Saturday, December 29, 2007


I received my wish!!

Issued at: 4:06 AM EST 12/29/07, expires at: 5:15 AM EST 12/29/07 Winter weather advisory is cancelled. The NWS in albany has cancelled the winter weather advisory for the western adirondacks, western mohawk valley, the lake george and saratoga springs region, and southern vermont. Temperatures across the advisory area have risen above the freezing mark, ending the threat of accumulating wintry precipitation.

My wish was granted. Our weather warmed up enough that we never got the sleet or the snow. Boy, was I ever glad to get up this morning and not have the expected sleet and snow to deal with.
my daughter-in-Law from N orth Carolins phoned me again today. During our conversation she asked about the weather. She had seen on TV that we were supposed to get the bad weather and she was also surprised to hear we never ended up getting the freezing rain or the snow.
Then she told me that her son ( my grandson) had called from Germany and they received a little snow there in Bad Nauheim, Germany.

Well, I better go back online and post this before I lose it like I lost the one I was writting when the phone call came and I went off line to answer it.

That's wonderful news Dot. I didn't like to think of you out there in the cold shovelling snow and battling the elements. I'm glad you got a reprieve this time anyway.
Hi Gypsy, I knew it was too good to last long. But we did get a days rest between shoveling and I appreciated that. Here it is late Sunday night and the snow is coming down. We only have a few inches so far, but the snow is coming down heavy right now and looks like we might have quite a bit by morning.
We can`t be lucky all the time. My son works for our Town so he will probably get a lot of overtime plowing tonight. Makes for little sleep for him and the others who drive the other plows. I hate having them driving tired in bad weather. I`ll just have to trust in God to protect them.

Happy New Year to you and to your loved ones.Good Health, much laughter and many wonderful times are my wish for you and your loved ones.
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