Saturday, December 29, 2007


What is a friend?

What is "A Friend"?

A Friend is someone
We hold very dear,
A Friend is someone
We always wish near.

It matters not how
Far away they may live,
Nor what material items
To you they may give.

A Friend is someone
Who`s loyalty is true,
They`re quick to be there
When you are feeling blue.

Friends are so special,
So loving and so kind.
There`s noone more caring
In your life, you might find.

So glad to be able to call you all my friends !!!

New Years is almost here. Happy New Year everyone!!

What a lovely poem and so very true. Friends really are a special part of life and I love all my blogging buddies too.

Happy New Year Dot and may it bring you good health and happiness by the bucket load.
Happy new year Dot,hope you had a wonderful xmas,take care.
Thanks Gypsy. I first wrote that poem when I realized how special my internet friends had become and how much they all helped me to carry on after losing my husband in 2002. You and all my other friends were what gave me the strength to carry on. Walt knew how much I would need all of you long before I did. You see, he told me not to go off line, that he could see how much I was enjoying my wonderful friends I had made over the net. Many time I almost quit using the computer, then I would hear his words and on line I would go. He was so right, my friends helped me to keep going and even now when I feel lonely for him, all I have to do is visit friends to know life is still worth living. Thanks to you and all my other wonderful on-line friends.
Have a very Happy New year.
Thanks Gazza. Christmas was great with so many coming and going that my door was like a turntable. Thay gave me no time to think or feel lonesome. Christmas is still going on at my home. Had an ex-daughter-in-law and two of her children, plus my grandson`s wife show up today from another state-- a 10 hours drive from where I live. Nothing like knowing they care enough to make that long drive.
Happy New Years to you Gazza.
Hi Dot! Your poem is beautiful. Please post mor eof your poetry.
I'm sure all these folks wouldn't have come to see you if you didn't make them feel warm and loved and let them know how happy you were to have them there. Wishing you a wonderful 2008.
happy new year valiyammomme....
Thanks Hillgrandmom. It is always nice seeing them as they don`t make it up here very often and I do miss them. One of the first things my ex-daughter-in-law noticed was the large frog planter sitting in my dining room which today looks more like a den filled with flowers, horse collection, organ, daybed, and a few other items. She asked me if that wasn`t the frog planter she had made many years ago in ceramics, and of course it is the same one she gave me so many years ago. It must be close to 30 years old now and still looks like it did the day she made it for me. This Christmas I received a very nice home made mediul sized wooden planter from another ex- who was once married to a grandson and used to be a D-I-Law to this d-i-law who had made the frog planter.
Happy New year Hillgrandmom.
Thank you Neermathalam and a very happy New Year to you.
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