Wednesday, March 26, 2008


March 18th - March 26th, 2008

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Your amaryllis seems to have been blooming exuberantly! lovely colour. Mine had a couple of blooms too.
Those are very nice.
My Lemon tree is full of blossoms smelling up the house.
Hi Hillgrandmom, Aren`t they such large pretty flowers. Seems like the older the plants become the more blossoms they seem to have. Last year i had one with 5 blossoms, but just three and four blossoms so far this winter. Wish I could have posted the darker red one. I think it was very pretty. I used to have a white one with red lines on it, but my dog chewed it apart a few years ago and so far none of the younger plants have been that color.
Walker, your house must smell wonderful. I never knew you could grow a lemon tree that far north. Do you keep it inside in the winter months and set it out in the warmer months? My son did that for years with his banana tree and his orange tree, but when he moved into his trailer his ceilings weren`t high enough so he gave them away. he offered them to me, but I just didn`t have room for them.
Every year I look forward to filling my house with the aroma of lilacs, but the past few years the acid rain has been killing the blossoms so soon after they start to open. I am sitting here smelling your lemon tree. Such a fresh scent to have in your home. I have to settle for some nice smelling candles.
Yes i bring the lemon tree in and both banana trees. This year I plan on growing veggies in the basement over the winter :)
Walker, that sounds interesting.I have heard of root cellars where you bring in vegetables from the garden and replant them in the cellar soil till you want to cook them. That way you always have fresh garden vegetables to eat. An older couple who used to live across the road from me had a root cellar. Will you need to have one of those special lamps to take the place of the sun? Next winter you will have to keep me posted on how things are growing. It should be interesting. I can`t wait to see how you make out.
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