Monday, April 28, 2008


Monday, April 28, 2008- How Much are You Worth???

How much are we worth?
Ever wonder what you would get paid if everything you did was a paying job? Fast way to having extra money, or just another job that needs doing yourself to save money? Cut the grass, trim off dead limbs from trees and brush and cart them off to a pile behind the compost bins, or to the roadside for town trucks to pick up, or lug to the dump. Plant flowers, build a trellis and set up trellis on metal bars in ground by porch. Paint lower half of the outside of the house. ( plus top if can still safely climb a ladder). Replace a complete bathroom window, building the framework around it to replace one that was rotting. Replace a shop window broken by a small earthquake. Rip up and replace floor tiles.Cut and put up wood ceiling/wall trim, plus cut and add some mop boards to a room. Build some needed cupboards with doors. Take down ceiling tiles, wash, re-paint them and replace them. Add plastic side enclosures for winter -on porch, take it down in spring. Remove the storm windows in doors and re-place the windows with screens for the summer. Re-puddy leaky windows that need it. Start your own nursery indoors consisting of tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetable plants from seed. Could go on and on..... Then add, Laundry, Cooking, Mopping, and all the other everyday house chores. And still you sometimes hear men asking their wifes " What did you do all day? And many women have outside jobs to go to every day, plus children to raise and care for. But, any man who lives alone also fits the above, including those who are or have raised their children alone.

Shouldn`t we all be rich from working so hard? Think of the money we saved by doing things ourself instead of paying others to do it for us. Think of how much we could have saved if we could only afford to pay ourselfs for the work we do. How much are we worth? A lot more than we give ourself credit for!!

How much are you worth? Think about all you do that others would charge you for if you hired them to do it.

Just my mind working overtime again. Still need to finish the protective cover I started yesterday for the chair sitting on my back porch. Work is never done.

You are an absolute marvel Dot with all that you manage to achieve. You put most people to shame. I don't think you could put a dollar value on what you're worth - the word priceless springs to mind....
You, my friend, are worth a great, great deal. much more than any money could buy. I read what you do and feel tired! You are really amazing and this is a great post idea.
Gypsy, I bet you would surprise yourself if you ever started writing down the things you have done in the past couple years. I know I never realized until I started writing. I think you would also surprise youself with all you have done and are still doing. Don`t cut yourself short, you are not one who just sits around all day doing nothing. All the best to you and the family.
Hillgrandmom, As I said in my reply to Gypsy, just think of all you have accomplished and all you are still doing and you will surprise yourself. Funny how you just go ahead and do whatever you need to do without thinking about how much work is in the project. Your accomplishments may be different from mine, but they are just as important. Once you start writing, more and more accomplishments will come to mind and you will also surprise yourself with all you did without realizing it. Everyone should feel proud of what they do to save money for other necessary items.
Have a wonderful week.
Tell me about it dot,i've just moved house and got a thousand jobs to.
Hi Gazza,Congratulations on your new home. Hope you get things in good order soon. Been over 52 years since I went thru what you are going thru now. We built our home back in 1956 and have lived here every since. But I still remember what it was like- all the packing and sorting and then all the unpacking and trying to figure out where is the best place to put everything in the new place.
Take care and don`t overdo, remember everything doesn`t have to be done in a couple days. Hardest part used to be remembering in which box to find what you need first. Good Luck.
Dot there isn't enough money to pay you for all the work you do.
It seems you are always on the go doing something.
Many of us find ourselves constantly working just to keep things the way the has always been.
Hello, came by because Susie thinks so highly of you. Looking forward to exploring your blog.
Walker, you and many of the other wonderful blog friends work just as hard and some like you do even more, but thank you.
You are so right, a lot that we do is just repairs needed , or something else to help us keep our home and other things we own in better working condition.
Hi Onedia, welcome to my blog. I think just as highly of Susan, or Susie as you know her.
You are welcome here anytime. Thanks for stopping by.
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