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That old Telephone Stand

thumbOh, I sure have memories that started with this style phone. My mother was wishing she had a table to sit her phone on. So, I bought her a desk style table. It had wrought iron legs and framework with a soft leather covered seat and a nice white desk for the phone. It was handy as you just sat on the seat with the phone on the left side of you. There was also a shelf under the desk top to hold your phone book. My mother loved it. Years later my parents got a wall phone which they moved onto the kitchen wall. Not needing the desk in the dinning room any longer, she offered it back to me to sit my phone on. All was great for quite a while until the day a daughters cat came suddenly running out in front of me. I had to take an over-long step to keep from stepping on the cat. My foot slipped on the waxed floor and slid right into one of those iron legs breaking my little toe. As much as I hated that stand right then, I was glad it was handy so I could sit down fast. I still remember how much it hurt. Today that little toe still doesn`t move with the rest. It has this habit of moving back and forth sideways while the other toes are going up and down. One stubborn toe with a mind of it`s own. Over the years i have broken both big toes, plus the other little toe, but they all healed better and continued to move the way they should, some arthritis in them, but otherwise are ok. To get back to the phone desk, it didn`t take me long to buy a new wooden stand for my phone and I put the metal stand upstairs in the back of a closet. It is a nice looking stand and I always figured someday i might find a useful safer place to use it. While writing this, it has come to mind that it might come in handy sitting out on my back porch. Would give me a place to rest, a table to hold a drink or for working puzzle books on while resting. Wonder why I never though of that before. Just might try it out when warmer weather arrives.
Phones are so cheap today and some are even sold in pairs. I have too many portable phones in my home, but can you actually have too many? There are two in my bedroom, but one isn`t portable and that one is for safety`s sake as it has no battery to run down. Then there is the oldest one still working great after many years. That one is in the dinning room located in the center of the house. Then there is the one at my computer in the dining side of my kitchen, plus the second one that came with the one at my computer sits on it`s charger in the front room. I used to hurry trying to reach a phone before the caller hung up. Ever stubbed your toe or bumped into something while hurrying for the phone? Now, I can more safely take my time as no matter where I am in the house ( except the little room-Hahaa) there is always a phone just a short walk away. My real old phone is the one I take with me when working either outside or in my shop. I often carry it upstairs or down cellar when I am working there. Funny how that old phone works longer on one charge than the newer ones, plus it seems to work at a longer distance from it`s base than any of the others. I hope they never stop making batteries to fit it.

Today, even though the phone is more modern, I still have a phone that resembles this phone sitting on a stereo speaker beside my bed. Yes, a stereo speaker instead of a table. You see years back I bought a new stereo system when Cd`s first appeared on them. My old set only had the record player, disk player and radio on it. Plus I can attach my 8 track player to either the old or new stereo combination. But when I am working out by the back porch, I like hearing music while I work. My bedroom is on that side of the house, so I can just open the back door, or open a bedroom window and start playing some tapes or 8 tracks ( I still have two 8 track players that still work fine, but one is for the car), or the radio and hear it outside. I do have a radio that runs on batteries and also one that you just wind up the side crank that I take outside when I`m not on that side of the house. I find I rake faster with the music playing, plus it doesn`t get boring before I am finished. The only place I seldom have music playing while I work is in my shop. First, some of the saws would just drown it out and it is too important to keep my mind on what I am doing , not on what song is playing. But, if I am just varnishing or painting, then the music is ok. But, since one radio also has the TV stations on it, I have also listened to the afternoon soaps while transplanting some plants and while doing other small jobs. Gee, I never thought of it till right now. Since they are changing it so people can`t use their aerials on their house roofs to bring in TV stations, I wonder if I will still be able to hear the TV stations on my radio??? I think that is bad as some people can`t afford to buy cable, or even have money to waste buying the special boxes that will be required to even get our local TV stations. I heard that the Gov. will give out coupons to help the poor buy the boxes. but where do they find the balance they will still need.


Just connect your computer to all the speakers you have and you can listen to any number of radio stations and maybe some TV show too.
Interesting to know you still have a dial phone :)
I really must get a couple more phones for our house. Our house is quite large and I often miss calls because I don't get there in time. We went through two lots of cordless phones in no time. They just stopped working after only about 12 months (just after the warranty ran out). Nothing is built to last these days as we live in a disposable society now. In answer to your question, I have stubbed my toe more times that I care to think about and it hurts like hell doesn't it, especially if your feet are cold. OUCH!!!
Can you have to many phones hmmmmm?
I have eight phones strategically place in my house, ecept the washroom.

There are time when the phone rings and I am stuck in the middle and don;t know which one to go for LOL

Ilike th eold style phones more.
They had charactor as opposed to the ones today that are build to be small so that we can have more room for junk in our pockets and purses.
Interesting post Dottie and made me think how spoiled we are nowadays.we have phones all over the house even in the bathroom.

BTW you have been tagged.visit my blog.
Oh, Hillgrandmom, If I hooked up all my large speakers up- 6 of them - to my computer I would either drown out the neighbors hifi system in the summer, or blow my computer. haaHaa. Ever have a band practising in your cellar? It sure can be heard all over the house and yard. In fact there were neighbors from three streets above us who used to tell me how good they played. That was when the older kids were in high School and the step son and his friends had a band. When Walt took a weeks vacation from work he shipped the kids off to the Bike shop as he said he couldn`t hear himself think with all that noise.
yes Gypsy, those stubbed toes sure are painful. I almost tossed out my oldest cordless last month because the new battery I bought didn`t work so I figured the problem must be in the phone. But, I remembered that sometimes a new battery might not be good. So, before tossing I bought a second new battery. Now the phone is working great again.
I also replaced the battery in the bedroom one because the old battery would no longer hold a charge. All working great again, for now at least. With all my phones most calls still happen when I am in the only room without a phone- the bathroom. I think they have ESP and can see the minute that door closes behind me. LOL
Walker I only have one small cell phone. A son-in-law gave it to me because he didn`t like me driving alone without one in case I needed help. So considerate! All my cordless ones are the origional full sized ones. Harder to hear on those tiny ones. Plus harder to find if you lay them down. Know what you mean when you wonder which phone to head for. But I only have one set up to take messages so sometimes grab that one before the answering machine base starts up. I hate trying to shut off the machine before I can say hello, so i try to bet it.
hi syarry, I did go read your Tag and will get it done soon. I had forgotten that I was tagged before by hillgrandmom, so I will be doing it in answer to both tags. Normally I might have Tagged you on Hillgrandmoms Tag and her on your Tag, but since you both have already been tagged, let me say that you both are wonderful friends and you both are Blessed even though I`m not re-tagging either of you.
Sorry starry I just noticed I hit a y for the t in starry.
Blame my crocked fingers which often strike either 2 keys at once or the one next to the one I intended. LOL
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