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April 2 nd, 1955- 2008, My twins Birthday

Today is April 2nd, 2008

My Twin sons- born on April 2 nd, 1955

Today is my twins 53 rd Birthday. Boy do I feel older having 4 kids 50 and above.
I was just sitting her remembering what it was like when they were little. I would lay each one on the opposite side of the large baby crib to sleep and every morning I would wake up to find them both on the same end of the crib.

How wrong the dr`s were. I remember telling my Dr that there were four feet and he told me there were 2 hands and 2 feet. Then I told him, no Dr joe, there are four hands socking me and four feet kicking me. He told me it was all up in my head . I told him, no Dr Joes, they are all right here in my stomach. This went on for the rest of the nine months till they were born. This had me scared, but no one but my mother ever knew how afraid I was. I was picturing 2 babies connected with only one heart since that one heart was all the Dr ever found. Well, I had complications and was rushed to the hospital. I had asked Walt to call the Dr, he said he was calling my mother, so I again told him to call the Dr. Well, eventually my mother arrived with my brother to baby sit the 2 older children. My mother called the Dr who said to get me to the hosp as fast as they could. Then she called my Dad who also came over to our house on the farm. Well, Walt was so nervous he kept stalling the car. Finally my Dad opened the drivers door and told him to move over and off we went. My Dad held the horn down and sped off for the hospital. My Mother told him he was going to have the police arresting him for speeding. Dad told her he wish a cop would show up because they could get him there even faster. He never stopped for any red lights and with his horn blaring so loud, all the cars stopped to let us thru. Once we arrived at the hospital- about a half hours ride- a nurse opened the emergency door and asked ( Is that Morehouse?. My dad yelled back- yes. Then they came out with the stretcher and connected oxygen on me while I was still in the back seat of the car. My mother had cried all the way to the hospital. As scared as I was, I kept telling my Mother to stop worrying that I was going to be alright. But she still kept holding my head in her lap and crying. It didn`t take the nurses long to get me on the stretcher and into the Hosp and right up to a room on the operating floor. Before we arrived my Dr had called the hospital and told them to have whoever could operate to stand by , that he had an emergency coming in. That`s why they knew I was on the way and were ready waiting at the door for me.
In the room, the Dr who was to do the op came in, examined me and told me that if I was his patient he would never operate. He told me that baby isn`t going to live and that I would be lucky if I could breath enough oxygen to keep myself alive and if he operated I would be lucky to live long enough to ever get off the operating table. I had been breathing so hard trying to get enough oxygen to keep us all alive. When he told me that I wondered why I was putting myself thru so much pain trying to breath so hard. Just then my own Dr arrived and I asked him if the other Dr was right- was my babies going to die? He told me to wait until he checked and then he told me he wasn`t going to lie to me-- that baby`s heart was awful weak . His next words still ring in my head " Don`t you give up on me now girl, as long as we have a heart beat we still have a chance. ( yes he still thought one baby). That was all it took for me to start breathing real hard again. I still remember the pain in my chest when I took a breath, but it was for my babies and worth the pain.
Then off I was taken to the operating room where the minute they removed the oxygen to connect the cone I went out immediately. Later the Dr`s told me that they had lost me for a while and had to work on me to bring me back before they could start the operation. They had to call in a specialist because they didn`t know what to do as they had never had a case like mine in the Hospital before. I ended up paying for three Dr`s, glad my own Dr never charged us, or there would have been 4 Dr bills to pay along with the 2 nursery bills and us with no Insurance to help with the bills.
Once the operation was over my Dr had to admit I was right as I had twin sons-- one weighed 6 lb. 11 1/4 ounces and the tiny one was 5 lb 1 1/2 ounces and he was rushed off to an incubator with oxygen. He lost weight and it was 5 days before they were sure he would make it. He just weighed 5 lbs when he was 2 weeks old so i was able to bring him home with me. Even the Dr doing the operation told me it was the first time he also thought only one baby and found the second one after removing the first one. It was the smallest heart beat they were hearing and the larger baby was down behind where his heart beat wasn`t heard. He had a strong heart and was ok. I spent 2 full weeks in the Hospital with them before we were ok to go home. Well, one baby could have left earlier, but the other one and myself couldn`t leave.

Here is a funny thing that happened after they brought me from the recovery room into a regular room. We were raising rabbits and one mother rabbit was expecting. Walt kept picking on me telling me if I didn`t have as many babies as the mother rabbit, he wasn`t going to bring me home after the babies were born. The rabbit originally had 4 babies, but we lost two the next couple days. So there were two baby rabbits when I left for the Hospital. I was kidding with my mother who was sitting beside my Hosp bed telling her Walt will have to take me home ha haa since I also had two babies. Later when the anesthesia wore off my mother told me while I was joking with her she had left the room and the Dr was there hearing what I was saying. Boy, did I feel like a dope. But so did all the Dr`s since they found out I was right and they were wrong about two babies. But later my mother told me that my own Dr told her he was scared all those months as he felt there was something wrong. When my mother told him how scared I was, he told her he wish he had know and he would have done x-rays and relieved both our minds. He just didn`t want to put me thru months of worrying. So, he had never taken me seriously or we would have know there was two babies.

So, that baby who was never going to live is today my wonderful 53 year old sons. Boy, am I ever glad I wasn`t his patient or none of us might be here today. God Bless my origional Dr for giving me the reason to keep fighting to breath in enough oxygen to keep us all alive. And thank you to God for bringing us all thru the terrible scarry ordeal.

A very Happy Birthday to you, my wonderful sons. I love you soooo much. We had a rough start, but it was all worth it in the end.

Happy birthday to your twins Dot!
That was what I call a giving birth story.
It was more of an adventure.

Happy Birthday to your twins
Thanks Hillgrandmom and Walker. Every year on their Birthday I give thanks again to God for letting them both live. Their Birthday is a reminder of how lucky I am.
I spent yesterday afternoon playing cards with the one who just had the shoulder op and is now going thru therapy for it.
Goodness Dot, how terrifying that must have been for you. My twin girls were born at a little under 5 pounds each and compared to you I had a relatively easy birth. I also had a feeling I was having twins before it was confirmed. There is nothing more reliable than a mother's instinct. It's a great pity that more Doctors don't take us seriously.

Happy very Belated birthday to your twins.
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