Saturday, May 31, 2008


Never rains but it pours.

I am sure most of you have heard the phrase "It never rains, but it pours". Well, that is how ai am feeling at this moment.

Update on my brother- heard yesterday that he was critical and we might lose him at any time. He had another stroke a couple weeks ago. It left him bed ridden and unable to speak. Him and his wife went to their son`s in Georgia for the winter and due to his condition will not be returning north this year like they normally do every summer. So, my brother is so far away that I can`t even visit him. At least I was able to talk to him on the phone just before his last stroke and was able to tell him how much I love him. I hold my breath every time the phone rings for fear it has bad news. My other brother and 2 of my sisters live a few miles from me and our other sister lives in the same state, but a 4-5 mile drive from the rest of us. This brother`s home is also not far from the rest of us. Sure wish he was home at their own place where I could visit him instead of way off in Georgia.

A sister just got out of the hospital- has emphasema and still fighting double pneumonia. Think the Hospital shouldn`t have been so quick to send her home.

My only living Uncle has just been moved from the hospital to a nursing home for therapy with hopes of getting him well enough and strong enough to go home. Dr said almost a year ago that his heart is bad from age and there is nothing more they can do for his heart condition. He spent a little over 2 weeks in the Hospital and being in bed so long has made him too weak for walking. Hoping the therapy will get back his strength. He is 92 and his wife is 88 and she had a heart op last year and also is not doing real well.

Been so busy running to the hosp to see my sister and uncle, plus seeing Dr`s, that I haven`t even found time for exercising all this past week.

Well, it has already started raining and we are expecting a thunder storm today, tonight and possibly again tomorrow. So, If I am not on much. it will be either more bad news, ot a thunderstorm which keeps me off the computer. I never use my computer, television, telephone or my electric tools in my wood shop during thunderstorms.
God bless everyone and I wish you all some good news before this day is over.

I'm very sorry to hear about your brother and I know how you feel, its been raining here alot this year as well.

It's times like this when family is needed the most but when one is so far it hurts that you can't be there.
I remember watching my parents as their parents passed away and them helpless to see them off because they were 8000 miles away.

I hope a little sunshine comes through the clouds to brighten up a bit of your day
Thinking about you Dot,take care.
Yes it is bad when we are so far away from our loved ones. Had to have been awful hard for your parents. I am sorry for your loss. We lost my youngest brother back in 1994, so this will be a second brother. This brother has been the head of our family since we lost our Dad in 1975 and our Mother in 1995 I often wonder how close our family will stay when we lose him.
Thank you Gazza. Thanks for stopping by.
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