Monday, December 31, 2007


Here we go again!!

Here we go again and this time it is already snowing hard out, so looks like more shoveling again tomorrow. It didn`t pass us by, this time the weatherman seems to be correct.

Issued at: 3:25 PM EST 12/30/07, expires at: 12:00 AM EST 12/31/07Snow advisory in effect from 7 pm this evening to 10 am est monday, The NWS in albany has issued a snow advisory, which is in effect from 7 pm this evening to 10 am est monday for the southern adirondack region, A moderate snowfall of 4 to 8 inches is expected over the advisory area, beginning this evening, and ending by late monday morning. The snow will develop prior to midnight, and will be occasionally heavy early Monday morning. The snow will taper to snow showers and flurries late Monday morning. Low pressure responsible for the snowfall will be moving northeast from the delmarva region this evening. It will be near cape cod Monday morning. This low will continue northeast into the canadian maritimes Monday afternoon. This snowfall will adversely impact the Monday morning commute across the advisory area. A snow advisory means that periods of snow will cause primarily travel difficulties. Be prepared for snow covered roads and limited visibilities, and use caution while driving. FROM WPTZ:

Now on a lighter note, Christmas came again at my house today. One of my ex-daughter-in-laws showed up with her son, his wife and his sister ( this son and wife were the ones who just got married on a ship off the coast of Virginia). The Grandchildren live a 10 hours drive from me and their mother lives way off in the state of Texas - a real long ways from where I live. What a lovely surprise it is too see them again. I hope they didn`t hit this snowstorm on their drive back home. They left a few hours before it started snowing here, but they were expecting an even worse snowstorm further south in the line they would be traveling. I was realy surprised when I heard they might make the trip this time of year when our weather can be bad. My daughter-in-law flew from Texas to Virginia so she could make the trip up with them. They sure brightened up the day for me.

I see you were up really late to have posted this! Hope you have been able to have a good sleep,in spite of storm warnings and the bad weather.
We got sprinkled on but nothing comapred to what we have gotten earlier this month.

That was a nice surprise having them stop by and brightening up your day.

Happy New Year!!!!
Happy New Year, Dot!!
happy new year! may all your dreams come true!
Thanks Hillgrandmom, but what was bothering me wasn`t the weather. It had to do with the way a nephews girlfriend was acting. They moved in to help my bro when he had his leg removed last November. Since then my oldest bro and his wife have bought the home and the girlfriend acts like it is hers. I was remembering my Mother`s wishes and how she had left the house to all of us with one stipulation-- this brother would have the life use of it and here he is taking orders from someone not even related. My mother`s wishes down the drain. Part of me feels sorry for this brother, but part of me knows it is his own fault as he signed the legal paper giving up that life right in exchange for his share of the money.I know he felt they couldn`t break my mothers will, even though I told him, they didn`t but if he signs to relinquish his life rights to the house in exchange for his share of the money, then he was the one breaking miother`s wishes, no one else, just him. Now, he is caught doing as they ask just to have them stay helping him. Actually, the oldest bro is confined to a wheelchair since his last stroke and his wife is the one who owns the family home today.I had bought my bro a large table to do his puzzles on and the girlfriend decided it was too large for the house-she called me to come get it. My bro told me she wanted room to move in some of her own furniture. One thing my mother had told me was that she hoped the family would leave enough furniture and things for my bro to live comfortably. What a mess. I was upset as I feel they are walking on my mothers last wishes. Oh Well, he made his bed and now he will have to accept things as he has no power left over the house or anything in it. I shouldn`t let it upset me since he is the reason things are happening this way.
Happy New Year to you.
OH Walker, I wish we had just got sprinkled on a couple days ago. Now out snow banks are getting tio high to see to back out of the driveway. I heard on TV that this big storm came from Canada, so can i send it back??? Supposed to get a few more inches tonight, but warm up next week and possibly rain. Hope so as we could use some rain to wash down these high snow banks. We can`t throw the snow that high to go over the banks.
Yes, was great seeing them.
Happy New Year to you.
Thanks Deni, and a very Happy New Year to you.
Thanks Geets and a wonderful 2008 to you also.
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