Thursday, July 03, 2008


July 3rd, 08--My wild animal visitors

My newest pet that has been either in my flower bed or wandering close near it. He could leave anytime and it wouldn`t break my heart. I told my daughter that I wondered what wild animal would show up either nexr door in her yard or here in mine.

One year it was a large moose that walked down our road, went into the small wooded lot across the road and just layed there watching me as we took his pictures. The next year it was a small fawn which took off so fast when the dogs barked that I never had time to get it`s picture. The following year it was a very large salamander that was laying on the picnic table next door. I figured it was probably someones pet that got too large for their tank. It left the picnic table and went around to the front of the house and laid down on the ground under her window that held the air conditioner- might have liked the water drops coming from the air conditioner. The next morning it was no where in sight. The next year I got pictures of a white turkey sitting on the fence on the side of my property. Then last year the chipmunks showed up and there are always new baby squirrels every year. Still have the squirells and chipmunks running around my yard. I sometimes toss out sunflower seeds to ( hopefully) keep them away from my plants. Two days ago the chipmunks decided to dig up some hanging plants in one planter. I once read that if you sprinkle hot pepper onto the soil they will leave that planter alone. It said it wouldn`t hurt the plants. Well, I gave up and sprinkled the soil with crushed hot pepper to see if it does work. Just checked and it only dug up one of the plants this time and left the others alone. Hope that means the hot pepper is working.

Now for my latest visitor that I first saw yesterday morning when I was walking around my home.
I went to the mail box and checked but didn`t see it, but when I walked past the front steps it quickly came out about a foot from my foot and hurried into the flower bed where I got some pictures. You can bet he startled me good when he (or she) came so fast from under the bottom step , just a few inches from my feet, and my heart raced for quite a while. After taking the pictures I came back into the house. Later when Sassy ( my border collie) wanted out, I decided first to see where the new visitor was. No where in sight till I decided to check the garden earth boxes on the side of the house and as I went around the corner of the house, it came rushing back around the corner and startled me again and back into the flower bed it went to try to hide behind some flower plants- this time only it`s head was hidden. I have a feeling that since he has hung around for two days already, it just might decide to make himself at home. Only the second time I have ever wanted a guest to leave. The last time i tried to add the pictures, IE stopped working and i lost everything, so I am posting this first and will later try again to add the pictures.
By now, I am sure you have already guessed what this new visitor is.

Is it a snake?
I am guessing that it's a skunk LOL


I hope you have a great day today
A racooon?

Happy 4th!!
Hillgrandmom, you guessed it right away. Do you have snakes near where you live? I don`t mind grass snakes, but I don`t know what kind this snake was.

Walker, We did have a rabid skunk in our back yard right in daylight one year and have smelled skunks many times over the years. Always worried when the dog would stay out over night. This year Sassy, my border collie spends most of the days in the laundry room near the air conditioner.

Sally, I1m glad it wasn`t a raccoon as my dog might have been crazy enough to chase it. The more woods they cut down to build homes, the more wild animals we will probably see. They are building a four family condominium style house across the road from mt daughter`s home next to mine, so cut down more of the trees from the small wooded area across the road from my home.

More animals-One day there was a snapping turtle in my back yard that the wild cats were teasing. I took a flashlight and went out to see what they were going near and then jumping back away from- it was a snapping turtle. Next morning it was gone.
Thanks Walker, I actually spent the 4th sitting home alone this year. Our large family picnic isn`t until the 19th this year.
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