate leaving a project until I have it finished. But if I don`t stop now I will feel too tired to enjoy the weekend.

Well, This afternoon I went to my shop and cut out the boards to make the framework. Then I made the big mistake of looking at my bench top and knew I should find some kind of order before I did anything more. I finally added the hangers to the peg board that I had added to one end of my bench. After hanging up many of the tools off the top of the bench the bench looked much better. Then I got some dog chain and cut sections from it to use to hang up the long florescent double light over the bench. Well, the light isn`t up yet, but the chains are cut and connected to the ends of the light and the strong hooks are laying on the bench waiting with the light. So, before working more on the cupboard, I will get the lamp put up. I also have a smaller florescent double light that I haven`t yet decided where I want to hang that one. Seems good just to see the top of the bench again. I have some real long double lights hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room that lights up the area around the table saw, router, band saw and the scroll saw. But it doesn`t do so good in the front corner where the large bench sits.

I don`t want to do too much today as I don`t want to be too tired to enjoy another grandson`s graduation Party which is tomorrow. Now, I have just one grandchild left in school, plus a 4 year old that will start Headstart next year. Feels great knowing that all the other grandchildren stayed in school and graduated from High School, some went on to college. One is now a School teacher herself.
Then Sunday my brother wants me to accompany him to the Fort Edward High School Alumni Idle Hour ( a picnic style this time). This is the brother who had the leg removed 1 1/2 years ago, so he will be using his wheel chair which means he needs someone there to help him. Since he was 2 years ahead of me in High School, I do know most of the kids that were in his class, so that makes me the logical one to go with him. If I am lucky, I might also run into some of the ones who were in my classes. Been so many years since I have seen any of the old crowd, I wonder if I will recognize any of them. I graduated way back in 1950. Boy, that sounds like a century ago.

To Many of my wonderful friends:

I have kept reading many of your blogs, but most of the time Internet Explorer stops responding as soon as I try to open the comment area. So, if I haven`t left a comment on your blog, it is not from lack of trying. I am still enjoying reading your blogs even if I can`t usually respond. I keep hoping I will find out what is causing this problem. Not sure if it has to do with IE, or if it might be caused by my server. I am still on slow dial-up. The main reason I have kept it is because they do such a good job protecting my computer from viruses, etc.. I have also heard that some others are having the same problems with IE, and they don`t use the same server as I do. Hope to have better luck leaving comments soon. I had a few times when for some unknown reason I have been able to write a comment. then the problem shows up again.
I am enjoying reading your blogs.

Still no sign of the snake and still wonder what kind it was. Garden is growing great in the earth boxes. Apple tree is loaded,( so is the ground), but still spraying the tree with hopes of having some good eating apples this year. Thanks to the nice blogger friend who found the apple tree site for me, I read that the blotches were caused by too much rain. Have already sprayed three times this spring and summer and hoping to be able to do a couiple more sprays before the apples start to ripen.

Hi dot :) Long time..just went n updated my blog :) hows you? Lotsa love..will write soon :) tc
Hey there, Dot. I see you're still a busy bee. I don't know how you do all that you do, but it's great that you can!!

I hope you were able to see some of your friends when you went with your brother, but you're right, you may not have recognized some of them. I love going to my high school reunions!! We'll be having our 50th in two years. Boy, time really does fly!!

Don't worry about not commenting; I know what a pain IE can be.

Take care and I'll talk you soon!! ((HUGS))
I have alot of half finished projects to.Seems you have to stop for one reason or another and then something else takes presidence and the not finished list gets as long as the todo list if not longer.

Its good that all the kids finished school. I wish one one mine did but she has said she will go back this fall. We shall see, I hope she does.

You got to try downloading Firefox, its much better than IE and it's free.
It doesn't use as many plugins and is less demanding.
Hi Cecilia, Nice hearing from you. I doing fine and I send you my Love. Hope you are doing great now.
Hi Sally, I only recognized one person and she was in my brothers class- 2 years ahead of me. I ended up sitting with my brothers class so I would be handy if he needed help. He just got the new replacement leg as thefirst one never fit right and he surprised all his classmates. When I went looking to find where his class was sitting, one of them asked me if he was coming in the wheelchair and they were happy to hear he was coming using a walker this time. I know he had a great time and that made the day nice for me also, plus the food was great.
I took Walkers advice and downloaded Firefox and so far it has worked great for me. I don`t miss IE. Warm Hugs on their way back to you my friend.
Hi Walker, I did download firefox and am having much better luck. Thanks for suggesting it.
I hope your daughter does go back next Fall All my own kids graduated except for the youngest son. My youngest who quit school shortly after his Birthday with just a couple months left before graduation and he was passing all his subjects so he would have graduated if he had just stayed in school. He had a large settlement coming when he turned 18 from an injury and his girl friends mother talked him into quitting and moving into her camper on her property with her daughter. I tried to tell him all she was after was his money, but he had to learn the hard way, plus two sons to keep supporting once the money was spent. Of course she kicked him out after the money was spent, but she did set them up in an apartment. I knew that would not last and two kids later it ended. He does have contact still with his sons. One is wonderful, while the other one ended up a bad drinker like his mother.I do love them both. He did once go for the GED, but the last day of the tests his boss sent him out of town and when the tests came up again the following year I could not get him to go back for that last test. I am happy that all the grand kids have graduated.
Have a nice week-end and protect that foot. Let others wait on you for a change. LOL.
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