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I went out this morning and shoveled my large driveway so I could get my car out of the garage and go to the Hannaford drug store to pick up my prescriptions. Then, before driving down, I decided to rest up a bit from the shoveling. So, I decided to download my e-mail while I was resting and this is what I received:

Issued at: 3:56 AM EST 12/28/07, expires at: 4:00 PM EST 12/28/07Winter weather advisory in effect from 7 pm this evening to 8 am est Saturday, The NWS in albany has issued a winter weather advisory for the southern adirondacks, the lake george region, and southern vermont, which is in effect from 7 pm this evening to 8 am est Saturday. Snow will overspread the advisory area this evening, and may briefly fall heavily at times. The snow will then mix with, and eventually change to sleet and freezing rain around, or just after midnight. A mixture of sleet and freezing rain will then occur, before tapering off by Saturday morning. Snow and sleet accumulations of 2 to 5 inches are expected across the advisory area, in addition to ice accumulation of one tenth of an inch from freezing rain. However, higher amounts of snow and ice are possible across elevations above 1500 feet. This combination of snow and ice will likely create treacherous travel conditions tonight and early Saturday morning. The wintry precipitation will be caused by a low pressure system, that will track northeast from the mid mississippi valley, into the great lakes this afternoon into tonight. A winter weather advisory means that periods of snow, sleet, or freezing rain will cause travel difficulties. Be prepared for slippery roads and limited visibilities, and use caution while driving. FROM WPTZ:

Why does it decide to snow again as soon as I get my driveway shoveled out??? I think I need to find a place in the sun where the snow doesn`t reach and hibernate there till winter is over. I am getting tired. We almost always receive more here in the Adirondacks , than they tell us to expect. This time I am hoping it works backwards and we don`t get any at all.

Yesterday it was snowing when I was driving home from the hospital exercise building and ahead of me was a newer looking car with a driver who must either be new to this area or just afraid to drive in the snow. It wasn`t slippery on the main roads, but that driver never went over 20 miles per hour in a 40 mile zone all the way. I never got rid of that car until I turned into my driveway and it went on down my road. You should have seen the long line of cars behind me and there was no way to pass that darn pokey driver due to oncoming traffic on the other side of the road-- this main road is only two lanes. I couldn`t see if it was a man or a woman and I have seen pokeys in both. The car had those high head rests that hid the driver. But, wouldn`t have mattered as short or long hair today doesn`t tell what sex a person is. In the old days if it had long hair it was a woman, short hair meant a man. Guess that equality between the sexes must also have started the hair changes.

But maybe not. I just remembered I have a picture of my great grandmother and she is wearing the short boys type bobs you see on a lot of women today. That was back in the 1800`s, because my Dad was born in 1903 and this was his grandmother. So, maybe we are just reliving the 1800`s hairdos. Way back in history men wore long hair so why does our generation think it looks crazy to see boys with long hair? We had Presidents with long hair and if noone cared then, why do some care today? Personally, I would rather they speak out with hair differences, or many other unhurtful trends that we might think as strange-- it is much better than getting involved with over use of alcohol and drugs, or getting into law trouble.

Well, this isn`t picking up my prescriptions, but then I hate taking pills anyway. So guess I have rested long enough and should get out of this chair and get moving.
So, I`m off!!!

Well I sure hope you stay safe on those roads Dot. If you want to go somewhere warm its 41 degrees Celsius here today which is about 106 degrees Farenheit. If you walk outside you feel like you are walking through the gates of hell. There's a hot northerly wind blowing as well just to make it even more unpleasant. Take it easy with that shovelling won't you?
I sure don't miss snow, or shoveling all that white stuff.

Be careful out on the roads!
OH Gypsy, I don`t think I would like your heat any more than our cold. I think both you and I need to find someplace between your 106 and my any place from 40 degrees to 14 below freezing weather. Think we need some messenger pigions to scout out some place where we can sit out in the sun with a nice cool breeze and enjoy ourself till your heat wave is over and winter has passed me by.
Happy that I don`t have to shovel the snow or use the ice scraper again to clear the ice off the driveway and front path. God was good to me and granted my wish and the storm never arrived this time.
Deni, I`ll be nice and I won`t send you any of our snow. We have snow banks getting so high it is getting hard to see the traffic when driving around the street corners. My D-I-L- told me they had a little snow where she lives in Granite Falls, North Carolina. A grandson in Bad Nauheim, Germany also had a little snow.
Now, doesn`t that make you feel good that you don`t have to shovel snow where you live?
I am a careful driver, just wish some of the maniac drivers were as careful. Also wish those afraid to drive would stay home as they can also be a danger for others on the road-- such as that one driving only 20 MPH and constantly puyying on their brakes in front ot me. Guess they were probably testing to see if the road was getting slippery, but noone expects them to be putting on a brake over and over unless they plan to make a turn or are going to stop soon.
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