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July 1st, 08- car, lawn mower, comp/ New great grandchild

July 1st, `08 is starting off on a bad foot for me, while it ended June very nicely with another new great grand son.

Today is one of those weird days when you think whatever can go wrong probably will.

I got up with the plan on going to see my newest great grandson and then after, stopping at the Wellness Clinic behind the Hospital to use their exercise equipment.
Well, that never went as I planned. Oh, I got ready to leave, but when I unlocked the garage and got ready to back the car out of the garage, the darn car wouldn`t start-- not even a slight noise coming from the engine. I got out the charger to connect it to the battery and the charger told me the battery already had a full charge. Now I am thinking maybe my starter has given up and stopped working. Since I am planning on getting another car, I really don`t want to put more money into this car. Now I will let it set until my son-in-law gets home tonight and have him look at it. Boy, it sure is nice having a car Tec in the family.

So, I was hoping my oldest daughter, Linda might be heading down today to see her daughter and new grandson, but guess she got tired out spending most of yesterday there. Since I can`t drive anyplace, my next thought was i might as well get the grass mowed in the front yard. First i couldn`t pull the cord hard enough with my bum shoulder, so daughter Theresa came over and got it started for me. But I was only able to cut a little ways and it would shut off on me. After re-starting it and having it quit, my daughter went home and came back with her husbands lawn mower. I finally was able to mow the front yard. My daughter ended up doing the other two lots and the back yard for me.

Then I watered the gardens- vegetable earth boxes and flower gardens. Now, I figured it was time to rest. When I came in the house a granddaughter phoned me from Florida. We talked for quite a while. She is suspecting in September- around the date of my birthday. Always nice talking to her. This showed me that everything wasn`t going wrong today. When I got off the phone, I decided I should phone the granddaughter in the Hospital and let her know I wouldn`t make it down to see her and the baby after all since my car still wouldn`t start. Never even tried to start.
I felt bad because when I spoke to her on the phone yesterday I told her I would see her today. She told me not to worry about it. She told me that her and her Husband would bring the baby up next week for me to see along with his adorable 2 year old brother. Real nice of her.

So next I went on the net and downloaded my e-mail. Then I went to some friends blogs and caught up with my reading, but every time I started to leave a comment Internet Explorer would say " not co-operating" or something like that and I would have to close it and go off the net to clear the screen as everything was locked up. I went on and off three times before finally getting my own blog to open. I hope, when I am ready to post this, that I don`t again see that discouraging words "not co-operating".

Now for some good news. I have another new great grandson- Andreaz James -born yesterday-who makes # 16 from my own kids, plus 5 more from the step children- total now of 21 great grand kids. Andreaz has a lot of dark hair - he weighed 9lb 7.6oz- little smaller than his brother was, but still a good sized baby. I have seen a lot of pictures of him and of course he is cute. So, from my own kids I now have 17 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren with one more great on the way, plus another 5 grandchildren from the step children I raised - total of 22 grand kids and 21 great grand kids with one due in Sept.. Family sure keeps getting bigger all the time. No wonder I am feeling old today and I thought my feeling old today was caused by the car that won`t start , the lawn mower that won`t keep running and the computer that has a mind of it`s own.
It is now 5:30 and this day is about 2/3rds over. Hope the remainder of the day has better news for me. The thunder storm stayed in the distance and we only received some rain, so that was nice. I have decided to copy this post just in case IE decides not to let me post now. Maybe my problem there is caused by all those thunder storms places all around us have had the past week or more. Sun is back shining here, hope also shining where they had the thunder storms earlier.

When things look like they are going in the wrong direction its time to sit and do nothing.
I have been there and I find the more you try the worse it gets.

Have you tried downloading Firefox. I use it when i have problems with explorer and I do get problems like that too.

Have you ever concidered a cordless mower they are not that expensive now a days and it might make your life outside a little easier.
I agree with Walker, Firefox is a really good browser, very rarely jams. It's very easy to download too.
Congrats on all your grandkids and great grandkids.
Haven`t tried Firefox yet and wonder if it will open and work with outlook express like IE does outomatically.
I have seriously though of maybe getting one with electric start instead of the pull cord. But, first has to be another car. It hasn`t been running for a few days now, but my son-i-law will check it out for me tomorrow. First he had to finish my grandson`s car since he needs it for work.
Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions.
Hello hillgrandmom, I just might try Firefox if things don`t improve. I can read everyones blogs, but when I try to post IE locks me up. Glad I can usually read all my friends blogs even if I can`t leave them a comment.
So many ggkids and gkids, it is making me feel like I am getting old. LOL.
Wow - congratulations on your new great grandson!! He's a big baby although you said not as big as his sibling. You have a nice, large family, Dot. Makes me wish I could have had more children, but things turn out the way they're supposed to. And I do have two wonderful grandchildren and one great granddaughter!! I hope you get the car fixed soon.

Take care!!
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