Saturday, October 27, 2007


Pictures taken on the Cruise Boat

Grandson dancing with my great granddaughter and Bride and Groom with their parents ( my ex-D-I-L- and my son on the right.

Hi Dot how are you doing.sorry have not stopped by often.It was nice to see pictures of your family.take care.
Hi Starry nights, I also don`t get around the blogs as often as I would like. Seems like there has been so much to get done before winter arrives.
How are you doing? I am doing fine and staying busy.
Hi Dot
I have been a bit slack lately with my visits and I apologise for that. What a fun party it looks on the cruise boat and such a beautiful wedding party. You must be very proud of all of them.
You have a lovely family, Dot and I hope you enjoyed the wedding and spending time with everyone.
Dot please visit my blog and acccept your award.I think you deserve it.
Hi Gypsy, yhanks, Yes I am proud of all my family. I haven`t been getting around to the other blogs as often as I would like to either-- been busy trying to take care of everything outside before it gets any colder out.
Deni, I haven`t had that much fun in a long time. I was having gull bladder trouble at my daughters wedding a few months ago so couldn`t enjoy it as much as I would have. I sure made up for ir this time.
Starry, I don`t think I deserve any award any more than others, but thank you for thinking of me.It is awful nice of you.
Thanks for your comments on my blog Dot. Baby and I are doing well. I dont get much sleep and I've come down with a nasty cold but I'm haniging in there. Take care.
You are one lucky lady, dot !
Great pictures Dot, boy the groom is a little taller than the bride huh LOL

I agyree with Jac, you are alucky lady with such a beautiful family.
Oh and I love the bridesmaids they're all gorgeous, the guy are ok too LOL

I remember the seventies with the pastel color and puffy dresses, I wish I didn't and so do many of the bridemaids back then lol
Hi Nan, I hope you have licked the cold and that the baby has started sleeping a few hours longer so you can catch up on some needed rest.
Babies sure do change our lives a lot, but there is nothing better than snuggling up close and that wonderful new baby smell-- wish they could put it in a bottle to save. Glad you are both doing well.
yes Jac, Even with it getting harder and harder every Christmas with the family increasing every year, I still feel very lucky to have so many to Love and to be loved by.
Walker, most of my grandsons are quite tall, but he is the tallest. There was only a couple others at the wedding his height and they were both friends from when they were in the Marines together. You should see him when he gives me a hug-- he bends way down trying to meet my height. He does the same to hug his own Mom. LOL
The 70`s, well the 40`s was worse. I was a bridesmaid in a cousins wedding in the 40`a and they had those darn small Bustles with a large flower and flower stem on the back. I remember an Aunt removing the bustle and flower from the back to turn the dress into a pretty gown for me to wear to the prom. Looked much prettier after it was remodeled. I thought it looked hideous for the wedding, but it was her wedding so we all wore what she wanted even if we never liked the look. I wonder what my mother thought about that bridesmaid dress since her and Dad had to pay for two of them as my older sister was also in this cousins wedding.
The dresses for this wedding were very pretty and I agree -all the girls looked great wearing them and the fellows looked quite nice.
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