Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter Everyone !!

Happy Easter everyone !!
I wanted to leave an Easter wish here for everyone since I haven`t had time to visit everyone`s site to leave this wish.

I am off to my youngest son`s place to have Easter dinner with him, his girlfriend and her parents.
He will be doing the cooking and I must have taught him right because he does serve good meals.
Or did he learn more by himself???.HaHaa.

Sorry I haven`t been around to all my wonderful friends sites lately, but think of all of you and miss reading and hoping to visit there soon.

For all my friends who had Easter yesterday, I hope your day was a nice one.
I`ll be back writing more soon.

I am going to start with this post so I get it all in the right order. I hope you had a Happy Easter and I am sure you did with that HUGE family of yours.
Thanks Walker and I hope your Easter was just as nice.
My son is a good cook, we had a large Ham, potatoes, carrots, corn, applesauce. baked rolls, pickles and all the other extras. Ham was cooked perfect, carrots just the right softness and so on. When his girlfriends parents comented on how good a cook he was, he told them he learned fron the best. Now, I am far from the best, but it was a nice compliment to receive from your son. I ran into him at the grocery store Saturday and he told me her parents are still talking about what a good cook they think he is. This was my first time meeting her parents and we got along great.
Thanks again Walker.
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