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Tagged/ 7 Weird things about myself?????

I was tagged by Hip Grandma. Title had to do with 7 Weird things about myself.Now thats a hard one. What normal things that I do would be considered weird by others?
1.When younger, I never liked going on a date to see a sad movie at a Theater because the eye strain made my eyes tear-up and others would think I was crying. Today the glasses correct both the eye strain and the double vision. But now I sometimes tear up while reading sad e-mails.
2. I often wear barrets in my hair to keep the hair away from my face while working in my shop. Seldom see another senior wearing barretts.
3. I don`t like having my hair cut very short- keep it at shoulder length of little longer. Never allow any chemicals used on my hair, so no permanents. So far there is little gray hair and some of the natural curly hair remains as wavey and loose curls. . Most seniors prefer real short hair so they don`t need to worry what they look like when the wind blows their hair and it takes no work caring for it.
4. Hate going to Doctors. Often wait till the pain is bad before making an appointment. ( Fell 2 weeks ago, finally saw the Dr for x-rays today for shoulder, wrist and hip.) Hate waiting for x-ray results.
5. Live in dressy slacks or jeans, never wear a dress unless for an important event. Outfits ( slacks or jeans and top must have colors that go well together- even if I`m just sitting around home alone.
6. With all the newer slippers I own, I still prefer wearing the lined , leather top ones with the shoe style bottoms and a wooley effect around the top of the foot opening. KIds have bought me new slippers- guess they think I wear these old ones because I don`t have any others. I prefer them because they are comfortable , keep my feet warm, and the bottoms have small ridges that dirt and mud doesn`t cling to like it does with shoes or in the grooves of my walking sneakers. So easy to sweep off. Yes, I often wear them outside, even next door to my daughters. I rarely wear dress shoes due to scar tissue from an old instep cut. Makes my feet hurt wearing shoes. When not wearing slippers , I wear athletic walking shoes.
7. When the kids were small, I found it easier to say no to them, than it is today. Never had a lot of extra cash back then, so it was easier to tell them I just didn`t always have the extra cash to give them. Today I have become an old softie, almost a push-over when they wish to borrow money. When it was more Walt`s hard earned money it was easier to say no. I tell a daughter she should let her kids learn to stand on their own feet and start a savings account for herself and her hubby for after they retire. Then a few times I even borrowed from my savings to help one or another of them. At the same time I seldom spend any money on myself. I could afford to buy all new clothes today, but I still continue to wear the same things for years before tossing them and buying new ones. Learned how to get by with little money and now find it hard to spend any on something I don`t need, just because I want it. Problem is I take care of my clothes too well so they keep looking good for way too long.
More---I care more for people than for expensive items to show off. I find it very hard to toss items given to me by family, or made for me-- even if it is just a picture drawn and colored by grandkids or great grandkids. So, I know my home would look neater if I tossed out memory items, but then I might have a show house instead of a lived in looking home.

That was nice. I so agree with you about the last bit especially--'show house instead of lived-in house' and about not dressing up unless forced to :)
hi dot, nice one.
Thanks for checking in on me. Baby's colic is slowly getting better (thank God).
Thanks Hillgrandmom. I felt insulted when I last visited my brother who lives in the family home, now owned by the oldest bro and his wife. First thing I saw was a sign on the door saying "Remove your shoes". A nephew and his girlfriend are staying with my bro since he had a leg removed last November and she put up the sign. I am one who would automatically re3move my shoes if they were muddy. But there is a paved driveway to the porch and it was nice weather, so I could see no reason for removing my shoes. I lived in that house for 20 years before marriage and my Mother never would have done this to anyone. I told my bro that I don`t feel welcome there anymore and he said, She works hard mopping the floors. I told him, We all work hard mopping our floors, and we have never told them to remove their shoes. He will learn as now I am hearing her telling him to get rid of some things he has kept for years. My bro is being trested like an outsider when she is the real outsider there who is acting like the boss of her home. I appreciate all she does to help my bro, but she lives there free and should appreciate that she has a free place to live. She feels he needs her , so she does whatever pleases her in the house. What I realy don`t like about her is the lies she tells running down my bro behind his back. But he probably wouldn`t believe it if any of us told him things she is saying.
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Thanks Geets. Thanks for dropping by.
Glad to hear that Nan. Must be getting big already. Nothing sweeter than having a little one to love. Hope his collic is soon a thing of the past.
Welcome back anytime.
There is nothing weird about you :)

I hate going to the doctor to expecially if there are shots involved
why no new posts? merry christmas to you, dot dear.
Walker, shots don`t bother me.I just hate going to Dr`s. Sometimes i think they only hear half of what you tell them.
Merry Christmas Walker.
Merry Christmas to you geets.
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