Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Sorry, no Wedding picture yet.

I thought I would be posting my grandsons Wedding pictures before now. I couldn`t use my computer kodak camera with the easy share because the battery wasn`t holding the charge. So, I used my canon which has the different settings knowing I would be able to get all the Wedding party together in one picture. Pictures came out ok, but now my scanner is acting up. I bought the scanner about 5 years ago and it is listed for working with xp. Well, it has worked ok with xp for about three years now and suddenly my comp tells me it is not compatable with xp. Must be from some of the newer updates that have been added to my computer. It tells me something is missing, so I re-downloaded the CD for the scanner. Then I even went on line to get the sp26273 that it said was needed. Still haven`t corrected whats wrong. Funny thing is I was using the scanner a couple weeks ago with no problems. Online it also said updating IE to #7 can cause problems and there was a patch to correct that, so I tried to download that patch, but it didn`t download-- said there was an error, so I will try some more in a few days. Think I need to stop working on it for a couple days as it is starting to get to me. I remember there used to be a way to reset the scanner to use for 98 or ME and that helped once a long time ago. But, first i need to remember how I reset it before.

So, till I can figure out the problem, I can`t post any pictures from the Wedding.

I have finally finished the garden work. This morning I cut up and cooked about 4 quarts of carrots and a couple pints of beets. Not enough to make it worth the work of canning, so I ended up putting them into my freezer. Now that I know I can grow carrots in my old small wooden planter, I am planning on making a larger planter to grow them in next year. The small planters are only about a foot wide, so not enough room to grow very much in them. But, I actually didn`t think they would grow big enough this way. Now that I know they will, next year I should grow a lot more. Beets didn`t do so well, but I did get enough for a couple meals. Even the few smaller carrots are a good size to use in stews.

I am still fighting the bees- killed 4 more so far today-- making a total of 118 killed bees in my kitchen in the past 8 days. The Raid Wasp and hornet spray doesn`t work very well on these yellow bees with the black circles on them. Think I will check on line to see if they know anything that will work faster. Must have them gone before Halloween so the little kids will be safe coming to my side door.

Well, wish me luck in figuring out my scanner.

Hiya Dot,what i'd do with this scanner problem is go on their website and look for updated drivers,uninstall the old one,then put the new one in,good luck,it does get to you when you cant sort out problems like this but i always try to think...its only a machine,its not getting the better of me lol.
Hope what has been suggested by gazza will work for your scanner and you'll be able to post pictures soon.
Best of luck with the bees too.
There has to be an easier way to get rig of tyhem.
Smoke them out then seal the way in so they cant get back in.
They must sell some kind of smoke bomb.
Congrats on ur gson's wedding !!

Normally it would be corrupt driver, in which case gazza is right !

I am back, dot !
Thanks Gazza, I had tried that and every time I tried to download it xp wouldn`t accept it--saying it wasn`t compatable. I also tried reloading the CD that came with the scanner. I did manage to go on line and have it do a repair job on the scanner info. I finally gave up for a few days. Today I opened the scanner from my computer instead of using the computer buttons and went into the properties and changed some settings and I was able to download some pictures. What a relief having it work again.
Thanks for trying to help me.
Thanks hillgrandmom, I worked on it again today and was able to download some pictures. Guess I just needed to get away from it a while so i could think clearer.
Guess what Walker. I was wrong they only look like honeybees but are actually paper wasps.Think the spray is finally working as many of the bees are dying before i hit them with the swatter. So far today I have only seen one to kill. I have killed over 133 in my kitchen over the past 11 days and have swept a lot of dead ones off my porch and found a few dead on my kitchen floor. A bee keeper told me they would eventually die on their own, could have waited if they weren`t right over my door that everyone uses. As soon as I am sure they are gone I will seal up the spot between the clapboards where the ends hit together.
Haven`t seen even one flying on the porch today. I will feel better when I know the queen bee is dead.
Welocome back Jac. At first I know it was missing a part called
" hpqselsk.exe " and I was able to find that on line, but the Director was also missing something and xp wouldn`t allow me to download the full scanjet requirements off the HP site. Did a lot more monkeying around this morning and finally was able to get it back working. Sometimes just walking away from it for a while gives us a clear head to start over with.
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