Thursday, November 15, 2007


Filling in for their Father at their sister`s Wedding

Filling in for their Father, brother Walter walked his sister "Theresa" in for the Wedding ceremony, while after the Wedding ceremony, step-brother Butch Danced the first Dance with sister "Theresa" at the Reception. The first dance would normally have been the Father/Daughter dance.

When was this wedding Dot? So sweet of the brothers.
Daughter Theresa`s Wedding (1)
posted on June 5th,07.

They were married on June 2nd. You will find it under the archives for June 2007 at the bottom of the post page.
June 2007 I need to learn how to add the connection to send you there. There are a few posts about the wedding and showing a few of the pictures.
Very sweet of them.I've tagged you and would be glad if you took it up.
I think it was only right that the boys represented their father.
I stopped by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving
H grandma, I will be by your site to see what the tag consists of.
Walker I hope your Thanksgiving was a very nice day.
Yes, she not only had her Brother walking her down, her step brother in the first dance, but also her 2 other brothers and her 2 sisters in the wedding party. One nice family all joined in.
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