Monday, July 07, 2008


My Unwanted Visitor

Here is my unwelcomed visitor:


You will see it in the soil just to the left of the sunbonnet girl. Just click on the pictures to enlarge them.First picture shows all of it- over 3 feet long in all.
second picture shows it`s design clearer.
After three days he has left my flower bed to who knows where. Searched and still haven`t located where he disappeared to.
One day he stood up with it`s head about 6-8 inches off the ground and kept sticking his long skinny tongue in and out at me- over and over till I moved so my shadow wasn`t touching him.
My guess was right! What kind of snake is it? Is it poisonous?
I love gardening, but am sure I would freeze if I came upon one of these while in the yard.
Hillgrandmom, I still haven`t found out what kind of snake it was. i wish I knew for sure if it was harmful. If it is, then i hope it isn`t on someones property that has small kids. They might try to pat it like a pet and that`s what bothers me about not knowing where it went to.

3-in-one, I did freeze once when I was a kid and a rattle snake stood up staring at me with his rattler making its noise. I stayed frozen till one of the rocks my brother was tossing at it made a loud noise when it hit another rock. The loud noise brought me out of it. Only rattle snake i have ever seen. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always nice meeting a new friend. Stop back anytime.
He is just testing the tmperature i think.
Thats one of the problems I don;t have here but skunks and coons are a pain in the butt.
Walker, I sure was getting tired of having to keep the windows shut tight due to the skunk odor, but haven`t smelled in the mornings in the past couple weeks. Hope they found another place to hang out with all the construction going on across the road next to the woods that are now even smaller. No coons, but those squirrels can also be a pain. Chipmunks are cute if they would just leave the hanging flower pots alone.
Oh my goodness, Dot!! I'm so petrified of snakes of any kind. Probably because I don't know one from the other.

I saw the tiniest baby snake in my daughter's yard yesterday; it wasn't as big as a worm and at first I thought it was a lizard, but it wasn't.

Thanks so much for your comments; I know it is difficult using IE sometimes. You take care, and I'll be back to visit soon!!
Oh, Sally, I don`t blame you. I`m not afraid of snakes as long as I know they aren`t dangerous ones. But I am more careful around any I don`t recognize and I have never seen one like this one before. So far, no one I have showed the pictures to can identify it and I still haven`t found it on the net. Has me wondering if it might have been one someone bought as a pet from some place.
One time a Boy Scout brought a snake here to ask me what kind it was. While I was looking it up in the encyclopedia the snake got loose and slid up under the sheeting boards on the side of my house. So, we never saw that snake again. I told the Scout his snake wouldn`t come out till after dark when it was quiet outside so we wouldn`t see it again and we never did.

The snake I had here would crawl out and lay on the sand in the warm sunlight and most snakes try to hide during the daylight and they scurry away fast as soon as anyone gets close to where they are hiding. This one never tried to hide from view.
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